Plot Twist: Trump’s Brilliant Plan To Fund The Wall That No One Expected

(Tea Party PAC) – The question on everyone’s lips this week has been whether or not Trump will sign a new border security bill that would avoid a government shutdown but provide a fraction of the funding for the wall that he has been requesting and potentially cap the number of illegal criminal aliens that ICE could detain.

While Trump has said that he’s “not happy” with the deal but will have to read the whole text before deciding if he will sign it or not, he did express that he was glad to see negotiations moving forward.

Now, it appears he may be planning a whole new route to secure funding for the wall beyond what Congress may authorize.

According to WaPo, Trump is planning on using an executive order to reallocate federal funds to the construction of additional barrier walls, beyond the 55 miles that the compromise bill would fund.

A spokesman from the White House that spoke with Fox was reportedly insistent that the President has “alternative options” for the border wall deal.

If this is the case, then it would appear Trump may very well end up getting everything he wanted out of the deal—no government shutdown and a big, beautiful wall.

The President and Congress must reach a deal by Friday to avoid a second government shutdown.

The compromise put forward by a conference committee Monday would include $1.375 billion for 55 miles of barrier wall, far less than the $7.5 billion he has been requesting.

While CNN reported this week that the President will hold his nose and sign the bill if passed, it is well understood that he is still fully on board with the idea of declaring a national emergency to secure the rest of the funding.

Either way, the Democrats are now forced to own the fact that they agreed to fund a wall they’ve declared was “immoral” and “won’t work,” no matter how small the sum, and Trump has some very promising options to secure the rest of the funding elsewhere.