President Trump Mocks Pelosi’s ‘Distracting’ Antics From SOTU; The Crowd’s Response Is Brilliant

(Tea Party PAC) – President Donald Trump might be the greatest proverbial counterpunch in the history of American politics. Whenever someone sets their sights on the commander-in-chief, they better be prepared for a battle because Trump isn’t afraid to stand up for himself in the slightest, and he’ll hit his enemies right where it hurts them the most.

Trump recently held a rally Monday evening in the state of New Hampshire where the energy levels were through the roof, a fact that should have Democrats running for president this year quaking in their boots, particularly since they’ve been unable to capture the same level of enthusiasm.

With voters headed to the polls on Tuesday, the president decided to take an opportunity at his rally to comment on the recent actions of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who shredded Trump’s speech on live television as soon as he concluded his address.

Here’s what he had to say via BizPacReview:

“On Tuesday, I delivered my address on the State of the Union and I had somebody behind me who is mumbling terribly, mumbling,” Trump said, before mimicking the behavior. Mumbling, mumbling. Very distracting.”

The lively crowd began chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

This being the chant often heard in the 2016 presidential election at Trump rallies, being directed at Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I was very distracted. I’m speaking and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me, angry, there was a little anger back there, we are the ones who should be angry. Not them. We are the ones who should be angry,” Trump continued.

If anyone has a right to be angry about Pelosi’s behavior it’s the president. Unlike most individuals who have served in the office of president, Trump has been viciously attacked by not only the leftist media, but also by folks within the government, the Deep State, who want to see his administration brought to an early end by having him removed from office.

The impeachment trials, which were nothing more than an attempted coup by the Democratic Party, failed spectacularly to accomplish that goal. However, the left has made it clear they have no intention of stopping now, despite the fact this is an election year and their efforts would have been better spent crafting a platform that Americans could get behind instead of going out for revenge against Trump for something that happened four years ago.

What’s truly amazing about this current administration is all that they have managed to accomplish despite the massive Russia probe, impeachment trial, and nonstop bashing by the mainstream media. President Trump has lowered unemployment for the country in general and has also managed to drop it drastically for African-Americans.

He’s made our country safer and more prosperous, a testament to his abilities as a leader. On top of that, he’s kept the vast majority of the promises he made during his first campaign back in 2016. This man deserves another four years. Just imagine what he could probably accomplish with that time.

Video: Trump holds first rally after being acquitted in impeachment trial



  1. Pelosi wants the video’s of her tearing up the SOTUA taken down, no way, they wouldn’t be available, if she haddent made such a fool of herself, keep them available for her lifetime.

  2. Pelousi needs to go! She has been in Congress having a free ride and getting rich at taxpayers’ expense for too long. I thought that her conduct during the State of the Union address was distracting and rude. She was shuffling papers and mumbling to herself, and, when she tore up the speech, I thought that she had gone too far. Contrary to what some people think, Presidential speeches are considered government documents. So Pelousi had gone too far this time.

  3. I stand with Trump more than ever. He is the best thing that has ever happened with the presidency of this country…… The Democrats have all turned socialist, communists, and their party is quickly imploding. The candidates they have to challenge Trump in November are a bunch of jokes. All of them would bring this country down so fast and ruin all the freedoms and opportunities that we now enjoy. If you don’t vote for Trump, kiss your country goodbye. Just take a look at everything that Trump promised to do and he fulfilled the promises like no other president. He could have done even more if the democrats were hell bent on impeaching him. Think people before you vote for anyone but Trump.

  4. When Stinker of the House Pelosi committed a felony by tearing up the President’s speech, an official document, she shredded her chances of remaining in her position. People offended by her bratty temper tantrum will flip the 18 seats now occupied by Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and will turn them over to sane Republicans who will work with the reelected President to keep America great.

  5. Another stupid lie, anyone watching the S of the U, could clearly see that she,Ms.Pelosi not saying a word. Fish Lips thinks he is a good actor, but he is worst than Reagan. Of course his trumpettes will swallow every last lie. Very shallow people.

    • I don’t know what SOTU you were watching, but it wasn’t the one I was watching! Peloosli was making a spectacle of herself, beginning to nip the pages of Trump’s speech so they would be easier for her to tear when she was ready! She should damn well be ashamed of herself! She sure showed her ass!!

  6. Perhaps we should lump Hillary in with Pelosi and the hateful twins can share a cell while awaiting execution for treason. We must be very careful, though, or there might be another round of “accidental” “suicides” by double taps to the back of the head.

