Pete Buttigieg Vows To Cut Funds To Israel As President If It Annexes Part Of The West Bank

(Tea Party PAC) – South Bend, Indiana mayor Pet Buttigieg is making sure that he aligns closely with the rest of the radical left’s anti-Israel stance to try to make sure he stays in the running for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

He has promised, if elected president, to cut US aid to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu follows through on his election promise to annex parts of Judea and Samaria, aka the “West Bank.”

Giving what was billed as his first significant address in foreign policy of his campaign at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, Buttigieg claimed that Trump had made the United States into a version of–where else? — Russia.

He also slammed the president for his negotiations with North Korea as well as for pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. It’s interesting that these are two issues on which Trump has been far more firm than his predecessors, so apparently Buttigieg thinks that being a pansy on the world stage is preferable to keeping our nation safe.

He also said that the Trump administration had neglected white supremacist terror while instead focusing on radical Islamic terror–you know, the terrorism that is actually happening.

Buttiieg, who was once regarded as a rare pro-Israel voice in the Democraic party, has clearly also abandoned that position:

The closer an ally, the more important it is that we speak truth to them. The security and survival of the democratic state of Israel has been, and continues to be, a central tenet of U.S. foreign policy, and is very much in our national interest. Which is why neither American nor Israeli leaders should play personal politics with the security of Israel and its neighbors.


Just as an American patriot may oppose the policies of an American president, a supporter of Israel may also oppose the policies of the Israeli right-wing government.

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Especially when we see increasingly disturbing signs that the Netanyahu government is turning away from peace. The suffering of the Palestinian people, especially the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, has many authors — from the extremism of Hamas, and the inefficacy of the Palestinian Authority, to the indifference of the international community, and, yes, the policies of the current Israeli government. And now Gaza has become a breeding ground for the kind of extremism that only exacerbates threats to Israel and the region. Israeli and Palestinian citizens should be able to enjoy the freedom to go about their daily lives without fear, and to work to achieve economic well-being for their families. As Israel’s most powerful and most reliable ally, the United States has the opportunity to shape a more constructive path with the tough and honest guidance that friendship and fairness require. The current state of affairs cannot endure. The pressure of history and the mathematics of demography, mean that well before 2054, Israelis and Palestinians will have come to see either peace or catastrophe. A two-state solution that achieves legitimate Palestinian aspirations and meets Israel’s security needs remains the only viable way forward, and it will be our policy to support such a solution actively.


And if Prime Minister Netanyahu makes good on his threat to annex Israeli settlements in the West Bank, a President Buttigieg would take steps to ensure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill.

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Of course, all the usual anti-Israel characters were quite pleased with Buttigieg’ comments:

Previous US administrations have managed to recognize that large Israeli settlements within the West Bank will have to be part of Israel under any peace agreement with Palestine. In fact, many had large Jewish populations before Jews were expelled from the region in the 1948 war declared by Israel’s Arab neighbors against the then very young Jewish state.

During his re-election campaign last year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a promise to annex parts of the West Bank.

Israel views the threat to annex as one of the only ways to ensure Palestine will negotiate.