Police Union Reveals Disturbing Anti-Police Mural Found In Houston

(Tea Party PAC) – Anti-police sentiment has been ramping up around the country, despite the fact that the data consistently shows that the vast, vast majority of cops are good cops.

We need to root out the bad ones, yes. This is one of the rare issues that both conservatives and liberals alike can emphatically agree–and this is pretty significant in an era of unprecedented partisanship.

But it is nothing short of anarchy to endorse and support widespread, anti-police sentiment across the board.

But this is what is happening nonetheless.

A mural depicting a peace officer hanging from a noose was discovered on the side of a building in Houston, Texas as thousands of protesters take to the streets to protest the slaying of George Floyd in police custody last week.

16 Americans have already died in the ongoing riots and violence which have erupted in the wake of Floyd’s death, including police officers. Black police officers, at that.

Upon discovery of the mural, the owner of the property, “290 ink” immediately painted over it, according to Houston Police Officer Union President Joe Gamaldi, who spoke with Breitbart Texas on Saturday.

The police union chief posted the image on Facebook, writing,“We are better than this Houston. Also, the dirtbag who painted this didn’t even get our uniform shirt right.”

We are better than this Houston. Also, the dirtbag who painted this didn’t even get our uniform shirt right.

Posted by Joe Gamaldi on Friday, June 5, 2020

He added, “We realize emotions are running high, but this solves nothing and helps nothing. We are very thankful to the owner of this property, who after discovering this hateful graffiti, painted over it immediately. This image does not represent the view of 99.9% of Americans and we will not let hate run our city. We are #HoustonStrong.”

“If anyone has any information on who painted this abhorrent image, feel free to slide into our DMs. #BeBetter.”

As you can imagine, many commenters on Facebook were livid.

Sentiment ranged from . “Pathetic,” “F**k all you Cop Haters!!!,” “Disgusting,” “Evil,” “Awful,” and “This is so sad and frightening.”

“Messed up person. Pray for him/her,” wrote another.

Pat McLaughlin said: “My apologies to you and all of HPD. You all do not need a slap in the face when you are barely home enough to see your families keeping us citizens safe. Praye[r]s for you and all of HPD.”

Breitbart notes that, thankfully, most of the protests in Houston have remained peaceful.


  1. Enough with the hatred. Americans are better than this. Could it be some isis and Antifa and Democrats are behind all in the terror tactics these last few weeks?
    May God bless America again!

  2. Allow me to ‘ slpain it to you libtards.
    Once the police are gone your neighborhoods will be taken over by roving gangs. They will kick in your doors and take your stuff. If you are lucky they will only beat you half to death. Any women in you home will be savaged.

    And when you have had enough of it you will cry out for a government fix of it all. This is what the democrat cartel is hoping for. The democrats already have a plan for it…. it is called socialism.
    Just remember : democrat = socialism, socialism = slavery.

    Since the government cannot give everything to everybody, they cannot make you rich. The governments only real power is to tax ( take away). So when you cry out for a government solution you are crying out for more taxation…. which the democrat cartel is only too happy to do. Until everyone is equally poor and miserable, and you have no hope , no way of ever improving your life or your kids’ lives.

    Your great great great great grandparents were slaves. You are not. You never have been.
    The irony ( stupidity) of it all is that in order to avenge the sin of slavery perpetrated on your ancestors you are demanding slavery be reimposed on yourselves…. retarded.

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  3. Population by race whites 76.5% blacks 13.4% Innocent murdered by police. 2017 whites 457. blacks 223. I think whites need to get with-it. The only way to slow this down is to stop letting cowards behind badges. Stop the militarization of police. If you had your lunch money taken you to have no damn business behind a badge. Any civil servant that carries a gun should have a body camera 24/7/365. Don’t like it get a different job. And if they tamper with the video/camera try to turn it off delete erase, 50 years prison minimum. Abolish internal affairs, let the citizens of the county they operate in to take care of policing the police.

    • You mention, “Stop the militarization of police.” One of the biggest mistakes made in arming the police was DoD’s giving/selling military vehicles and equipment to local county/city police departments. That was done by Obama’s DoD.

      Another big mistake was the example of the FBI raiding the houses of private citizens, like Roger Stone at 4:00 am with CNN cameras to record the power and humiliation. Arresting old, unarmed people in the early morning hours with a 10-15 member SWAT team armed with guns and military-styled assault rifles gives smaller police departments the Rambo image that some of weak, bad apples don’t need to puff up their sense of power and glory. The proverbial error is that with a gun and a badge they become as “little all-powerful gods” that Socialist governors and mayors like to use. Examples of such poor rulers include Governor nit-Whit, Governor Wolf, Governor Murphy, Mayor da Blasio, Mayor Lightweight, Mayor Garcetti and others who don’t even live with the “laws” they create by executive orders (under guise of an emergency). And the rulers and the serfs are both black and white – there are no color definitions of government abuse of power in all of its forms.


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