Politico’s Trump-Turnberry “Scandal” Busted Wide Open…Totally Fake News!!

(Tea Party PAC) – And they wonder why Trump attacks the media?

They legit just make up stories about him, and we’re expected to believe they still have journalistic integrity?

Give me a break.

Far-left Politico tried to get us to believe this weekend that they’d busted open a major scandal in the Trump administration, but it turned out, their own reporting is what’s scandalous.

It’s all BS!

Breitbart’s John Nolte explains:

Since I refuse to aid and abet the spreading of fake news and the media’s unceasing efforts to deceive the public, I won’t link the Politico article, but here’s the gist: “Accusations that Trump’s properties are unfairly profiting off of his administration have dogged the president since entering office,” the article breathlessly reports. “But the potential involvement of the military takes the issue to a different level.”

Basically, Politico’s conspiracy theory revolves around the Air Force’s oh-so unusual decision to stop at Prestwick Airport, which can only mean it’s happening to enrich Trump through these stays at his resort.

After Politico dropped this fake news, among others, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow picked it up, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy (D-NY) used it to further her case for Trump’s impeachment.


Here is what Politico doesn’t want you to know…

During the Obama administration, a full two years before Trump took office, Byron York reports that the Air Force was already making frequent stops at Prestwick. Here’s the breakdown: “95 times in 2015; 145 times in 2016; 180 times in 2017; 257 times in 2018; and 259 times through August 2019.”

What’s more, also during the Obama administration, “a public database shows the Air Force signed a contract for refuelings at Prestwick in 2016,” which would explain the increasing number of stops since 2016.

What’s more, he explains, the choice to use the Trump resort, according to an Air Force statement, is based entirely on cost. A night at the Trump resort is 95 pounds, ($127 U.S.) per night, significantly cheaper than other area hotels.

Now, this is important, the Air Force also says that only six percent of their overnight stays were at the Trump resort!

“We reviewed the vast majority [of] the 659 overnight stays of Air Force crews in the vicinity at Glasgow Prestwick Airport between 2015 and 2019. Approximately six percent of those crews stayed at the Trump Turnberry,” a statement from the Air Force statement reads. “As a practice, we generally send aircrews to the closest, most suitable accommodations within the government hotel rate. The review also indicated that about 75 percent of the crews stayed in the immediate vicinity of the airfield and 18 percent stayed in Glasgow.”

Even the Washington Post was forced to admit that “the stays result from two separate agreements that both predate Trump’s presidency. Before Trump ran for president, the airport agreed to send visiting crews to Trump’s course. And while President Barack Obama was still in office, the Air Force agreed to send refueling aircraft to the airport.”

Politico’s Natasha Bertrand, one of the two fake news reporters who is responsible for this garbage story, whined about her report being debunked by Fox News on Friday, and was promptly taken to task by Special Report anchor Brett Baier.

“We literally never reported that Trump ‘ordered’ anything, Bret. You should go back and read more closely, or at all” Bertrand tweeted.

“I did,” Baier responded. “‘Ordered’ was not the word YOU used but that’s where pundits took it.”

Then, he quoted what she wrote: “What wasn’t routine was where the crew stopped along the way: President Trump’s Turnberry resort,” reminding her that “nowhere in the original story or coverage of it was the fact that the contract started under Obama.”

How can anyone take this woman seriously as a writer?!

She actually tried to respond, pathetically:

“1) it’s not our responsibility where pundits take something,” she tweeted, adding, “2) the congressional investigation is examining potential domestic emoluments clause violations, which obviously wouldn’t have been relevant when Obama was president. Because Obama doesn’t own Turnberry, Bret.”

What?! LOL! This is the worse defense ever of her preposterous lies.

Baier wasn’t finished.

“[Your] story wasn’t about the OTHER emoluments investigations. It was about this ‘mysterious’ rerouting- with the insinuation that it was done to prop up Trump’s Turnberry- buried in a later story- the routing started in 2015-a contract signed under Obama’s admin, Natasha.”




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