Pathetic: Colin Kaepernick Begs For Attention In “Unthanksgiving” Day Post…Yawn

(Tea Party PAC) – Ugh.

This guy.

Failed football player and die-hard SJW Colin Kaepernick decided to try yet again to regain some of the outraged attention he got used to in 2016 in a scathing “Unthanksgiving Day” post where he ripped the “US government” for having “stolen” over a “billion acres” from indigenous people (many of whom had no concept of land ownership but who cares about facts when you can have modern-day privileged outraged!)

It is dually hilarious that not only is Kaepernick one of the most privileged members of society in the nation he scorns, but that ranting about those poor indigenous people on Thanksgiving Day, which has nothing to do with the incidents described as “theft” or “genocide” by today’s liberals, is far, far from original.

“The US government has stolen over 1.5 billion acres of land from Indigenous people. Thank you to my Indigenous family, I’m with you today and always,” Kaepernick wrote on Twitter on Thursday afternoon:

“It’s been 50 years since the occupation,” he said during remarks given at an event in San Francisco. “And that struggle has continued for that 50 years.”

Kaepernick continued:

Before that 50 years, it will continue from this point. It’s our responsibility to honor our ancestors and honor our elders by carrying on that struggle. Don’t let their sacrifices be in vain. That’s why it’s important for all of us to be here today, to show that we’re together, that we’re unified, that we have that solidarity. And I hope to spend many more of these with you.

The event was hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council and marked the anniversary of when Native American activists occupied Alcatraz Island for 19 months beginning in 1969, insisting that the island should belong to them rather than the US government.

“After the famed prison shuttered its doors in 1963, Bay Area Native Americans began lobbying to have the island redeveloped as an Indian cultural center and school,” explains.

The article continues:

Indians of All Tribes made a final attempt to seize Alcatraz in the early morning hours of November 20, 1969—this time with an occupation force of 89 men, women and children. After sailing through San Francisco Bay under cover of darkness, the Indians landed at Alcatraz and claimed the island for all the tribes of North America.

Ignoring warnings that their occupation was illegal, they moved into the old warden’s house and guards’ quarters and began personalizing the island with graffiti. A message appeared on the water tower reading: “Peace and Freedom. Welcome. Home of the Free Indian Land.” Other buildings were tagged with slogans like “Red Power” and “Custer Had It Coming.”


  1. Indian family??? Are you kidding me??? He has NO Indian blood in his body, he came from Africa and was adopted by Americans, so he needs to just shut up.

  2. Smart and sincere people want to do good and make thinks better. JJWatt is a good example – there are scores of others. He surely has not helped

  3. I’ll just bet this turds WHITE adoptive parents are really proud of their racist, bigoted, prejudiced son! He’s a walking, talking example of wasted human feces!

    • YEA!!!!!!
      If it was NOT for those great and decent White Folks who adopted this man
      and gave him all those great opportunities, who knows where
      this IDIOT would have landed up????

      His Daddy never did a thing for him!
      FUNNY! he never complained until he was sat down by the Forty Niners!

  4. CK you need to team up with Al Sharpton. Maybe he can put you back in the lime light. You are two of a kind. A perfect match.

  5. Kaepernick had the world by the tail. He made more money in one year than most of us would see in a life time. He lives a life of privilege even today after NFL teams ignored his recent attempt to rejoin the league.

    Now he is nothing but a “has been” whose antics prove he is just two steps from the tree and a malcontent individual.

    Adios Kaepernick! He got exactly what he earned!

  6. Colin Who? Oh, you mean the idiot who quit football (all on his own – he was not “fired”), started dating a foul-mouthed tramp, begged for the NFL to give him a special “tryout” with all 32 teams and then when they did, he gave them the finger and did his own mini-tryout session….which bombed horribly??

    You mean that fool? I did not even know he was still alive….

  7. Such an example of failed adoption.
    Had a Jewish mom and black father, adopted by jewish couple.
    Obviously used by them to promote their hate of USA, of all things USA, and obviously grade and high school teachers. He’s working for them, not for himself.
    THEY are the ones needing the publicity but being who they are, that ain’t gonna happen these days, is it. It’s coming.
    When the floodlights focus on the “problems” then he will start breaking through to himself, as a football player who will promote all things USA.

  8. This POS muSLIME killed the NFL… friends and I have made Sunday a family day and no more watching the felons on the field. Feels good and the wife and kids love our day trips and we have better communication. I hope the stupid owners of these teams are feeling the pinch and losing abundle. They don’t have the balls to address this situation. My Vietnam veteran buddies feel the same we. We didn’t fight for you to insult our flag or our National anthem. So when you ck skrs are down on your knees—DO A FRIEND A FAVOR.

    • Curt
      I spent 81/2_years defending our flag . I used to watch ,and enjoy, professional football. He has every right to protest. PRO football has every right to defend him. I have every right to not watch, or defend pro football because of their defense of him, and his protest. I exercise my right, and will NEVER watch another pro game.

  9. Where were you through all the other celebrating Thanksgiving dinners and enjoying yourself with family? Did you attend all of their protests out in the cold where they were giving up what was significant to them? No Colin you were enjoying yourself like millions of other American’s which you seem to hate but still enjoy all the rights and privilege’s. Donate all your money you have earned to help them, that will make a statement!

  10. Wow, some people amaze me. Read history books, if you can not believe Trump history you are missing a hot screw in your head. Murdering tribes, stealing land, relocation. Putting kids in S tools to force new ideas, not helping to make reservations a health place to live. We all live here but few really want to learn it’s history. What a shame.

    • I agree Victor. The trail of tears was a travesty of the worst kind. The Cherokee people were adapting European ways and customs and assimilating into the culture. They had homesteads and schools. Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democrat party, hated the Cherokee and instituted the Trail of Tears which resulted in the death of some 8,000 Cherokee. This was done so whites could have their land. Jackson was worth one hundred million dollars at the time of his death. Most was accumulated through speculation in Cherokee land. I want to stipulate that I`m white, but understand that our treatment of the Native Americans is a stain on our history.

    • Colon, AH is “something” I found myself in when in combat. However (for the most part) I’ve left those days/ nights behind me. It has been much easier with a loser/traitor like “Kapinlick.”
      God Bless America – three words that send daggers to the heart of the Bloke.

  11. I thought this has been was mulatto, now he’s an Indian?

    Just go home and shut the hell up colon. You made your point you’re an anal sphincter, we get it.

  12. Just another moron looking for attention……Bash the government and get money, isn’t that how it works these days? Ignore it and maybe it’ll go away.

  13. Just another *sshole looking for attention. Bash the government and get money, that is the real issue. Ignore him and he’ll go away………

  14. Kaepernick is a joke. He was a mediocre quarterback who lost is job because he was not an accurate down-field passer. He’s now a full-time social justice warrior pitching for pity. And after that phony “tryout” he had with NFL scouts recently that failed so badly, the NFL door is now sealed to the likes of this clown. If the NFL owners didn’t have a legitimate reason to give him the finger before, now they do. He should be avoided like the plague.

  15. He was a good football player. But he should have left his anti-American ideals in the locker room. Not good to desecrate God and country in front of patriots. He had some bad advice…

  16. CK is a moron. probably has as much Native American as liz warren. Your not playing foot ball cause you suck at it. Put on a white face add some dots and a tear and die you hair yellow and green. Then be a clown out on the SF peer.

  17. They really felt it was theirs to take and “care for” that’s why they covered it with graffiti and slogans such pride is hard to beat!!!!


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