One North Carolina Protester Found Out The Hard Way What Happens When You Play With Fire

(Tea Party PAC) – The riots across America have reached dangerous and unprecedented levels of destruction and chaos. Rioters have resorted to tossing Molotov cocktails to set law enforcement vehicles and entire buildings on fire but one incident of attempted arson in North Carolina went extremely wrong, backfiring in the most epic way on the wannabe arsonist (pun intended).

You know what they say, when you play with fire you’re going to get burned and that’s exactly what happened to one rioter as he attempted to set ablaze the Market House in Fayetteville, North Carolina as depicted in videos shared to social media.

The video, which was apparently part of a live stream, shows the rioter lighting a fire inside the Market House but catching himself on fire in the process. Protestors are heard gasping as the man attempts to flee from the building while one man is heard yelling, “Get him out! Get him out!”

According to CBS 17, protests began in Fayetteville at 1 pm with additional protests starting at other times throughout the day. The protestors made their way to the city’s downtown area where things remained peaceful until around 7 pm. Shortly thereafter is when the Market House was set on fire as well as an American flag out in front of the building. Both fires were put out within 45 minutes.

CBS 17 reports that the law enforcement sent a civil emergency response unit to the area around 9 pm “to protect people, property and businesses.” The police said “they’re trained to react to crowd control/violence.”

“Around 10:15 p.m. protesters went to Cross Creek Mall and gathered in the parking lot. Some items were looted from the JCPenney before police showed up and stopped the looting,” notes CBS 17.

Tense protests over Floyd’s death and other police killings of black people grew Saturday from New York to Tulsa to Los Angeles, with police cars set ablaze and reports of injuries mounting on all sides as the country convulsed through another night of unrest after months of coronavirus lockdowns.

The protests, which began in Minneapolis following Floyd’s death Monday after a police officer pressed a knee on his neck long after he passed out, have left parts of the city a grid of broken windows, burned-out buildings, and ransacked stores. The unrest has since become a national phenomenon as protesters decry years of deaths at police hands.

Tens of thousands of people were in the streets across the country, many of them not wearing masks or observing social distancing, raising concerns among health experts about the potential for spreading the coronavirus pandemic at a time when much of the country is in the process of reopening society and the economy.

After a tumultuous Friday night, racially diverse crowds took to the streets again for mostly peaceful demonstrations in dozens of cities from coast to coast. The previous day’s protests also started calmly, but many descended into violence later in the day.


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  2. He should have immediately gone to shake Traitor Trump’s hand after that. You know, burn the one person that needs to burn and go out as a national hero.

  3. I cannot believe that this is happening in the US! I agree with President Trump and many others. If the people breaking the law will not stop with talks, verbal warnings, and gentle persuasion. It is time to get tough. It would be best to drop a chemical from a helicopter or plane, so that no 1 policeman or protestor can be blamed when someone gets hurt. We , the American people, have had to do this before, in times of war. And this is war, between the American People and the forces of evil. Everyone gets the point by now, what was done to George Floyd was HORRIBLE, and should never happen again, but you have made your point.

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  5. Where are the videos? Were they removed for politically (in) correct reasons. SHOW WHAT THE RIOTERS ARE DOING TO DESTROY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY. Show that it is not a peaceful protest but rioters and looters doing what they do.

  6. Where are the videos? Were they removed for politically (in) correct reasons. SHOW THEM !!! SHOW WHAT THE RIOTERS ARE DOING TO DESTROY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PROPERTY. Show that it is not a peaceful protest but rioters and looters doing what they do.

  7. The title of the article should be changed to reflect the correct observation of this criminal in the body of the article.

    This is NOT a “protestor”. This is a CRIMINAL!!!

    As soon as we start labeling these thugs, looters, robbers, vandals, etc… for who they are, then we will be able to change the narrative. They aren’t protestors!

  8. Does anyone know if was was arrested yet? Shouldn’t be to hard to find. Video shows his face and he has burned skin. He is definitely leading the way for the biggest dummy criminal award so far on the TV show dumbest criminals.

  9. I can’t stop laughing about the guy in North Carolina who was committing arson and set himself on fire. Talk about getting what he deserved. Hope he enjoyed it.

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