Once Bloomberg Sees What’s Been Dug Up From His Past, He’s Really, Really Going To Hate His Life

(Tea Party PAC) – It seems that former New York City Mayor and current Democratic presidential candidate “Mini Mike” Bloomberg has a whole lot of skeletons in his closet, and like the great rapper Eminem once said, the closet is getting cleaned out.

Bloomberg has already been trying to avert a public relations disaster after some racially charged comments he made at a talk for the Aspen Institute concerning the Stop and Frisk policy were brought back up — he made the comments in 2015 — but it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Bloomberg, who has been christened “Mini Mike” by President Trump, has been in a war of words with the commander-in-chief, just as he’s been spending money like crazy in an attempt to push his 2020 presidential campaign. It seems now that folks are digging through his past and have found some rather unsavory comments about women that are now being drudged up.

BizPacReview has more:

Jonathan Chait, a political columnist for New York magazine, linked in a tweet to a 2018 piece in The Atlantic that brought up years of alleged stories about Bloomberg’s disparaging comments and treatment of women.

“I think this is going to be a bigger problem for him than stop and frisk,” Chait tweeted.

Bloomberg recently apologized for his administration’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy though he had spent years defending it. Speaking at a predominantly black church in Brooklyn last November, Bloomberg said he didn’t realize the impact the policy, which was later repealed, had on black and Latino communities.

The comments made by Bloomberg at the Aspen Institute didn’t seem to have too much of a negative impact on his presidential campagin thus far, which isn’t all that surprising. Whenever someone on the left makes a racist comment it largely gets ignored because Democrats like to stick together to some small degree and that’s why they don’t hold their own accountable for saying stuff that they would nail a Republican to the wall for daring to utter.

However, this new criticism about his comments on women may make his life much more difficult:

From The Atlantic:

What is not fully addressed in the Times article, however—and what is not fully explored in the many similar pieces that consider the current iteration of Mike Bloomberg’s presidential ambitions—is a series of stories about him, accumulated over decades, that suggests in the aggregate a distinct pattern when it comes to his treatment of women: reports of disparaging comments made about women’s bodies and appearances. Allegations of a deeply sexist work environment at the company that Bloomberg founded and, for many years, ran. Stories that linger like exhaust in the air every time Mike Bloomberg is mentioned as, potentially, the next president of the United States.

“The stories about Mike Bloomberg, though—stories, told through lawsuits and journalistic accounts, that involve allegations not of physical abuse but of more insidious manifestations of misogyny—ask broader questions about the ways electoral politics and basic morality will continue to tangle with each other as #MeToo marches onward,” writer Megan Garber said in the article.

The real question at this point is whether or not the left will actually step up to the plate and practice what they preach. Democrats claim to be the party of equality, individuals at war with sexism and racism, who want to see a better America where everyone is treated fairly and where a person’s value is not determined by their skin color or gender.

If that’s true, they need to come out and condemn Michael Bloomberg’s comments about African-Americans and women. Doing so is called being “consistent,” which is something Democrats have utterly failed at over the last several decades and is one reason so many Americans have grown tired of them.

Democrats want to be taken seriously, that much is for sure. The only way to make it happen is to be consistent in the application of their worldview. Will they start doing that with Bloombert? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/02/13/bloomberg-headed-for-more-trouble-report-reveals-past-riddled-with-accusations-of-sexism-mistreatment-886698


  1. I expect his followers and supporters will stay with him, until it seems unlikely that he will survive the primaries, anyway.

  2. Bloom burger is a person with no compassion his team of ticket writers gave me two tickets while on a funeral line for my 8 yr old grandson Joseph DeMeo who was killed when a tv crashed on him killing him within minutes , after disputing ” why two tickets ” his reply was incomprehensible simply because I failed to post my paid tax bill on the windshield of my car . Can you imagine the grief our family was in .here is bloom burgs giving out not one but two tickets while I was on the procession line of my grandson’s funeral . This is a miserable person who has not the least empathy and understanding of how families suffer through a loss of a loved one. I hope he gets what he deserves

  3. I doubt the MSM will cover it, it would ruin their reputation as defenders of the dunbocratic America that the two bed fellos envision. Remember our vision of a true and fair America doesn’t count. Also BS and bluster out weigh truth and facts

  4. Hold everyone of them accountable as they would take the people to court so the people should hold them accountable. And get the Democrats to pay back SSI for the impeachment trial. Money should not of came from SSI to impeachment of Trump. Trump clean this dirty dingy swamp.

  5. How can anyone expect Bloomberg to be able to be a President for all Americans when he has already instructed his news organizations to NOT investigate either him or any of the other Democrats candidates, but to only investigate Trump? What’s he hiding?
    He is showing his unfairness and his lawlessness even before winning the nomination. He would be even worse if he were to actually win the election.

  6. I know women who worked for Bloomberg and they have attested to his misogynist treatment of them, ignoring them at meetings and showing favoritism to the men there. If he wasn’t standing on his money, Bloomberg would never come up to any of the other candidates who have been slugging it out in the primaries ad caucuses while all he does is buy ads. The left wing of the Democrat party and the other moderates should be more furious at him than they are at Trump.

  7. Non-sense…the democrat party news media propagandist will whitewash mini Mike at every opportunity…the Joy Bahar’s and other cows will make Mike out to be a mans man…right?

  8. The Demorats will have to get a very big rug to sweep these Mini Mike transgressions under. AND the DEMs are having a major issue with a large donor, very loaded Democrap candidate and the very liberal, anti-rich arm of the party. The factions are going clash like oil and water.


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