President Trump Comes Out Swinging Against Unconstitutional Impeachment Proceedings; Here’s What He’s Threatening To Do

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is not the kind of man you want to pick a fight with, because like any true red blooded male, he’s going to fight like hell, and given this whole milquetoast kind of generation that exists right now, those who oppose him end up melting like the snowflakes they are.

A great example of this is how President Trump continues to fire back against Democrats in the government who are doing their best to ensure he is impeached, practically launching a coup against him to get him booted from the Oval Office.

Check out what the president has threatened to do that should have Democrats quaking in their loafers.

Via Gateway Pundit:

President Trump landed in London on Monday evening for meetings with NATO this week.

President Donald Trump dropped a bomb upon arrival.

Trump threatened to go to the US Supreme Court to stop the unconstitutional impeachment proceedings!

President Trump: Just landed in the United Kingdom, heading to London for NATO meetings tomorrow. Prior to landing I read the Republicans Report on the Impeachment Hoax. Great job! Radical Left has NO CASE. Read the Transcripts. Shouldn’t even be allowed. Can we go to Supreme Court to stop?

President Donald Trump is right.

The Democrat Impeachment process is Unconstitutional:

** President has no due process

** President has no right to confront the witnesses

** President has no right to bring forward witnesses

** President has not been convicted or indicted of any crime of any kind

** Rep. Adam Schiff made himself the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge and jury

** Rep. Nadler will take over and declare himself the lead investigator, prosecutor, the judge and jury

** Rep. Schiff determined which questions could be asked

** Rep. Schiff determined which questions could be answered

** Rep. Schiff denied Republicans their right to call witnesses

** Rep. Schiff is withholding evidence — The ICIG interview and testimony

** Rep. Schiff refuses to call in the alleged whistleblower to testify

** President Trump has NO IDEA who he is being accused by!

** The whistleblower has NO firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s phone call

** Democrats are trying to prosecute impeachment for a thought crime and the president’s “intent” — Something impossible to prove

What, exactly, does the left hope to accomplish with this concerted effort against President Trump? There’s a lot they’re aiming to get done with this coup, none of it is any good for the American people.

One thing that cannot be ignored is the kind of message this impeachment sends to the flyover states in the country. Democrats are essentially saying that the people of the midwest should not have a say in who governs their country, because if they — the left — don’t like them, they’ll simply find a way to boot them from office and install leaders of their choosing. It’s the end of our republic as we know it.

Secondly, the Democratic Party’ panties are still in a bunch over Trump thumping Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, so getting him ousted is a form of revenge for him daring to take on their golden girl and beating the pants off her. It’s petty as all get out, but isn’t that word pretty much a perfect summary of what Democrats are all about?

Thirdly, they know there’s little chance they can defeat Trump in the 2020 election, so they think removing him from office increases their chances of success when it comes to taking back the White House. They have no idea this whole impeachment nonsense is backfiring on them horribly and is only turning more and more folks over to Trump’s side.



  1. When Trump the blow hard speaks his statements about any thing, normally it is to benefit Trump in some way, like the huge tax cut he gave himself while giving the ordinary people a small tax reduction, Trump 20% cut average American 6% tax cut.
    Trump is all about Trump, and nothing more.

  2. I think the Democrats are a bunch of cry babies fighting for all the toys! They need to be held accountable for their actions of false lies and accusations! And their not letting the Republicans testify for President Trump is totally unacceptable!!! If they were on trial they would want their due process. Which is what they are denying President Trump!!! They’re wasting our taxpayers money when there are more important things that they need to be doing for the American people! Which I’m beginning to think they could care less about! Get rid of the trash in Congress so President Trump can finish making America great again!!!! It’s time to clean the swamp again!!!!

    • I don’t think the Dems are pursuing impeachment with the hope of getting the president booted from office. They are simply planting the “I” word in voters heads in the vain hope that they won’t vote for somebody who has (gasp) been “impeached”.

      An aside from the article: “…so getting him ousted is a form of revenge for him daring to take on their golden girl and beating the pants off her.” Beating the pants off her? Ugh. What an ugly metaphor.

  3. Like Nike said…*Just-Do-It* POTUS Trump!! And make sure Mr. Sh*t , piglosi, nadler and the rest of those CORRUPT DemonRats face legal charges for this “circus” and complete waste of Tax Payer’s $$$!!

    • They can’t cite any high crimes and misdemeanors as envisioned by the framers. They can’t even come up with a modern day misdemeanor such as jay walking. Their sham is a waste of taxpayer resources and they need to be held accountable. Unfortunately, the only current way to remove them is for the voters to vote them out and that won’t happen in enough cases. We must convince our state legislators to vote in favor of an Article V Convention of the States to, among other things, enact term limits. I highly recommend Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments”. The book contains a great roadmap for ways to strengthen the Constitution.

