President Trump Thinks Michael Flynn Has Hired “Great Lawyer” In Sidney Powell

(Tea Party PAC) – On Wednesday, the story broke that General Michael Flynn had hired famed DOJ corruption critic Sidney Powell as his lawyer.

Last week, Flynn fired his previous legal team abruptly.

Sara Carter reported:

Embattled Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired well known defense attorney Sidney Powell to represent him before his sentencing hearing in Washington D.C.’s federal court. Flynn, who fired his attorneys last week, will still fully cooperate with the government in all cases pending, Powell told

Flynn’s former legal counsel Robert Kelner and Stephen Anthony offered no explanation for their abrupt dismissal telling they “decline to comment.”

“He is and will continue to cooperate with the government in all aspects,” Powell told “He and his family truly appreciate all the cards and letters of support from countless people and the contributions to the defense fund which are even more important now.”

Powell noted that Flynn’s case file, “is massive” and “it will take me at least 90 days to review it.”

Kelner and Anthony submitted a two-page motion last week to the federal judge. Flynn’s sentencing will be based on his 2017 guilty plea to special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors for one count of lying to the FBI.

Well, it seems that President Trump thinks that Sidney Powell was a wise choice for the embattled Flynn.

Powell later thanked the President for his kind words.

In a recent interview with the Epoch Times, Powell, a former federal prosecutor and longtime critic of the ruthless Mueller witch hunt, blased the two-tiered judicial system in which Flynn was set up and prosecuted while dirty crooks like disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok is not.

“As least as a federal prosecutor for 10 years under nine different U.S. attorneys in three districts across the country, I was taught, and I taught others, that if you don’t have a solid case, don’t turn somebody’s life upside down and literally ruin their lives and that of their families just because you want to try to notch your belt with somebody’s scalp or get your name in the newspaper or whatever,” Powell said.

“It couldn’t have been more divisive,” Powell said of Mueller’s press conference. “He’s even going to be dividing lawyers now. I mean, I’m sure there’s some lawyers that despise this president so badly, and I don’t understand why. I mean, I get that people disagree with some of the policies, but I mean, really, the law is supposed to be the law regardless of who’s in office. And what we’ve witnessed in the last, I don’t know, 15, 20 years, and it’s an extraordinary rise of double standards where people who are Democrats are given passes on clear offenses, and Republicans are literally targeted and prosecuted and their lives destroyed on things that are even made up.”

Powell said Mueller knew was no conspiracy even before he started to investigate. She went on to say that Americans just want the unvarnished truth and just “let the chips fall where they may.” Until that happens, Powell said, no one in the country can have faith in the DOJ or FBI.

“He shouldn’t have been appointed in the first place. There should never have been a special counsel appointed. The president had every right to fire James Comey. To launch an obstruction of justice investigation over that was absurd. And I think Mr. Mueller knew before he started the job that there was no collusion. I don’t see how he could not have known that when Andrew Weissmann, his head henchman, was running the back channel with Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele between the FBI and the Department of Justice on the bogus Steele dossier,” Powell said.

“You know, most Americans just want the truth, whatever it is, the unvarnished truth,” Powell said. “Let the chips fall where they may, fire the people that need to be fired, hold them accountable, and let’s start over. But until we know exactly what happened and who’s responsible for it, no one in this country can have any faith or trust in the Department of Justice or the FBI. And these are two of what should be the most stellar institutions in the country. I love the Department of Justice and the FBI. I wrote that book. Even the judges I criticize, I love those judges. And that’s why I wrote it. Because if you care about something, you want to make it better and you want it to be the best it can possibly be. It can’t be that way if it’s not honest.”