Person At The Center Of Multiple Criminal Investigations Related To ‘Fraud, Money Laundering And Counterfeiting Scheme’ Has Joe Biden Saying His Prayers

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the biggest travesties of this whole impeachment frenzy is the fact that everyone is ignoring how former Vice President Joe Biden abused his authority in order to strong arm a Ukrainian prosecutor out of his job to help protect his son, Hunter, from being investigated for corruption at his company Burisma.

Then we found out that the younger Biden also had a secret love child — the mother is a stripper too — that he was trying to pretend didn’t exist. As if that wasn’t enough, it appears that new documents reveal that Hunter is also at the center of multiple investigations into a counterfeiting scheme.

And we thought the Clintons were the most corrupt family in politics.

Via Gateway Pundit:

According to new court documents filed Monday in Hunter Biden’s Arkansas paternity case, Hunter is linked to multiple criminal probes related to “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme.”

The court documents did not disclose which law enforcement agencies were behind the criminal probes into Hunter Biden.

A Florida-based private-eye firm, D&A Investigations brought forward the claims on Monday in the ongoing case against Hunter’s baby mama Lunden Roberts.

Hunter had a child with 28-year-old Lunden Roberts after meeting her at a DC strip joint where she worked as a stripper and she is demanding a hefty child support payment!

Ms. Roberts dragged Hunter Biden into a nasty court battle after he has ‘refused to pay child support for over a year’ and refused to pay her $11,000 legal bill.

And now Hunter Biden’s nasty paternity battle with Lunden Roberts is unearthing documents that feckless media sycophants and Republican lawmakers have failed to produce.

Bravo, Lunden Roberts!

The New York Post reported:

Biden, 49, “is the subject of more than one criminal investigation involving fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme,” the filing alleges.

One of the purported investigations relates to Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company with which Biden held a lucrative board post while his father, Joe, was vice president — drawing allegations of impropriety from Republicans including President Trump.

Biden and a group of business associates “established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley … for Burisma Holdings Limited … for the money laundering scheme,” D&A claims, further alleging that the accounts showed an average account value of nearly $6.8 million between March 2014 and December 2015.

Biden and the others — including Devon Archer, John Galanis and Bevan Cooney — allegedly “utilized a counterfeiting scheme to conceal the Morgan Stanley et al Average Account Value,” D&A claims in the papers filed at the Circuit Court of Independence County, Arkansas.

There’s more..

The filing also alleges that Hunter Biden was involved in a plot to rip off Sioux Native Americans for $60 million through the sale of tribal bonds.

The filing additionally alleges that Biden had a hand in a plot including Galanis, Cooney and Archer to rip off Sioux Native Americans to the tune of $60 million through the shady sale of tribal bonds.

Galanis, Archer and Cooney were found guilty for their roles in June 2018, following a lengthy trial in Manhattan federal court.

Biden “did drum up business for the scheme,” D&A claims in its filing, without elaborating.

Roberts is turning the screws on Biden and demanding to know how much Burisma Holdings paid him.

Robert released the last five years of her tax returns and she’s accusing Hunter of refusing to come clean about his dirty Burisma money.

According to the New York Post, it is unclear if Lunden Roberts hired the private-eye firm or if they delivered the damning documents on Hunter Biden to the court on their own volition.

Joe Biden participated in a legitimate quid pro quo, and while it’s too late to impeach him, there still should be some sort of consequences for his actions. Like, oh, maybe not being eligible to run for president? Something like that would at least be holding him accountable and allowing future presidents to know such behavior is not acceptable.

On top of that, someone needs to uncover why the younger Biden hasn’t been tossed behind bars already. Has Biden been keeping his son from experiencing the natural consequences of his actions through coercion and political favors?

If this man is running for president, all of this stuff needs to be known.



  1. All Democrats in higher positions become CRIMINALS.They are so corrupt that it is no words available to describe these SWAMP Monsters

  2. Hunter and Joe Biden’s criminal acts and Joe’s abuse of his office as Vice President are the direct reason the Democrats in the House of Representatives initiated the bogus Impeachment actions against President Trump to try to cover for the the Biden and Kerry criminal actions. They are using a Joseph Goebbells tactic by blaming your opposition of what you are actually guilty of, as he stated “if you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe it and if you tell it often enough you may begin to believe it”!