  7. “He’s made our country safer and more prosperous, a testament to his abilities as a leader. On top of that, he’s kept the vast majority of the promises he made during his first campaign back in 2016. This man deserves another four years. Just imagine what he could probably accomplish with that time.”. If i want to convince people he did in fact do these things, i need facts to back it up. Anyone have any direct facts for me to share??

    • Unless you are on Government assistance i.e a “Moocher” all you need to do is look at your IRA, the unemployment rate, criminal justice reform, lowering the trade deficit ( which the snowflakes by shopping at Walmart ballooned like welfare queen’s ass), the rate of immigration , the defense of the Right to Life of the unborn, Defense of your right to self defense aka Second Amendment of THE CONSTITUTION, your right to use air travel in cramped space in planes (vs private jets like your idols) , fight to reform the state of Education which is so corrupt and keeps churning idiots and malcontents by the millions, and so on and on…..Just think of any issue and Trump is fighting to “Detransform” the country from the carnage and division the twerp Obama managed to achieve. If you are WHITE person, you better think twice who you are backing. Or you will be the new slave kissing DIVERSE ass.


      1) He got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

      2) The stock market is at an all-time high.

      3) Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.

      4) He created millions of jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations.

      5) Mortgage applications for new homes is at a 7 year high.

      6) Unemployment rate is at a 50 year low.

      7) Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act.

      8) Gutted over 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again.

      9) Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine for coal mining to open that will mine clean coal. He also put the miners back to work.

      10) Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations.

      11) Promotes buying and hiring American.

      12) Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel and others will build here now.

      13) Building the border wall as promised.

      14) Fighting against sanctuary cities.

      15) Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS.

      16) Drafted a plan to defeat ISIS.

      17) Worked to reduce the cost of the F-35 fighter jets.

      18) Imposed a five year lobbying plan.

      19) Sanctioned Iran over its’ missile program.

      20) Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

      21) Reduced tax reform plan.

      22) Renegotiated NAFTA and replaced with the USMCA.

      23) He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here.

      24) He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords thus saving us millions of dollars every year.

      25) Created a task force to reduce crime.

      26) The DOJ is targeting dangerous gangs like MS-13.

      27) Signed independence and economic growth law.

      28) Signed an executive order to protect police officers and target drug cartels.

      29) Signed an executive order for religious freedom.

      30) His administration is working on sending education back to the states.

      31) He’s fixing the dept. of Veterans affairs so now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistle blowers and allows VA to terminate bad employees.

      32) Authorized construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming the environment.

      33) Created commissions on election fraud and opioid

      34) Food stamp use is the lowest level in decades along with government dependency.

      35) Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

      36) Has donated his Presidential salary to various causes.

      37) Signed over 52 pieces of legislation.

      38) Cut 600 billion from UN peacekeeping mission.

      39) Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years.

      40) Making NATO allies pay billions of their fair share of dues owed.

      41) Signed Criminal Justice Reform, “First Step Act”.”

      clueless and classless, spent eight years ricocheting from one debacle to another, indecisive, ineffective, incompetent. Long on promises and short on fulfillment, he accumulated a long list of failures.

      To cite just a few of his many broken promises; immigration reform, reducing America’s oil consumption, closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, creating a cap and trade system to combat global warming, increase the minimum wage and index it to inflation, double US exports, create 1 million new manufacturing jobs, establish a national low carbon fuel standard, reduce everyone’s health care cost by $2,500 per year and, of course, bring congressional Republicans and Democrats together to pass an agenda satisfactory to all. His only so-called achievement, Obamacare, is such an unmitigated failure virtually every Democrat presidential candidate wants it scrapped and replaced.


      Speaker Pelosi is the same person who said, “We have to pass [Obamacare] so that you can find out what’s in it,” it’s fair to ask a simple question: Did she bother to read the Ukraine transcript, either?

  8. Apparently this woman does not realize the the not only the US but the entire world if laughing and making fun of her and her silly actions. They are saying she is stupid and ignorant and is to stupid to realize it. May in November she will wake up and see just how ignorant she really is and has been for a few years with her little childish actions. Quite unlike a person of quality and poise.

  9. Pinocchio Pelosi has spent almost 1/20 th of her lifetime trying to destroy & tuin DJT. WOW, anyone else out there think that this HASN’T been very productive for the country?


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