President Trump Makes Huge Announcement About Possible Treatment For Coronavirus And The Drug’s Availability

(Tea Party PAC) – The United States — along with the rest of the world — has been flipped upside down thanks to the spread of the potentially lethal and always serious COVID-19 virus, commonly refered to as the coronavirus, with people everywhere social distancing and shutting down businesses and gatherings in order to prevent the spread of the illness.

While things appear to look very bleak for the foreseeable future, President Trump recently made an announcement that is providing folks with a little bit of hope, a ray of sunshine during a cloudy, rainy day.

According to the president, a drug called Chloroquine has been shown thus far to be very successful in treating coronavirus and the drug will be made available right away for U.S. patients suffering from the disease.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

President Trump made the announcement at the daily Coronavirus press conference in the White House. The president added that chloroquine has shown, “very, very encouraging results” in treating the coronavirus!

New York Governor Cuomo has agreed to start using the drug in his state immediately!

On Monday Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, announced that the first trial vaccine for the coronavirus is now being tested. The trial taking place in Seattle, which has been a hotbed for COVID-19. The test includes 45 people age 18-55 and they are receiving two injections, one at zero days, one at 28 days. The individuals will then be followed for one year. The trial results is still months away.

A vaccine made this quickly during an outbreak is almost unheard of throughout all of history. We are living in remarkable times, folks, a blessing for which we should get down on our knees and thank God for every opportunity we get.

These individuals taking the early trials are almost like heroes, boldly going out to test this vaccine and make sure it is both safe and effective for individuals to have. A vaccine won’t completely stop the virus now or in the future, but it will greatly reduce its spread and prevent so many cases from popping up all over the place like they are now.

On Monday night Laura Ingraham reported that a new study revealed the anti-viral medication chloroquine is successful in fighting the coronavirus.

Laura invited Dr. Gregory Rigano, the co-author of the study to discuss the latest findings.

Dr. Rigano said their study found that those COVID-19 patients who took hydroxy-chloroquine were found free of the disease in 6 days. The patients were testing negative for the coronavirus in six days!

Dr. Rigano also said taking choroquine could act as a preventative.

This is fantastic news. People who are super concerned about what to do when they contract this virus can take heart knowing that there is something out there that can be used to treat this awful illness.

The only concern about this for the moment is a shortage of the medication since the demand for it is going to spike dramatically. Hopefully adjustments to production of it will be made quickly so that the supply can readily meet the demand as new cases pop up.



  1. Unfortunately President Trump spoke without first consulting the Dr that has spoken for every President since Reagan. He had to correct the remarks President Trump made. This is not a time to show how smart we think we are. This is the time to listen to those that know what they’re talking about, and are experts in their field. I voted for President Trump and am a Republican, so this is not political, just hoping he will allow the medical experts to tell us what is right without giving us different information.

  2. We should all thank the President and the people who developed this new medicine.

    And for all of you out there that thinks socialism is a good thing, this is your test run ! Don’t forget the long lines at the supermarkets, closed businesses and loss of income. They are the norm in socialist countries.

    God Bless America

  3. Trump and Cuomo made the right decision. Apparently, this protocol has been tested , with success, in China, as well as France. We’re in no position to play. Just do it.

  4. We’re praying for our Nation. We’re praying for the ramp up of the supply of this medication so it can meet the demand.

  5. why is this not being tried immediately on sick patients? A 40 person trial in France just showed complete recovery in 6 days on all participants….100% effective!

  6. Like you’d trust a stupid racist idiot to know what will work? Listen to what the doctor said and not a moron that said that nobody would die.

  7. Thank you President Trump for your courage, Chloroquine work I used in Africa since the early 60’s and now I am an old men and used for arthritis

  8. Yes, it is amazing how quickly and efficiently this administration has addressed this catastrophe. Our thanks should be directed to the doctors and nurses who continue to go to work and risk their health.
    I am very glad that we have Donald J Trump running the show instead of the last clown and his sidekick.


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