Politico Sticks Up For The Deep State Against Trump; Here’s The Lame Reason Why

(Tea Party PAC) – Without a doubt, one of the most disturbing revelations to come during the Trump administration is proof of the existence of a shadow government that exists within various institutions of the actual government, dedicated to undermining the agenda of President Trump.

It’s safe to assume this Deep State entity has existed for a long, long time and have been behind the orchestration of a lot of oppressive policies that have been put in place by presidents and members of Congress who are easy to control.

For a long time, those who dared to speak of an entity like the Deep State were laughed at as crazy conspiracy theorists. Along came Donald Trump, who ran for president with a mission to “drain the swamp,” which is to say, getting rid of the miscreants and freeloaders who were responsible for creating the bloated government entity we have today.

With tons of email messages and texts that prove President Trump is indeed doing battle against the Deep State, it’s no wonder the mainstream media, also known as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, has been so passionate in shredding him to pieces.

And now, according to RedState, the left-leaning news outlet known as Politico has actually decided to side with the Deep State against the president, stating that his battle against these individuals — who have attempted to oust him from office three times now — will damage Joe Biden’s ability to get things done if he is verified to be the president.

Many of the individuals that Trump has gone to war with in the Deep State, which actually broke the law and spied on the president during his first presidential campaign, have either been booted to the curb or resigned, a testament to the president’s ability to effectively wage war on these grifters.

However, there’s still a lot of them left in the government.

“Donald Trump’s four-year war with the so-called “deep state” will leave Joe Biden a hollowed out and weakened federal workforce — one the president-elect will be forced to rebuild if he wants a shot at executing his sweeping policy agenda,” the Politico report said.

“Trump just this week forced out his Defense secretary and top officials overseeing policy and intelligence at the Pentagon. More than two dozen political appointees have fled the Department of Health and Human Services since the start of the Covid-19 crisis in February,” the report states.

“And the Agriculture Department has seen hundreds of scientists and economists quit their posts since Secretary Sonny Perdue forced two major research arms to relocate from Washington, D.C. to Missouri last year,” the report continued.

“The mass exodus at federal agencies started Trump’s first year in office. Roughly 24,000 more government employees left in the first nine months of his term than departed at the start of President Barack Obama’s term. Trump’s relentless attacks on the civil service have dragged down morale and exacerbated decades-old trends of decline in some agencies, driving both political and career staff out in droves,” the report said.

“Even now — as Trump refuses to concede, his officials threaten to fire staff caught looking for new jobs and his administration resists calls to certify Biden the official winner of the presidential election — hundreds of thousands of civil servants remain in limbo,” the report added.

Politico goes on to say that these removals have “drained away decades of expertise,” assuming that because of Trump getting rid of members of the Deep State, there won’t be enough experts and top notch workers to carry out the agenda of Joe Biden should he become president.

This, of course, is total nonsense. Our government is extremely bloated. There are tons of workers who could be let go right now, today, and not a thing would be different. We are masters at wasting money in the United States government.

At the end of the day, ousting corrupt and lazy political officials and workers from the federal government is a blessing. We should be glad that Trump actually had the gumption to take this task on and get as much done as he did.

How this news outlet can possibly defend the Deep State, knowing it broke federal law and spied on a presidential candidate in an attempt to influence the outcome of an election is simply stunning.

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  6. I saw more comments than Allena’s work from home add. Where are the other intelligent comments regarding this story I read just a bit ago?

  7. The POLITICO Magazine is a Socialist Rag paid for by Foreign National interests. They identify with Democrats, who are all frauds because they’re actually Democratic Socialists, and progressive’s. Socialism and Progressive politicians are actually Communists that are like wolves in sheep’s fur.
    When was the last time you heard a Democrat say “ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”? Been 40 years, I bet.

  8. This is actually referred to as a Monarchy (the Deep State) which in the beginning of this great nation was what we all were escaping. Look no further than the First Provincial Congress in defiance of the British Monarchy. August 25-27, 1774 New Bern, North Carolina in which 71 freedom seeking Americans attended.
    Trump and America got screwed this election by this Deep State. Term Limits!!!

  9. If Trump doesn’t win he has got to declassify every document regarding the deep state coup against him. It needs to be known or else this will be status quo going forward. Go Trump MAGA 2020.

  10. Everyone knows that Donald was being extreme in his ongoing slaughter of in-house people who had had their jobs,….forever…not doing much but earning a paycheck for showing up. President Trump is and always has been an astute business man…not a politician…that is why he is so popular! He got done what was needed with a stroke of the pen. And if God sees fit, we will have him for another 4 years…Pray God this is true!
    This country cannot fall into the hands of people who want to see it fail!

  11. It is too bad that America did not let TRUMP complete making America Great Again. This election has toally proven that America’s sheep are on the way to slaughter. Since that is what they voted for let them suffer. Who cares!!!!

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