President Trump Briefed On Iran Missile Attacks; Here’s What He’s Been Doing Since The News Broke

(Tea Party PAC) – Last night, Iranian missiles rained down on several US targets in an attempt to strike back at America for taking out Gen. Qassem Soleimani, one of the world’s most well known and infamous terrorists. There are attack was largely unsuccessful, but this is surely not something the U.S. will just let pass.

After all, attacks on American citizens is what prompted the hit on Soleimani in the first place. Actionable intelligence laid out the plan that was to be carried out by the general, thus prompting a preemptive strike to stop those attacks. Since the country of Iran took this course of action, you can guarantee they aren’t going to like our response.

President Trump was briefed on the attacks shortly after they occured and has been conferring with his national security team to come up with a proper and appropriate response to this attack.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

President Trump has been briefed on the missile attacks on US facilities in Iraq, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed Tuesday evening.

GRISHAM: “We are aware of the reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq. The President has been briefed and is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with his national security team.”

TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported that a journalist from Iran’s Tasmin News Agnecy posted a photo of a missile launch with the translated caption, “Urgent /// Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim begins to avenge the firing of Iranian ballistic missiles at the Iraqi base in Iraq, which is home to US forces.”

Fox’s Jennifer Griffin reports missiles launched by Iran at US all over Iraq.

“From senior US military source in Iraq: “Under missile attack from Iran. These are either cruise missiles or short range ballistic missiles. All over the country.”…I am told from US official these are short range ballistic or cruise missiles being fired from Iranian territory at multiple US bases and targets inside Iraq.

Iranians were heard shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” as the missiles were fired off.

Voice of America reported that 30 missiles were fired at Al-Assad US air base. Cruise or short range missiles.

President Trump warned Iran that he has 52 targets if Iran were to strike any American or American target.

We are on standby to see what President Trump will do in response to the missile attacks from Iran.

When you come after our people, you’re essentially inviting the wrath of our mighty nation down on your own head. It’s about time to let Iran know where they sit on the food chain as it were. And let’s just say they aren’t exactly near the top. Or anywhere even close.

Iran has been a thorn in the flesh for the United States, Israel, and other countries around the world for many, many years. This confrontation has been building for a long time, and it’s a fight that Iran is going to regret picking.

Here’s to hoping that this is a quick ordeal.



  1. Get rid of the problem. It’s that simple. This is all because of obama. Send him to Iran to live where he started all this problem.

  2. Keep up with the CRIPPLING sanctions. This will continue to cause great civil unrest and maybe REGIME change. The GREAT citizens of Iran deserve better than this. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. For years the United States of America has been Kissinger everyone’s ass, too afraid to do anything except give money. Iran wouldn’t have the misled that have and war equipment if not for dear old Obama. I feel this was a pre-planned move on his part. How was he able to buy an 18 million dollar house when all he had was 895,000 going into the office. He gets paid 400,000 a year, that’s 3.2 million. I believe he received kickback money for this deal. Probably received money for SOROS and Ukraine like the rest. We definitely need to get rid of Pelosi. They could assassinate the president right in front and say we didn’t like his hair and she would say you have the right to. She definitely needs to be removed for treason. This is not acceptable what she is doing. I think she plans on running for office, or Adam, but guess what? We don’t want you. We want you removed. It’s funny watching videos of people calling her and she smiles and goes to them then they call her out. Funny. But it’s a disgrace when she says she prays and God Bless us. She doesn’t know anything about being a Christian. Her views are more like her buddies the squad than that of a good Christian. Stop using God when you don’t really mean it. It’s not what we want to hear. We demand that you show respect for any POTUS in office. Stop siding with terrorist. You all said what Obama did was great when he asassinated Osamma Bin Laden. What a disgrace the democrats are and have gotten out of control. Concentrate on the nations concerns and your own state instead of these shams of impeachment. We the people are tired of paying for nothing. If you impeach him the go back and strip the title from the last 3 presidents too. The house does not have executive power lik they think. Now they’re trying to amend the constitution for them to have the power. Folks, if this happens our world has officially imploded!

  4. Easy way to stop this nonsense is for the U.S. to put an $80 million dollar bounty on Koumeni’s head and see how long he lasts.

  5. Bob. Would you rather have had Trump do nothing after our embassy was attacked? (would really love to know what you would have done it you were President). To do nothing would have had us look weak. Weak certainly described obama but definately not Trump.
    Please post your plan of attack after the Baghdad attack. Bet you wont. All Trump haters do is complain but never have a solution.

  6. Thank God the loony left didn’t know about this plan…..and it’s ok for Bathhouse to do it without congress…this is not war people!!!….vote these loons out of office!….MAGA 2020!!!!!

  7. Iran 🇮🇷 should be nuked out of existence as a nation, and whatever remains of it should be opened as a tourist attraction for those curious enough to witness what happens to ANY third-world shithole who thinks it’s big enough and bad enough to screw around with Uncle Sam!

  8. The first thing we need to do is get rid of Nancy Pelosi. I believe she is more a thorn in the side of America than Iran. The second target is Iran, this little stink hole nation needs to be destroyed. There is no reason our nation has to submit to blackmail. Get rid of the low lying left and make America great again!

  9. The response should be at Iranian offensive positions. Human casualties should be kept to a minimum, especially civilian. The goal should be to cripple Iran’s ability to strike us. If another military leader can be eliminated that would send a powerful message also.

  10. The sooner the Senate finally does their job and removes our warmongering traitor-in-chief from office, the better America will be.

    • Bobby Boy…….What you want was done in 2016 by the people. Have you been hiding in mommy’s basement again ?… Air Force veteran.

    • You’re just showing how a one-brain-celled THING reacts, what with an IQ within several point of MINUS 101, you are nada but a MORONIC IMBECILE, eh ?

  11. AMERICA FIRST; Thanks Mr. President for your undying efforts to not only making America great again but keeping AMERICA safe.
    In the history of politics, there hasn’t been a such a corrupt Congress. And in all that they are putting you AND AMERICA through is just shameful and criminal .
    Please keep yourself safe and guarded, for you are surrounded by our ENIMIES.✝️🙏

  12. It’s about time Iran for the first time in four decades learn that their will be true consequences for conducting day to day prox war like planning and organizing behaviors can go seriously awry. Moreover it really does not even surprise me that the Iranian government even verbally admitted shamelessly that they did not even need the excuse of a proxy war agent that they commonly used in the past and that they were taking full credit for the missile attack.

    Additionally, the Iranian supreme political leadership regime apparently wants and needs to show even more political leadership strength and resolve by continuing the highly effective and country wide crippling ongoing economic sanctions that have been levied on Iran internationally;

    even though it has led to Iranian countryman literally rising up in civil protest that has resulted in thousands of Iranian citizens being openly killed and/or assassinated to be made an example to others.


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