One Of President Joe Biden’s First Acts Is To Ensure White House Website “Inclusivity”

(Tea Party PAC) – Well, now that Joe Biden has been officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, the Democrats are busy taking care of their most important priorities, you know, like silencing their political opposition, harassing a now out of office President, and gender pronouns of course.

One of Biden’s administrations’ first acts since the inauguration was to ensure the White House website was changed so that it asks for people’s correct pronouns like a proper and inclusive 21st century American website ought to.

While Americans are still out of work and broke and small businesses are going under at record pace, the Democratic Biden administration is ensuring that while Americans may be suffering they will still be able to have dignity on the White House website.

Thank God for progressivism in perilous times … said no one, ever.

Within just hours of Biden being sworn in, the contact form on the official White House website was updated to include a new selection of pronouns including they/them.

You really just can’t make this stuff up.

Conservatives were rightfully quick in mocking the new website changes and pointed out that those around the world are laughing at us, and make no mistake, they surely are.

“China is laughing at us,” said Ryan Saavedra.

“I’m so glad they have their priorities in order while thousands are dying from the coronavirus,” remarked Ian Miles Cheong.

However, Mike Cernovich had a different take, saying it proved that Democrats are ready to get to work and take whatever steps necessary to enact their radical agenda.

“Conservatives will dunk on that but it shows from Day 1 they are ready to WORK. We might not like what thats going to be, but they came in Day 1 with their people and they are running the courts,” he pointed out.

This is certainly true. Biden and his new administration aren’t wasting any time at all getting the ball rolling to ensure everything good President Trump did for America is swiftly undone.

They’re also wasting no time in ensuring Americans never forget that transgenderism is not a mental disorder but rather an individual’s “truth” that should be celebrated and encouraged.

Biden proved that when he tapped the highly unqualified PA Health Secretary as his assistant secretary of health. Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological man who parades around as a woman, not only advocates for COVID-safe orgies but is also responsible for the abysmal handling of the pandemic in the commonwealth.

Thanks to his, and Governor Tom Wolf’s, policy to send sick COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, the death toll among elderly PA residents skyrocketed. The death toll from nursing homes was in the thousands.

Dr. Levine notably removed his own mother from a nursing home and placed her in a hotel prior to the instituting of this deadly policy.

The Biden administration has made no secrets that identity politics will trump merit in his administration. What a circus it is sure to be.

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  1. Joe Biden is a stupid motherfu**er and a crook to boot. in addition to everything else, Joe Biden was on the take, and may still be. There’s “the big guy” implications, Hunter’s paying half of Joe’s bills for while (where was the money from?), and the millions paid by China to the “family business.” And direct payments?


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