COGNITIVE DECLINE: Joe Biden’s Handlers Push Reporters Out of Hardware Store After Trying to Ask the President Questions

(Tea Party PAC) – Ever since Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, it’s become increasingly noticeable that he has a lot of cognitive issues that the radical left does not want to get out to the public. All during 2020, Biden remained in lockdown in his basement, hardly doing anything to campaign, including holding interviews and things of that nature.

Yes, he did a few, but each time he did, they were a disaster. Many times he’d forget the question he was asked or lose his train of thought. He’d go on incoherent ramblings and slur his words together. And things have only become more obvious since he took office as the president.

For example, Biden recently forgot the name of his own Defense Secretary and the name of the Pentagon during a speech. He also once wondered out loud, “what the hell am I doing here?” As if he just woke up from a long nap and had no idea how he had gotten to be in front of a podium.

Then there’s the fact that Biden has not conducted a press conference with a Q&A session since taking office almost 50 days ago. There’s also not been any word on a state of the union address.

According to Big League Politics, Biden recently paid a visit to W.S. Jenks & Son hardware store located just outside D.C. where he planned to give a few remarks.

The president spoke with the owners of the establishment concerning the Paycheck Protection Program, which is an emergency fund that W.S. Jenks & Son applied for and received in February due to having less than 20 employees. This funding helped provide the store with the funds needed to allow high-risk individuals to stay home during the COVID pandemic while still receiving a paycheck.

Not long after Biden delivered his remarks, reporters who were on site at the store’s location tried to ask him some questions, but they were quickly driven out of the store by Biden’s handlers. You can hear them in the video posted below talking over reporters saying, “We’re gonna move out, thank you!” and “Let’s go, you guys. Come on. Thank you guys.”

Why are his handlers so desperate to drastically limit his interactions with the general public? Could it be they are attempting to hide the fact that he’s in cognitive decline from the people who voted for him? This is certainly a possibility. That’s a rather terrifying thought, right?

The man in charge of the nuclear football could be mentally compromised. Yikes.

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  1. The whole situation is a hoax and Americans know this. Biden is a puppet and Dems ignorance of America’s wishes are completely ignored. I do not know how much more will be tolerated but know it is the worst I have seen. We are not socialists, should not let feds decide elections, stop the illegal immigration policies, build decent schools for blacks, we are doing the opposite. Do you really think Marxists should be running this country?

  2. It was never about Biden ! He was just the known name. It has always been about Harris. The Democrats want it historically on record that the first black male president and,
    soon, first ‘black’ female president were democrats. They are convinced that this statement will overshadow the fact that both were little more than mouthpieces for an extreme socialist agenda the Democrats are hoping for the country.


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