PLOT TWIST: Did Rayshard Brooks’ Girlfriend Just Get Arrested?

(Tea Party PAC) – Last weekend, a man by the name of Rayshard Brooks, while heavily intoxicated, passed out in his vehicle in the middle of a Wendy’s drive-thru.

When the police were called and responded, they administered a sobriety and breathalyzer test.

Police body cam footage released later shows that he was indeed intoxicated, meaning he had been operating his vehicle under the influence.

This may be news to some of today’s leftists, but driving a vehicle while under the influence is both incredibly dangerous and incredibly illegal.

It is also incredibly dangerous and incredibly illegal to steal a cop’s Taser, especially while the cop in question is attempting to arrest you.

But this is exactly what Brooks proceeded to do.

As he tried to run away with the Taser, he turned and fired it at the officers in pursuit.

This was when he was fatally shot.

A tragic situation, no one doubts it.

But one that Brooks brought upon himself with his reckless, criminal behavior.

Of course, in today’s political climate, this sparked a new wave of anti-racist protests in a nation still reeling from the death of George Floyd, which was, as opposed to Brooks’ death, completely unjustifiable, cold-blooded murder.

Now, in Brooks’ case, there’s been a rather interesting development, it appears.

Police in Atlanta have issued an arrest warrant for a woman with the same name as a woman who claimed to be Brooks’ girlfriend for burning down the Wendy’s where the incident took place.

Breitbart reports:

Investigators with the Atlanta Fire Department said on Saturday that they had taken out an arrest warrant for a woman named Natalie White. The suspect allegedly helped perpetrate an act of arson at the Wendy’s at which Brooks was killed on the night of June 12.

Authorities say White is among several suspects investigators believe helped start the blaze.

Notably, in police body cam footage recorded prior to his death, Brooks identifies a Natalie White as his girlfriend multiple times.

It is not known if the two individuals are the same person. A call and an email to authorities in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon were not immediately returned.


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    • HERE’S A GOOD QUESTION …”I just watched the Democratic leaders of Congress kneel in the halls of Congress for about 9 minutes, for the death of a black man named George Floyd.
      I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Police Officer. I have never seen them kneel for a fallen Soldier.


      I have never seen them kneel for the thousands of (black and white) babies aborted EVERY DAY.

      I have never seen them kneel for a murdered white man or woman. I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of black-on-black murder victims.

      I have not seen them kneel for the thousands of elderly people that died in nursing homes due to the Corona Virus.

      I have to ask: WHY are Democrats putting the life of George Floyd as more valuable than the lives of everyone else?

      In fact, Democrats have put so much value on the life of George Floyd, they have allowed rioting, looting, arson, murder and mayhem in communities Nationwide…


  5. Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy . . . . .

    Cooperative/nice? Okay. I won’t argue your choice of words. One could say that and be correct, based on outward appearances. In my opinion, they were not genuine intents of Mr. Brooks. I’ll dive further on that, but first, what the body cam video CLEARLY showed was a VERY DRUNK Mr. Brooks. As evidence, Mr. Brooks was given specific instructions for the walking test. He was asked if he understood the instructions, but wouldn’t/COULDN’T(??) give a direct answer, yes or no. When he did start to answer, it was a monologue unrelated. The officer needed a yes or no. This alone indicates at least mental impairment, or worse. When he finally offered something verbal in the direction of yes, but still not yes, Officer Rolfe, unconvinced, as I was, that Brooks had understood, asked him to repeat the instructions. That’s not harrassment. It’s not impatience. It’s being thorough, professional. Based on what had happened to that point, if Officer Brooks had gone ahead and instructed Mr. Brooks to take the test, which he obviously failed, (because he took three steps, not nine going out, then counted four but took five coming in, instead of nine) and charged him, the test he had just administered would likely not hold up to defense challenge in court because Mr. Brooks could claim he never understood the instructions. Proceeding with the direction to repeat the test instructions, Mr. Brooks eventually made the attempt. Yet he couldn’t finish. Another flag of inebriation. He then went back to start over, and by the time he was halfway through, again stumbled and stopped, but ALSO having stated different instructions than those he stated the first time. Another flag for inebriated impairment.

