President Trump Slams “Dummy” Joe Biden’s Son’s Relationship With China

(Tea Party PAC) – On Tuesday, President Donald Trump slammed former Vice President Joe Biden as a “dummy” for his lenient stance towards communist China in their economic subterfuge against the US.

“Joe Biden thought China was not a competitor of ours. Joe Biden is a dummy,” Trump said.

He also accused the Obama-Biden White House of allowing China to drain our economy on their watch.

“China ate our country alive during Obama and Biden,” he explained.

Of course, no mention of Biden and China would be complete without addressing the Biden family’s particularly chummy relationship with the nation.

Trump addressed this financial tie, specifically referencing the investment made by the state-owned bank of China into Hunter Biden’s firm at the same time that his father was Vice President and was negotiating with China on foreign policy.


“They ate us alive and then Biden has some kind of relationship financially or his son with China?” Trump asked. “Tell me about that! Because China ate the United States economically and it’s a shame.”

POTUS made these remarks on China and Biden on his way to Iowa, where he and Biden would both hold rallies.

Guess whose was bigger? LOL!

Trump’s doing more than just talk about the former veep and current Democratic frontrunner’s shady past with China, however.

He’s called for the ties to be investigated.

We reported:

The President is calling for former Vice President Joe Biden to be investigated based on revelations from a conservative author into the millions of dollars Hunter Biden received from the Chinese government following a dubious business deal.

“One-hundred percent. It’s a disgrace. And then he says China’s not a competitor of ours. China is a massive competitor of ours. They want to take over the world,” the president told Steve Hilton during an exclusive interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution.”

In his 2018 book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends,” author Peter Schweizer claimed that Hunter was benefitting while then-Vice President Biden negotiated with China.

“The vice president is negotiating a bunch of very sensitive issues with the Chinese, including the South China Sea, trade, tech transfer, etc. Shortly after they return to the US, Hunter Biden’s firm receives a $1 billion private equity deal from the Chinese government We have no way of knowing how much Rosemont made on the deal because there are no disclosure requirements,” he wrote.

Biden and his associates have denied Schweizer’s account, accusing him of writing politically motivated hit pieces.