Oh My Gosh: Unhinged MSNBC’s Hayes States Trump Supporters Want To Shoot Migrants

(Tea Party PAC) – These people are nuts.

How do they expect us to take them seriously as reporters?

Russiagate conspiracy theorist Christ Hayes, who honestly expects us to take him seriously as an objective news reporter but in reality is anything but, went full TDS on Thursday, accusing Trump and his supporters of wanting to shoot illegal aliens.

Because that’s sane and sober-minded, right?

“This is the shooting of migrants that Trump has fantasized about and that his supporters have cheered, just outsourced to Mexico,” Hayes said on Twitter.

What in the actual heck is he talking about?

He was referring to a story shared by the Washington Post’s Kevin Sieff, who claimed that the Mexican police had opened fire on a truck filled with illegal aliens, killing a Salvadoran man.

Mexico has agreed to ramp up efforts to prevent its own border crossings as a result of Trump’s threats to levy tariffs on the nation should they fail to do so.

This agreement was part of a larger plan to reduce illegal alien border crossing in the US.

Hayes, however, without a shred of evidence, linked the violence committed at the hands of Mexican authorities to some sort of mythical fantasy of regular, everyday, law-abiding Trump supporters.

Who is out there advocating for opening fire on illegal aliens?!

This is the nature of propaganda in the Trump era, and it’s absolutely abhorrent and patently insane.

Advocating for a strong border and sensible asylum laws that don’t promote widespread illegal border crossings is in no way, shape, or form the equivalent of advocating for opening fire on a group of migrants.

Do we even need to say this?

This of course is coming from a man who once aired a segment conspiracy theorizing about whether or not Trump had been a Russian asset since the 1980’s, even though the guest he brought on to push this theory openly admitted it was unlikely.

He’s also allowed his guests to openly accuse the president of encoouraging ethnic cleansing and being a white supremacist agian, without a shred of evidence.

Big League Politics reported:

A leftist Congresswoman joined MSNBC Thursday night to accuse President Donald J. Trump of ethnic cleansing – seriously.

“His ultimate goal is, as you said, to make America pure in the sense of not having immigrants, not having folks of color here, shutting down every form of legal immigration, all to throw a bone to those people,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on “All In With Chris Hayes.”

There were no brakes on the insane train, as Hayes made no attempt to interject or slow the congresswoman down. Aside from the obvious lie, this represents a new level of vile anti-Trump rhetoric from the left.

MSNBC flashed a graphic during the segment that claimed “it was never about a wall,” with which Jayapal vocally agreed, despite the fact that it has – quite literally – always been about a wall. The only party that has ever interjected race into this equation is Democratic Party, which thrives off of race-pimping and racial warfare.