Once Again, The Fed Screws Over America With Latest Move That Shocks Shaky Stock Markets

(Tea Party PAC) – The coronavirus isn’t just a threat to our nation’s health, it’s also turning out to be quite disastrous for our economy as well. In fact, after President Trump made an address to the American public about some of the measures the federal government would be taking in order to help stop the spread of the potentially deadly illness, the stock market took a nosedive thanks to nervous investors.

Fortunately, President Trump stepped up to the plate and bailed out the economy, again, with his actions on Friday, proving he’s the hero we need right now during this time of crisis.

Then the Fed comes out on Sunday and completely destroys everything he did to improve things with the snap of their fingers. This is why so many on the right want to see the Fed audited and then abolished.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

The Fed and its Head – Jerome Powell – have mandates to”promote stable prices” and “maximum employment” and to ensure a “healthy economy”. However, the Fed’s actions over the weekend again have done the opposite. After the President’s calming press conference on Friday the markets ended the day with the largest one day increase in history. The DOW was up almost 2,000 points.

But due to the Powell’s actions yesterday, the DOW is scheduled to open down nearly 1,000 points.

The Federal Reserve states on their website that two of its functions are to conduct monetary policy and promote financial system stability.
But the Fed under Powell is doing the opposite.

Just look at the Fed’s rate increases since President Trump won the 2016 election. The Fed lowered interest rates to 0% for the Obama Administration and kept these rates at 0% for the first 7 years of Obama’s time in office. Finally, the Fed increased the interest rates 0.25% in late 2015 for the only increase during Obama’s Presidency up to the 2016 election.

After Donald Trump nabbed the presidency by defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Fed then launched a program that has seen the steady increase of interest rates. This particular program continued on through April of 2019. The Fed has increased the interest rate a whopping 8 times since Trump entered the Oval Office.

They then began to lower the rates in 2019.

Stephen Moore, a top U.S. economist, talked about the Fed’s actions in December of 2018:

Unfortunately, if you cut engine power too far on a jetliner, it will stall and drop out of the sky.

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, despite the numerous market-based alarms that were sounding in the cockpit, Chairman Powell and his co-pilots on the FOMC voted to raise the Fed Funds rate to 2.50%. This sucks more dollars out of the economy at a time when the world demanding more dollars – thanks to Trump’s Tax cutting and deregulation policies.

Chairman Powell has been entirely tone deaf to the financial markets he seeks to protect. The Dow Jones Industrial average, which had risen by 382 points on hopes that the Fed would listen to President Trump and stop cutting power, plunged by 895 points after the 2:00 PM announcement, and closed the day down 352 points (1.49%). Poof, trillions of dollars of wealth vanished.

Since its peak on October 3, which, not coincidentally, was right after Chairman Powell gave a speech suggesting that the Fed might be through tightening money, the Dow has fallen by more than 3,500 points [now 4,500]. Market fears about his bad judgment have cut the value of all U.S. stocks by about $4.5 trillion, which is enough to buy 16,000 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

After a year and a half of Trump in office, the markets were up nearly 50 percent. In October 2018, the Fed Chief decides to hike up the interest rate a little more. As you probably guessed, the markets did not respond favorably and ended up collapsing. By the end of 2018, they were down 20 percent, with the Fed dangling us perilously over the chasm of another economic recession.

But in May 2019, Trump came out swinging against the Fed.

The Fed’s 2.25% interest rates on the federal debt increased the annual debt by $500 billion annually or more than $1 trillion in US debt.

The Fed finally lowered rates in 2019 which led to more stock market all-time highs.

But yesterday, the Fed lowered rates to 0% on a Sunday which signaled to the markets that the economy is in terrible shape. A couple weeks ago the US enjoyed 3.5% unemployment, more Americans working than every before, a GDP that is the largest in history by any country ever and wages that were increasing for the average American.

It’s time for the Federal Reserve to be audited and for someone to uncover and expose the shady practices going on there that have caused so much economic havoc and hardship over the last few decades.

