Omar Hates Trump So Much She Stopped Traffic In Busy Street Just To Slam His Supporters

(Tea Party PAC) – Just how much does Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar hate President Trump? Enough to stop traffic on a busy street just so she can slam his supporters. That’s how much.

A lot of this hatred and hostility toward Trump’s loyal base is the result of a recent rally where the president took Omar to task for her hateful comments against America and Jewish folk, which resulted in the crowd chanting, “send her back.”

See, the thing is, by acting like this toward Trump’s supporters, she’s not doing herself any favors. In fact, she’s proving their point, which is pretty much the opposite of what she should be doing.

Guess this says a whole lot about her lack of character.

From Infowars:

Omar shut down at least two lanes of traffic to deliver her impromptu conference outside the capitol on Independence Avenue.

“I am not [scared for my safety]. What I’m scared for is the safety for people who share my identity,” said Omar Thursday. “This is not about me. This is about fighting for what this country should be and what it deserves to be.”

Omar slammed the reporter asking her if Trump’s remarks were “racist,” saying she’s already declared him to be.

“The fact that you’re still asking that question is really what’s wrong here, because we have said this president is racist,” she said. “We have condemned his remarks. I believe he is fascist.”

Omar’s heated remarks came a day after Trump’s North Carolina rally where the president called out her rhetoric while the crowd chanted “send her back!”

Omar is one of the four members of the Democratic party’s “squad” containing Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) who have been polarizing the Democratic party from within with their radical progressive agenda.

Omar has proven time and again that she’s the exact opposite of the principles the left claims to hold to, you know, the whole “tolerance” thing and such. Yet liberals condemning her for her inconsistency in the application of those principles are nowhere to be found.

Why is that?

Probably because she’s one more anti-Trump voice in Congress and they don’t want to alienate her so she will be politically useful in the left’s opposition of the president in the upcoming election, particularly if he wins and gets another term.

The only thing that matters to Democrats this day and age is beating Trump. They don’t care about anything else other than ending his time in office. This is why they are trying so desperately to get him ousted from the Oval Office. They don’t stand much of a chance if they take him on during the actual election. Rather than try a different approach, like speaking to Americans about the problems they face and finding ways to make things better, they just keep ignoring those voices and going after Trump.

They are all but guaranteeing his getting a second term.

Let’s hope Omar and the rest of the “Squad” continue to make enemies in the Democratic Party and end up getting booted from office during the next election.