Pete Buttigieg, The Virtue-Signaling…Deer Hunter? This Is Embarrassing…

(Tea Party PAC) – Over the Thanksgiving weekend, many American families engaged in one of the great, unsung American past times: deer hunting.

The left-coasts elitists who think that “local meat” can be best acquired at Whole Foods don’t know it, but across the nation, November is the month of camo, safety orange, rifles, and getting up at dawn to sit for hours in the freezing cold in a blind for the promise of that delicious venison.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, one of the less absurd presidential candidates, by default, went hunting with his “father-in-law” and just had to make it part of his campaign.

Buttigieg, the openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana who is running for the Democratic party’s nomination for 2020, is “married” to a man named Chasten, who has apparently taken Buttigieg’s name.

I wonder how they decided which one was going to take the other’s name?

At any rate, as has often been (Pete) Buttigieg’s thing while campaigning, the presidential hopeful turned it into an opportunity to show us that in spite of the whole unbiblical definition of his marriage thing, he’s just a regular ol’ Midwesterner who totally relates to Joe Blow in Flyover.

And in a speech at the Iowa Democrat Liberty and Justice Celebration, Buttigieg said that his upcoming hunting trip was one more example of how the United States was hungry for change, somehow.

“I’ll be seeing it in a few weeks on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, because in 2019 in rural Michigan, you cannot stop a man from going deer hunting with his husband’s father,” he said before thousands of cheering supporters on November 1st.

What? OK…

He used a similar line to tote his red-state credentials when he was running for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“I’m from Indiana. And I support the Second Amendment,” he said during the DNC chair debate in February 2017. “I spent Thanksgiving morning in a deer blind with my boyfriend’s father. How’s that for a 2017 sense?”

Yeah, dude still supports taking guns from the rest of us.

No amount of hunting with your homosexual life partner’s father is going to change that.

On Monday, Buttigieg told reporters that he preferred using a rifle to hunt.

“Bowhunting is way past my skill level,” he said according to CBS News. “Rifle hunting probably is, too, but we’re going to do it since it’s Thanksgiving.”

Chasten also made sure to remind his followers that he’s super woodsy on Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for a patient and dedicated husband who joins his father-in-law hunting, even when it’s snowing and freezing outside,” he wrote on Twitter.


  1. I truly hope to see a Presidential debate between Pete and our Commander-in-Tweet. I have heard Pete speak in person and he has a depth of knowledge and character that would leave Trump in the dust. I don’t care if he can hunt, we just need a President with a moral compass and the desire to make American work for everyone, even LGBT Christians (like Pete).

  2. Trips me out every time I hear a man refer to his “husband”. How did we get to this point, flaunting our sins, and daring others to not condone it? Sick, sick society.

  3. Stop breaking your oaths. We have one law of the land. Code can only be law if it does not interfere with the supreme law. The law that you swore an oath to protect and to serve against all enemies foreign and domestic. If code interferes with said law it is and was void Ab Initio at its conception. By enforcing said codes you are guilty of subversion/treason.

  4. Your born black or white brown whatever. Being heterophobic is a chosen alternative lifestyle. You’re a man or a woman. You can have all the operations you want and you will never change your chromosomes. Transgender is a psychotic fantasy.

  5. “Bowhunting is way past my skill level,” he said according to CBS News.
    That speaks greatly to your lack of character, morality and dedication.
    All of witch are required bowhunting skills. If bowhunting is beyond your skill set.
    Your Not exactly presidential material.


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