    Back to intents of Brooks’ niceness. Nice is how most of humanity reacts to being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. In addition to niceness, deer-in-the-headlights also describes his behavior. No doubt Rolfe read that, too. That FORCES HIM to at least wonder, if not flat out seek to know what is the actual illicit behavior he’s BEEN caught in which causes the headlight look in the first place. My case in point, when we find three days later video of a guy with Brooks’ name and age admitting that he’s on parole from prison, that a guy with the same name and age was arrested in Ohio last January for being a fugitive from Georgia, who was then later released to Georgia police who went to Ohio to get him. Georgia had wanted him because he was on parole from prison, having been found guilty of multiple offenses, child abuse being among them. Being on parole, apparently he missed a check by his PO because he was in Ohio and hadn’t informed the PO of the move, nor been approved to do so. A warrant for his arrest went out for this issue last December.

    Are you beginning to see the pattern here?? You say Officer Rolfe was overly impatient here. I read this exactly the opposite. I would have been sorely challenged to continue the investigation without physically harming Mr. Brooks. I’m SO GLAD I never felt called into THAT profession!! Anyway, you then attribute Officer Rolfe’s motivation for the impatience you perceived of him being his desire to hurry up and jail Mr. Brooks. Wow!!! We have a new superhuman capability by which the elite are blessed. They can NOW not just read someone’s mind and heart by merely looking at them, NOW ALL THEY NEED IS THAT PERSON’S BODYCAM VIDEO!!!! I’M TRULY IMPRESSED!!!! I believe Officer Rolfe’s actions up to this point and beyond were entirely professional, respectful, and were sincerely intended to help Mr. Brooks as much, or moreso, as anybody else.

    Further on in your comment, you make the statement that at least one of the officer’s tased Mr. Brooks. Perhaps you’ve been privileged to see other evidence, that I haven’t which verify that claim. But on the bodycam video from Officer Rolfe, that evidence is not produced. The video shows Officer Rolfe, after closing up the packet for the breathalyzer test, taking Mr. Brooks by his left wrist, as they are facing each other, and pulling him slightly, guiding really, towards himself (Rolfe) and turning him around, and placing Brooks’ hand on the back of his left buttucks/hip WHILE HE WAS PRONOUNCING that he was being placed under arrest. We don’t know EXACTLY for what charge, off the bodycam, because Brooks ERRUPTED IN RESISTANCE IMMEDIATELY HIS ONE HAND TOUCHED HIS HIP. The bodycam was dislodged from Rolfe’s body immediately and fell to the ground immediately, off to the side of the ensuing struggle. It continued to show video, while pointed straight up in the air, for the duration, until after the shooting. The AUDIO also continued, and recorded many things that I presume will be used as these cases proceed. One can clearly hear, soon after the cam hit the ground warnings of “hands off the tazer.” It’s difficult to say exactly who uttered that order. It COULD have been ANY OF THE THREE. In my opinion there are two “likely” reasonable scenarios. I think the one most likely is that one of the officers drew their tazer in an attempt to safely subdue Brooks who was violently resisting arrest. That’s is common practice all over the world. After drawing the taser, Brooks siezed it and wrestled it away from the officer and then ran away, etc. Another possibility is that Brooks grabbed the taser while it was still holstered, but It seems less likely the case to me. My point in this regard, however, is that the bodycam audio, by itself, is insufficient evidence to conclusively say one, the other, or something else entirely. And honestly, given what details I’ve seen, I’d place my money on door number 3 at this point. Which is why we try to conduct investigations of WHAT HAPPENED, etc. that are equally thorough to the one Officer Rolfe conducted regarding Brooks’ sobriety, BEFORE WE RUSH TO JUDGMENT. THAT investigation is still ongoing, or should be.

    Which brings me to an opinion unrelated to Billy’s comment or this article. Given the evidence that has been made available, Officer Rolfe did nothing wrong. Why, then, has he been PRE-JUDGED by the Atlanta mayor, who DIRECTED ROLFE BE FIRE, from what I read. THAT, folks, IS WHAT RACISM LOOKS LIKE. IT’S JUDGING PEOPLE DETRIMENTALLY WITHOUT KNOWING EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. IF THIS IS TRUE, THAT MAKES THIS MAYOR A BLATANT RACIST, AND SHE NEEDS TO BE CALLED OUT ON IT BY MUCH MORE AND HIGHER AUTHORITY THAN JUST ME.



  7. If you act like a rabid wild animal, you get shot like a rabid wild animal. If you come to my neighborhood to loot and burn I will shoot your ears off. I am a very good shot!

