Obama’s Fishy Social Security Number One Of Many Things He’ll Soon Have To Answer For

(Tea Party PAC) – With the new investigation set to be launched by Attorney General Bill Barr concerning the origin of the Russia investigation and the legality of FBI surveillance against President Trump, folks have been chatting a lot about the potential trouble that former President Barack Obama might be facing as part of the whole fiasco, seeing as how he was president at the time all of this went down.

One of the many items Obama still has yet to answer for is how he came to have a Connecticut Social Security number that began with “042,” instead of one from Hawaii, where he alleges he was born.

Here’s a few bits of information from the American Thinker:

What intrigued me about this story from the moment Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels first came across Obama’s Connecticut SSN was the ineptness of the left-wing explanations.

“Numbers are assigned based on the return address on the request envelope, not residency,” crowed Jason Linkins in the Huffington Post, as though he had said something meaningful. Linkins suggested two possible explanations, both preposterous. 

One is that Obama applied for his SSN as a little boy in Indonesia for no known reason, and the application just happened to be processed in Connecticut for no known reason, too.

For the second, Linkins cited the argument of Carole Gilbert (no relation to Joel Gilbert) in the Yahoo-related “Associated Content.”  Said Carole Gilbert, presumably with a straight face, “In fact, Barack Obama’s dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged; is it beyond reason to consider that he might have checked out his father’s alma mater?”

The problem here, of course, is that Harvard is located in Massachusetts, not Connecticut. The closest Connecticut town to Harvard is still about 90 minutes away. There’s also zero evidence to indicate that Obama’s father lived in that town.

Even Bill O’Reilly, during his time on Fox News tried to finesse this particular theory, stating that Obama’s dad indeed lived in Connecticut for a few years. This, however, was inaccurate. He also stated that “sometimes babies get Social Security numbers based on addresses provided by parents.” This too is inaccurate.

Snopes attempted to address this issue, but didn’t exactly tackle it head on. One theory they posit is that Obama only need to send his application for a Social Security number from Connecticut in order to get a number from there. However, why would Obama, who was 16-years-old at the time, do such a thing? Of course that little tidbit is never discussed.

Snopes eventually concludes that the whole thing was a simple clerical error. For reference, the zip code in Hawaii is 96814. The zip code in Danbury, Connecticut is 06814. So yeah, maybe it was a clerical error. Then again, this is the same excuse used to explain away Obama’s Kenyan birth too.

Joel Gilbert has a more plausible explanation. During his time doing research in Hawaii, Gilbert said he heard from several sources that before it became a state, every branch of the government that existed in the area was run by the Yakuza and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. The Yakuza is a Japanese syndicate for those unaware.

Gilbert says that the syndicate went dark, going underground once the federal government came into the mix, though they still had some influence and control. Retired detectives told Gilbert that as a result of this underground syndicate, anything a person wanted could be purchased, including a Social Security number. The numbers were real and authentic, the original cardholders deceased.

Gilbert hypothesizes that since Obama was lacking a valid birth certificate he needed to purchase a SSN number, which was required so he could get his first job, which he got at Baskin Robbins back in 1977. Obama essentially purchased a SSN number that was from Connecticut so that it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii office.

Is this theory the truth? No one really knows, which is why this needs to be answered for, especially if Obama played any sort of role in spying on President Trump during his campaign. This sort of thing cannot just be swept under the rug.

Given his track record of not caring about the Constitution or any other law of the land, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out this theory is true.

If it is, he needs to face consequences for what he did. We the people are owed the truth.