If the Fed isn’t put in check soon, we could find ourselves in a world of hurt that might be impossible to bounce back from.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/the-feds-jerome-powell-screws-america-again-after-president-trumps-positive-actions-on-friday-the-fed-shocks-markets-by-lowering-rates-to-zero-on-a-sunday/


  1. Do you think anyone could get rid of the FED and actually survive? JFK knew the dangers posed to our liberty if we continued to depend on the privately owned FED. He attempted to introduce the precious metal backed standard and we all know what happened to him.

  2. This airhead economy should come crumbling like he is doing now and be fired locked up for playing politics with people’s lives. Karma needs to visit this guy and hit him hard along with the democracts who too are behind this nonsense.

  3. Now for months Trump has been trying to get the FED’s to lower interest rates because the economy was slowing and when they do do it then they are condemned. Now long term investors are not pulling out of the market in any way, I have lost half of my net worth but I have not sold one piece of stock but I have bought a low of low lying fruit in the Stock market, it is only the so called traders who buy and sell daily who are the one’s dumping their stock, not he long haul investors, since I started in the market some 65 years ago I have seem many slumps and rode them all out, did loose some money when the Airlines took a hit in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s but recovered nicely with the things i bought that were on the bottom of the barrel. Now like anything else if you can not afford to loose the money do not gamble, and the stock market is as risky as the casino, and can be more deadly. Invest in land, they are not making any more of it in this USA that would effect that investment. Now people who have high interest mortgages will have a chance to get a lower interest rate and save money over the long haul.

  4. The Federal reserve should be dissolved. It’s not part of the Federal government its globalist bank to manipulate the world monies by the banking industry. The United States should dissolved their reliant with this so called bank and need to go back to gold to back our dollar.

  5. The Fed interest rates on average have been the same under President Trump as under Obama. And remember, the economy was crumbling when Obama came into office.

    • Just not true fine sir. The markets started to retract when it became obvious President Obama was going to come into power. Winners in the markets are always ahead of the trend. The market started rapidly raising when President Trump got elected and continued until the outbreak. Democrats claim the recovery started under President Obama’s leadership and ignoramuses believe that but that just isn’t so. The markets reacted good and bad as to what they precieved the future would be.

  6. How come President Trump is praising the Fed if the Fed is so dangerous? There’s a disconnect here between the critics of the Fed and our President.

  7. President Dr. Ron Paul would have Ended The Fed immediately. With the same speed
    that Wilson allowed it’s contamination in 1913. He would also have Ended The Never
    Ending Wars. And returned us to the 10,000 years proven ONLY honest money system,
    the Gold Standard. The US Dollar has never been legal money because it is and never
    has been a store of value. Holding the govt printed on paper counterfeit stuff is a guaranteed loss.
    The Fed Res is just a non govt. gang of shysters big time – same as all other central
    banks around the world. Always way behind and always doing the exact opposite of
    to solution, cure or fix. They continuously make things worse all camouflaged by a
    bunch of legalisee double talk to keep everyone confused and dumbed down.
    Until we elect Liberarians – we will continue to suffer the never ending Wars and
    the Fed’s cointerfeiting. IMO

    • Ken, you are absolutely 100% right. Dr. Ron Paul was on the way to becoming the Republican nominee years ago, when the elites of the Republican Party decided to literally steal the nomination from him and put that rat Mitt Romney in his place. Paul could have easily have beaten the Democrats choice Barack Obama who led the country into multiple wars and doubled the national debt during the eight years of his administration and this country would have been a much more happy, peaceful and free place without the “federal reserve” controlling everything and everyone.

    • You are correct on so many levels! But, to return to the Gold Standard, we needed a NON-Politician to be bold enough to go against the establishment. Enter POTUS TRUMP! Going to be a wild end to March as the Gold Standard will be reset by March 30, 2020!

  8. The Fed is a Fraud, perpetrated against the American people for the purpose, not of fairly conducting monetary policy and promoting financial system stability, but of driving Americans ineluctably into debt slavery to the Anglo-American bankster cartel that privately—yes, privately—owns the Fed. America has never been free since 1913, and it never can be free again so long as this cartel controls its money supply.

  9. A US free market BY ITSELF can regulate ITSELF & bounce back from anything & have a roaring economy ONLY BY EXTERMINATION OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK or any such kind of crony capitalist monopoly & “control” of monetary policy which amounts to a dictatorship!