  3. OMG , If Just half of all above on this page is TRUE , This is really so serious SHIT ! Seems to me The Do Nothing Democrats are doing all the Quid Pro Quo and are blaming or rightfully elected sitting president Trump for what they have done. I feel sick to my stomach , if justice is NOT brought to The Entire Democrat Party , Then The American people that stand for TRUMP should unite together and let me know we have had enough of this Bull Shit , We are currently way much Stronger that The Democrat Party , and well all need to untie and make this country Corrupt FREE for once and all, and insist that the Do Nothing democrat get punished for all these crime to all the American people NOW

  4. The Whole Democrat Party is Crooked that’s why there Fighting so Dirty. And there Hate is so Visible Now for all to See if you just Listen to them Talk about the American People.

  5. None of the democrats running for president should be allowed with the exception of maybe the one from Hawaii. She is the only one even trying to use the brains God gave her. Bidens and the Clintons need to be locked up for their crimes as well as Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Warren and the rest involved in this impeachment hoax. They should also be forced to pay back the money they took from our social security fund to pay for it. And Schiff needs to be tested for illegal drugs to find out why his eyes are dilated at times.

  6. After every indiscretion is revealed and the corruption is uncovered Hunter Biden will run for office. He’ll have all the democrat experience required.

  7. When will action be taken. Dems accuse Trump of what J Biden has done words right out of his mouth we got it on video, can’t be any clearer then that. Why would we elect someone that will be 82 he is confused all the time. He is a health risk no matter what lies they tell. Even President Obama will not back him and the medical Dr Obama had say Bident is a risk. Hunter should be in jail and we need to investigate Hunter right now. Dems are above the law that’s why we switched parties. President Trump 2020, thanks for our great economy.

  8.  In an Article by Politico in January of 2017:
    “Politico’s investigation found evidence of Ukrainian government involvement in the race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol dictating that governments refrain from engaging in one another’s elections.
    To pile on top of things the report reveals how closely tied the Democrats were to the Ukrainian government. “
    I would suggest everyone read their report, January, 2017.

    The Ukrainians and the DNC/Clinton mob were hip-deep working together to take out now, President Trump during the 2016 election. In the simplest form, these are foreign spies working with Clinton to meddle and create fake news during the 2016 election. Led by Alexandra Chalupa, witness requested by Republicans in the House Impeachment inquiry, but was denied by Adam Schiff.

  9. Ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General. Then we’ll see justice, until then, Bush Boy Barr will protect his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal.

  10. Fraud, if not money laundering and counterfeiting, is Giuliani’s domain. It takes abandoning my senses–seeing, hearing–and thinking to support Giuliana–and Trump. Both are responsible for immense wrongdoing, much of which subverts Americanism, the Constitution and rule of law. Daily Trump adds fuel to the fire of impeachment articles so Pelosi must hold the articles till 2 things happen on the Senate side–McConnell and Republicans must assure reasoned and responsible rules for Trump trial there; and, Trump must release documents and personnel to testify at the Senate trial to assure Americans of law and order–not a kangaroo court looking likely right now.
    I am seeing in my lifetime that you CAN fool some of the people all of the time–Trump and cohort fooling millions of supporters leading to more anti-American behavior than we’ve ever seen in politics including the McCarthy and Nixon eras. Who can NOT be against our enemy Russia, but Trump violates our trust and American hegemony in the world daily. I can’t believe how many authoritarians, dictators and plain deplorable people there are in America, those who oppose fundamental beliefs most of us support.
    Past time for Trump and fellow travelers to resign and fight it out in court who has America’s best interests at heart.

    • Like every Democratic with TDS – all you are staying are opinions and fabricated talking points without a shred of proof or specific facts to back up any of your claims. I hope your medical skills, if any, surpass your reasoning which is severely lacking in foundation.


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