  8. This is got to be a fake news. This lady was not even at the scene of the crime. Why is it the police being portrayed as the victim. First of all there was no crime being committed by sleeping in a vehicle. He was not driving at the time of incident. What if he fell asleep in his car in front of his house? Would be given a sobriety test? Police compares lethal force to non lethal. Let me explain, police are trained to de escalate but in this situation they escalated the situation by tazing Mr Brooks. When they were over powered by Brooks they avenged by lethal force immediately. We all know that tazer is non lethal because police use it all the time.

    • Obviously Renaldo they have evidence that implicates Ms. White in the crime. As we’ve seen there were multiple cameras and witnesses on the scene.

    • First of all, Mr. Brooks said on the video that his girlfriend lived a few blocks away. Secondly, if you are behind the wheel of a car with the motor running and you are drunk, you are a drunk driver. That is key. You are in a car with the engine running. You seem to ignore the fact that he was obstructing the other drivers. The man was passed out drunk in the drive through. Thirdly, the police talked to him for a minimum of 40 minutes. I wouldn’t call that an escalation. It was only when Mr. Brooks realized he was being handcuffed, that he decided to resist. He then took the taser and fired at the police officer. If the police officer had been hit with the taser, he would have been helpless and Mr. Brooks could have done anything he wanted to the cop, including shooting him with his own gun.

    • Your an idiot or an ignorant fool. Learn a little about the facts and the law and post something intelligent. Stop watching CNN for their propaganda lies.

    • But you fail to see that the car was running and sitting in the drive through blocking traffic. How did the car and driver get there? If he were sitting in a parking space and the vehicle NOT running AND he was not in the driver’s seat then drunk driving would be a question. Also the video shows the officers were respectful throughout the entire process. And they didn’t provoke the violence. They attempted to make an arrest and he wasn’t going to be cooperative. He attacked both officers and disarmed one of them. Then after a brief chase through the parking lot he turned and attempted to disable one of the officers. If that would have happened what do you think he would have done next? Maybe run away? Or take the officers sidearm and shoot him with his own gun? And maybe shoot the other officer too. BUT, by what you’ve said here that would have been OK.
      I feel the officers acted according to protocol. They didn’t disrespect this man. He disrespected the officers.
      Could things have been different? Sure they could but then you would still say it was police brutality if they kicked the ever living shit out of him for assaulting them. Or he could have cooperated and been bailed out of jail in a couple of hours. Keep in mind, he started it by driving that car DRUNK into that Wendy’s drive thru and passing out…

  9. There has to be an aggressive campaign against looting that frequently accompanies protests.. Certainly the death of Floyd was an unnecessary and horrible tragedy and one that demanded redress. However mass destruction of property with massive looting is not the appropriate response. Destruction of property of people who are not involved with the act of murder does not avenge the murder regardless of how heinous the murder was. I favor a more aggressive response to the looting. “Letting off steam attitude”, response does not remedy issues of underlying looting. Proper response to the crime of murder is the application of appropriate legal punishment. Also the accompompaning looting must be dealt with as criminal as well.

  10. The video shows a very cooperative and nice attitude of Mr Brioks. The first cop was nice to him but the 2nd cop was rather impatient and over strict and appears that he can’t wait to put him to jail. It took him too long to conduct the eyes testing. He did not advise Mr Brooks that he failed the breathanslyzer, he just went ahead to handcuff him and then all hell broke loose. Mr Brooks was running away. Why not just shoot his legs? It’s a waste of life.

    . I think Mr Brooks just bursted from a pent-up position.

    • Do you know how hard it is to shoot someone in the leg, let alone while a person is running? Mr. Brooks resisted arrest because he knew it was a violation of his parole and he would be sent back to prison. This wasn’t Mr. Brooks’ first rodeo. He knew the drill. He sealed his own fate.

    • The second officers job was to determine if Mr. Brooks was impaired. In order to do that he is required by law to ask a series of questions to determine Mr. Brooks cognitive abilities. Mr. Brooks changed his story multiple times and was evasive in every question he was asked. In short, the man was smashed and had a rap sheet as long as a summer day. He fought with police officers even though they were respectful to him and the only reason they couldn’t get more help is because that night police had multiple incidences (listen to the radio call). What is a tragedy is that a police officer was fired for doing what he was trained for.

  11. Put her away for setting Wendy’s on fire. Plus for allowing her boyfriend to drive. Hope she’s gets arrested for setting up her boy friend. Droping him off and letting him try to drive home.


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