    Welcome to the Magic Theatre – only madmen allowed. Were you in Berlin when they burned the Reichstag?
    The only health & healing is natural health and healing. No others need apply. As long as people identify as sheep we will have government & leader worshippers & get what we got. We have suffered under a devastating Communist leftist dictstorship “progressive” socialist system since Wilson & his IRS, the FED (1913) fraud.
    THE RESULTS: schools & government full of Bolshevik terror & assassination fans, Stalin’sAntifa & the Hitler-Nazi reaction, WW1, Hoover & his Massive Horror Depression, , the FDR New Deal, WW2, government destruction of education, government medical monopoly, etc.
    We do not have a free country or a free market. The differences between far right & far left are academic & irrelevant. Both are Statist. Stalin, Hitler & the Nazis (like so many of our postmodern, “social justice” activist professors today) were all great admirers of Marx, Nietzsche, Hegel & Heidegger– not to mention Robespierre (French Reign of Terror).
    In his 1959 US visit Krushchev declared that communism merely put into practice the teachings of the Bible – thereby revealing a far better grasp of ethical principles than those listening to him… aghast. P331, The Vision of Ayn Rand.
    “To be a socialist is to submit the “I” to the “Thou.” Socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.” Joseph Goebbels. “In the hunt for their own happiness, people fall all the more out of Heaven into Hell.” Adolph Hitler.
    “In a country where the sole employer is the state, opposition means death by starvation. The old principle ‘who does not work shall not eat’, has been replaced by a new one: ‘who does not obey shall not eat.'” Leon Trotsky. The Vision of Ayn Rand p331.
    The true political spectrum has constitutional Republic limited government freedom on the right & on the left is Statism (authoritarianism, totalitarianism, theocracy, monarchy, socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism, Nazism, democracy).
    True anarchists will profess altruism & non initiation of force, but practice anything-goes hedonism & reject any form of government, easy come easy go any way the wind blows, easy dupes for socialism like Antifa (anti-facts, anti reality).
    “The World seen thru fascism is not this material world which appears on the surface, in which man is an individual separated from all others & standing by himself. The man of fascism is an individual who is Nation & Fatherland, which is a moral law binding together individuals & the generations into a tradition & a mission: suppressing the instinct for a life enclosed within the brief round of pleasure, in order to restore within duty a higher life, free from the limits of time & space, a life in which the individual, thru the denial of himself, thru the sacrifice of his own private interests, thru death itself, realizes that completely spiritual existence where his value as a man lies.” Benito Mussolini, p330.
    “In order to get a particular result, one must want to get exactly that result. If you want to get that that particular result, you will get it.” Professor T.D. Lysenko, famous Soviet biologist, p34.
    “There is no such thing as truth. Science is a social phenomenon & like every other social phenomenon, is limited by the benefit or injury it confers on the community.” Adolph Hitler, p34.
    “We are now at the end of the age of reason. The part played by the bourgeoisie is finished permanently. A new age of magical interpretation of the world is coming. We must distrust the Intelligence & the conscience & must place our trust in our instincts. People set us down as enemies of Intelligence. We are, but in a much deeper sense than these conceited dolts of bourgeoisie scientists ever dream of.” Adolph Hitler, p25, The Vision of Ayn Rand.
    The DISOWNED Self by Nathaniel Branden 1971, Exciting New Techniques for Discovering Your Unknown Self & Achieving Your Unfulfilled Potential. More relevant than ever.
    THE VISION OF AYN RAND: The Basic Principles of Objectivism, by Nathaniel Branden (2009 transcription of audio from 1960s). More relevant than ever.
    THINK AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, by Barbara Branden (2017 transcription). More important than ever.
    THE ART OF THE ARGUMENT: Western Civilization’s Last Stand, Sefan Molyneux, freedomain.com is a rare jewel of reason.
    Ann Coulter is always on target: DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America; GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism: ADIOS AMERICA: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hell Hole.

  10. Count the number of recessions since FDR created the Fed!! They have never had our National interest at heart because they are true Globalists!! Audit the damn FED AND GET RID OF THESE GANGSTERS



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