  4. I am Hispanic and I use to be Democrat. Use to be! I am a Trump supporter and will never vote for a socialist. I am talking to other minorities to open their eyes to truth. I pray for my President everyday.

  5. When President Trump is re-elected, his administration and DOJ need to prosecute, convict, imprison ALL of the democrats and followers who have perpetrated the hoax, lies and treasonous conduct against Trump and his administration. And some should be executed. The dems should have never been allowed to divide this nation. They have abused the founding fathers Intent.

  6. I believe the Democratic Party should realize Hillary Clinton conceded before the election was over, because she knew she was losing.

    President Donald Trump is doing what he promised the American people he would do despite the democratics trying to stop him on everything he does.

    Our President is making this a better country and the Democratic Party knows they have never been able to do the things President Trump has accomplished, even though they have all promised us they would.

    If they would stop interfering and do what they were elected to do thing would be better for all of America. Check your own district and start helping the people there and stop wasting taxpayers money on Bellyaching about Hillary Clinton and trying to get revenge.

    Remember all politicians are elected by the people to serve the people, not to fuss and fight like preschoolers.

  7. I hope Trump does everything he is able to do.. I hope he starts investigations into Shifty Schiff, Fancy Nancy and that blob Nadler. These are horrible people, really horrible. Communists, each one of them and the thought of them in government is sickening and scary. God help us if Trump gets removed. God Help Us.!

  8. Great analysis of what the Dims are up to. I am nearly 80 and in my lifetime no President has done more to help our country that President Trump. I will work to see him re-election.

  9. The world has gone mad! It started with the House Democrats and has infiltrated the UK with the NATO meeting. It is obvious the members of NATO are upset because President Donald J. Trump has embarrassed them into paying their decades old dues and some have, others are relying on the USA to pay for any war that might happen, but with President Trump those countries might just have a rude awaking in case their country was engaged, such as MEXICO or FRANCE, or GERMANY, ad infinitum.

    Research to see how many lies have been told by the Media or the Democrat party in the past 4 years about President Donald J. Trump, his family and associates.

    He will win in 2020 and the lies, fake news, and democrats will go on and on perhaps destroying this nation with their pervasive, unadulterated, all consuming, raw HATRED!

  10. This is America, not Schiff country. He has to pull back, apologise, and walk away from his senate job. The people elected the President. It is part of his job to maintain diplomatic relations. And if the Bidens got in the mix because of cheating, we all need to know about it. Next case waiting.

    • Schiff is a congressman not a senator and has a strong challenger running against him out in his district. Look her up and support her is best way to kick shifty out.

  11. The only people interested in Schiftys book of fairy tales are the blind melons that are the base of the democratic socialist party of the United States. This will go down as the worst con job ever tried on the American public. The democrats and even the RINOS are jealous of OUR DULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, he has done more for our country, for the people, and our MEN AND WOMEN OF THE MILITARY than any other stuffed suit, democrat or republican. Even the stigma of impeachment by the poorly led house will not tarnish OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. I hope this cheap side show is over with soon and hopefully the people that got elected know how to resume their solom duty of representing us, the people who voted these stuffed suits into office

    • pelosi, nadler & shifty schiff now think they understand high crimes but cannot seem to find our WHO is Mr.Meaner is

  12. Great summary of how the lack of due process is evident. This of course is totally overlooked by libmedia opinionators pushing the hard sell on J Q Public for the Schiff/Nadler kangaroo court. Keep on beating your drum and hopefully enough intelligent people will see it for the sham it is and blow it up in the faces of those who are pushing this nonsense.

  13. The Democrat party is going nothing but digging its own grave … and doesn’t have sense enough to see it. President Trump will have a landslide vote in 2020!

  14. Adam Schiff is The whistleblower.
    Adam Schiff is the definition of a lunatic, he is insane.
    Adam Schiff ,Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Shumer are fighting for their life existence. They know it’s now or never and if they don’t destroy trunk they’re going down the drain permanently so they will do they are doing anything they can to destroy the Trump presidency and maintain power.
    The psychiatrist and mental health people need to come in and remove them from office forcefully.
    There they have pushed it to the limit to the danger zone for the people of the United States
    They should all be tried for treason and punished with due process locked up permanently

    • You’re on to something. It’s too bad the 25th Amendment only applies to presidents and not other elected “leaders”.

  15. You are the President!!!!!
    Stop these treasonous proceeding!
    Adam Schiff should be imprisoned for bringing false charges against you!
    Bible reads thou shalt not bear false witness!


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