President Trump Gets Good News After Supreme Court Does This To Subpoena Of Tax Returns

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is being bushwhacked by liberal Democrats on pretty much every front you can think of, in what has amounted to a nearly constant assault against his presidency. The left first accused him of colluding with Russia, then with obstruction, now they’re trying to impeach him over a “quid pro quo,” and as if that’s not enough, they’re targeting his financial records too.

The reality here is that it ain’t easy being Donald Trump, especially as he sits in the White House. However, it looks like on the tax record front he’s actually getting a little bit of good news. Apparently, the Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a House subpoena of the president’s tax records.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The Supremes issued a temporary stay of an appeals court ruling that previously granted House Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Committee access to President Trump’s financial records — a move that was expected by the Supreme Court pending their review.

The House has until Thursday to respond, according to the stay signed by Roberts, however the Democrats said they would respond by Friday, reported CNBC.

In a separate case involving Trump’s tax returns, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in early October upheld a subpoena for Trump’s financial records to his accounting firm, Mazars USA.

President Trump’s lawyers hit back and filed an emergency appeal — a federal judge granted the president a stay and the case got bounced back to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

“We have filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn the Second Circuit decision regarding a subpoena issued by the New York County District Attorney,” Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow wrote. “The Second Circuit decision is wrong and should be reversed.”

To be clear, the President is fighting two separate efforts to obtain his tax returns. One brought by House Democrats and the other by Manhattan DA Cy Vance and Jay Sekulow has vowed to take both cases to the Supreme Court.

The temporary stay ordered by Chief Justice Roberts on Monday was in response to the House subpoena — the other case brought by Cy Vance is still pending.

The Constitution does not require that a presidential candidate or a sitting US president release their tax returns, however the Democrats have been gunning for the tax docs to continue their witch hunt against Trump.

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, it will make history as the first time a president’s financial dealings made their way to the highest court — if the Supreme Court declines to hear the case, then Trump will likely be forced to disclose his tax returns.

How can you look at the whole Russia probe, impeachment inquiry, and the desperate fight from the left to gain access to these financial records and not see the efforts against President Trump are a total witch hunt?

This man is being targeted like no other leader in our nation’s history. And for what? Because he’s upset the plan held by the modern Democratic Party to fundamentally transform America. He beat their golden goose, Hillary Clinton, and they are royally ticked off about it.

It’s sad to see this is what our country has become. Democrats are willing to shred the voices of millions of American citizens who voted for Trump, to show us who’s really “the boss,” and get their own way.

It’s truly disturbing.



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