President Trump Demolishes Democrats Over Impeachment At Rally; What The Crowd Chants In Response Is Priceless

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump recently spoke at a rally in the great state of Florida where he spoke to the people about the whole impeachment fiasco unfolding daily on the news and how the American people are seeing through the Democrats’ “bullsh-t” efforts to get him tossed from office.

This seemed to hit the crowd that showed up to the see president in just the right spot, because they all started chanting “bullsh-t” as the good folks of the audience agreed with Trump’s assessment on this whole mess.

Many polls have come out recently stating that independents and even some Democrats have had enough of the sham impeachment and want Democrats to start focusing on raising up quality candidates for office and an improved policy platform, supporting Trump’s comments from the rally.

Here’s more via Gateway Pundit:

At Trump’s Florida rally, the crowd chants “Bullshit!” after Trump rails against the impeachment hearing:

“They’re pushing that impeachment witch hunt. A lot of bad things are happening to them. You see what’s happening in the polls? Everybody said, ‘That’s really bullshit!'”

“They’re pushing that impeachment witch hunt, and a lot of bad things are happening to them,” Trump said, after referring to their efforts as a “witch hunt.” “Because you see what’s happening with the polls? Everybody said, ‘that’s really bullshit.’”

As soon as the word left the president’s mouth, the crowd went absolutely wild.

“I don’t want to go on it too long, but all I’m saying is it’s a terrible hoax,” Trump added.

The impeachment efforts has especially alienated Independents. In late October, 47.7 percent supported the charade, but support has now sunk to 41 percent.

Here’s more about the loss of support for impeachment from Democrats via Fox News:

Recent surveys indicate that even Democratic voters are losing interest in impeachment. Meanwhile, 50 percent of independents questioned in an NPR/PBS/Marist poll conducted Nov. 11-15 did not support impeaching and removing Trump from office, with just 42 percent backing such a move. That’s a noticeable dip in support compared with the previous NPR/PBS/Marist poll – conducted the first week in October – when support stood at 45 percent.

And, a Gallup poll conducted the first two weeks of November indicated that 45 percent of independent voters supported impeaching and removing the president – with 53 percent opposing the move. That’s a switch from October, when the previous Gallup survey put the split at 53-44 percent.

Republicans could also use a Senate trial to turn the tables and damage Democrats politically, should the House vote to impeach. With more witnesses testifying, more soundbites would likely emerge to help Republicans and the Trump campaign argue that the impeachment was politically motivated theater, long in the works and foreshadowed openly by Democrats for months, if not years.

The Washington Examiner noted that in a radio interview Oct. 4, before support for impeachment fell sharply, Lawrence was far more supportive of the proceedings against the president.

“I feel strongly that for my legacy, for my time in history, sitting here at this table with an oath of office to protect this country, to protect the democracy of the United States of America, I cannot sit silent, that I must move forward with [impeachment] because this is egregious,” Lawrence said in October.

The House is now comprised of 431 members, meaning Democrats need 217 yeas to impeach Trump. There are currently 233 Democrats, so Democrats can only lose 16 of their own and still impeach the president. 31 House Democrats represent more moderate districts that Trump carried in 2016.

As you can see, the Democrats are definitely losing support for their impeachment efforts, a sure sign that this whole thing is going to end up blowing up in their faces come next year when the election comes to a head.

They are all but guaranteeing a second term for the president.



  1. Facts still matter and as far as the President goes, if he believes so much in the Constitution, then why does he not hold up his “OATH OF OFFICE” Which basically Uphold and Defend, not try to use it for Personal Gain. Knowledge is gained by Facts not Conjecture or Rhetoric, which he’s full of. Check his promises, to YOU! He is Licentiousness Incarnate-Someday you’ll Understand! Why this Country was Founded and Appreciate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Democrats don’t believe in the U.S. Constitution. They will destroy the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution the first chance they get. Dems use the Constitution to their advantage to push their socialist communist agenda. AMERICA is better and greater under president Donald Trump. Obama and his radical friends in Congress destroyed the USA. Trump 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT

  2. I’m curious about how people here view Giuliani. Does he have information that could hurt President Trump? If yes, would he turn on President Trump the way Michael Cohen did?

  3. Trump 2020!
    Dems are demons …. When trump ran last year he had a bunch of pastors pray and lay hands on him. Since then the dems have fiercely attack him non stop, he has the lord on his side. Trump is no way perfect as a master of fact not one of can throw stones.. I was always told the more I do the lords will the harder I will be attract by demonic forces. I love the fact he fights back and does not bow to this evil that’s trying to tear our country apart. The truth will come out and we will see the victory if that is Gods Will

  4. Every day I run into people out on the street who are very angry & fed up with the Democratic Party, and this is in dark blue South Texas! Their fate is pretty much sealed no matter who they come up with as their nominee. They know it and are getting desperate. Yeah, New York & California will vote for monkeys as long as they’re Democrat.

  5. A Bloomberg run for the Democratic nomination for president will fail, no doubt. President Trump is a Great American Patriot. He believes in the U.S. Constitution and made America Great Again and is now keeping America Great. Bloomberg as president would be a total disaster for our great nation. Bloomberg the dictator would destroy the Second Amendment and take away our American way of life and transform America into a European -style socialist police state. We patriots stand with president Trump all the way to the 2020 General Election and beyond. Thank you president Trump for making America Great Again!!!!!

  6. Yes I believe this whole impeachment thing is going to help Trump. However with Bloomberg in the race now I believe Bloomberg could win the nomination in the Democratic primary. Then go on to beat Trump in the general election. I vote Bloomberg if he wins the Democratic nomination. I am from NYC he Bloomberg was a great 3 term Mayor. He Bloomberg is low key and not a big mouth like Trump.

    • Bloomberg wants to kill babies after they’re born. Screw that. He also wants to take my guns, so I can’t protect myself from criminals. He wants to make sure people pay more in taxes. You want to vote for him, be my guest. I want the gov’t to stay out of my biz, not get further into it. It’s all B.S. I don’t know about any of you, but anyone that thinks it’s ok to kill a live baby or rip one’s ability away to live safely, is not on my friend list.

    • I see, so now we should vote personality rather than what’s actually best for the WHOLE country. Being in NYC, you already have an extremely high cost-of-living and homeless rate. You already can’t freely exercise your God-given right to effectively protect yourself or your loved ones from violent criminals. Apparently that’s what you’d wish upon the rest of America.

      If ANY Democrat wins as POTUS in 2020, the stock market will drop significantly. Our economy will falter dangerously, causing millions of people to lose huge amounts from their IRAs and 401Ks, but hey, why should that bother you, right?

      Have some more kool-aid and vote how you “feel”.


  7. Unlike obama’s fake audiences ,President Trump actually has true patriotic Americans support his agenda and it shows . The democrats cannot compete…period.


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