President Trump Tweets Message To Supporters From POTUS Account, So Twitter Immediately Does This

(Tea Party PAC) – The folks over at Twitter must apparently have nothing better to do with their time than monitor every single move made by President Trump.

President Trump, as you all know, is the duly elected sitting President of the United States of America but Twitter has absolutely no care or concern for that little detail. They also don’t care about all the tens of millions of people who voted for him.

As a matter of fact, not only do they not care about you or any of the other 75 million Americans who support the President, they hate you. They hate us all and they’re doing everything they can to make sure we know it.

After Twitter decided to permanently ban President Trump’s account, he tweeted out to his followers using the official twitter account of the US President @POTUS.

In the message to his supporters he warned that Twitter has been gearing up for this level of censorship for a long time and now they are working in coordination with the “Democrats and Radical Left” to remove his accounts and silence him.

He pointed out that this was also an attack on all of the 75 million Americans who voted for him.

He went on to point out that he tried to stop this from happening but the complicit swamp creatures in Washington DC gave Twitter the “gift of Section 230” which protects them and all of their tyrannical behavior.

Trump said that Twitter “would not exist for long” if the spineless politicians in Congress actually did the right thing and struck this protection down like he had requested.

Trump went on to say that “We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future.”

Though he has not set up an account on Parler yet that has become the most popular site among conservatives since it blew up after the election.

Now Google has removed Parler from their app Play Store and Apple is threatening to do the same.

President Trump continued own though and vowed that “We will not be SILENCED!” before lambasting Twitter for their obvious and egregious attitude towards free speech and their clear alignment with the radical left.

He also slammed them for their double standards and hypocrisy and pointed out how they’ve allowed some of “the most vicious people in the world” to speak freely.

Let’s not forget that Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been using Twitter without incident to organize actual riots and violent demonstrations against American cities and communities since May of 2020.

Democrats have been using Twitter to show open and public support of this violence and chaos and some have most definitely, without a doubt encouraged it.

Twitter’s bias has become so obvious it’s truly just insulting that they refuse to just come out and say they are banning dissidents of the left.

What’s even more shocking are reports that Twitter employees, who are around 75% foreign born, have signed a letter calling for President Trump’s permanent removal from the site.

Now he has been removed. Just goes to show the voice of the American people is quickly becoming second to that of foreigners.

This censorship is only just the beginning. Big Tech has literally convinced millions of brainwashed liberal Americans that conservatives actually pose them a threat and that the only “safe” thing to do is censor and shut us down.

The most troubling and disturbing part is how many Americans are gleefully and ignorantly going right along with it all.

This is a sad time for America.

Copyright 2020.


  1. In 1917, Lenin formed a committee and sent them to America to destroy America’s morals, because, as he said, we cannot destroy America militarily until we first destroy their morals. The committee was made up of Mafia members, who had been trained how to control the people through the press. Actually, starting with Lenin, the Mafia actually took control of Russia, and have been running things there ever since. They came and immediately established a newspaper, so that they could do what they had been sent to do about America’s morals. Senator MacArthur recognized them as Communists. He publicly attempted to expose them, but with their newspapers, they laughed him to scorn. they got all America laughing at him. This committee gradually spread abroad and took over more and more newspapers and other media outlets. They have also been at work destroying America’s morals by taking God out of the text books, belittling the founders of the United States so our youth will not be proud of America, tearing down our statues of patriots and famous politicians, and now they are controlling gangs. They have given the order to at least one gang to not let anyone into the gang until he has successfully burned something of significance down. Before this order, we had only about 3 or 4 fires a year from natural causes. The first year of their orders, there were 11 fires, a couple of years later, we had 30 fires, now we have as many as 11 major fires in one week across California, and other western states where the gang has spread. This same organization, Mafia from Russia, is still in control, and they have grown to the point that they have taken control of almost all public news media outlets. Their goal is to destroy America. They send people to instigate riots, and turn peaceful riots into violent riots. They did this with the Capital Building demonstration. As you have seen they are getting America to laugh and scoff at President Trump, just as they did to Senator MacArthur back in his day. They spew forth so much venom and hatred and false news, now they have much of the democratic party and much of America being hateful, and judgmental, and revengeful, and without morals. Now, it will take a miracle to save President Trump from the spitefulness of the mobsters. I have learned this from people who have been for a time persuaded to join the evil force, but pulled out. I have faith in miracles, but only if we all join together in prayer, including President Trump, and humbly ask for HIS blessings and rescue. Would it be possible for you to call for a day of prayer for our nation, and for the Republican Party, and for President Trump? I know that all my friends and associates would join in the prayer, and I suspect all the good people in America would also join in a united prayer. At this point, I see it as the only way to save the situation and resolve the difficulties that face the nation.

  2. Time to get off your rear ends conservatives or we will have to take their insults and punishments sitting down. Remember the teachings of our founding patriots.

  3. F Twitter and the rest of Social Media working in violation of the US law and US constitution. Now is the time for All Good Americans to rise and get rid of the leftist mob, Democrats, the MSM, social oligarchs and now a bunch of Republican (soon to be orphaned by their constituents) legislators.

  4. It’s not over til it’s over. 75 million Americans are eliminating twitter twerps. Go bankrupt big tech
    Remember the crash? Gonna happen again & leaving big tech holding their asses wondering what happened. Lol.

  5. As long as President Trump is still the President (which is another 10 days or until Biden is sworn in) he can still up end this situation! Yes I do understand the choas that would be however, I also understand the Communists will run amuck in this country. I pray he does try.

  6. Seems Like a lot of Americans can’t SEE what is going on in our country!!! We are Divided! That is OK, Foreign Immigrants can see it because they left SOCIALISM to come to a FREE COUNTRY- THEY THOUGHT? UTILL KNOW!! Americans Better WAKE UP.Four more years of OBAMA TYRANNY🙏

  7. The social media government complex must end or America will cease to exist. This IS 1984. Anyone who disagrees is just in denial. They are the reason for ALL of this and they need their servers burnt to the ground. Why we’re all not in our cars driving to Oregon, Virginia, California, where ever they are and laying siege to them I don’t know. After all, with Amazon’s threats to cut off Parlor they are proving Trump’s point and showing why they are monopoly publishers of only leftist drivel. As they suck the oxygen out of the internet they threaten everyone who uses it. Some might say they are benign but whatever they do to us they will do to you someday.

    I just got to thinking. If Apple is warning Parlor about their users using the platform to plan nefarious deeds, why aren’t they warning Facebook and Twitter about the same things? You know those platforms are how the “cancel culture”, antifa and blm operate routinely. It is their command and control network. Oh yeah, good for thee and not for me. Apple sucks. Facebook sucks. Twitter sucks. Their owners can kiss my ass!

  8. Please dump every bit of dirt you have on Biden,Hunter,Pelosi,Schumer,Hillary,Obama,McConnell,and any other Rinos. Release Durham report draft and anything else damaging to Biden administration. Give it to Wikileaks if you have too. Our freedom is at stake.

  9. 4 years of these attacks on trump. he has done more for usa than
    anyone else. seems good will always be attacked!!
    he can handle anything they want to throw at him,
    we need him for 4 more years

  10. Trump is 100% Right if anyone says anything about Trump that is a good thing they get kicked out as well so I guess I’m now going to get dump

  11. Well this goes to show you thats the lefts are trying to silence all Americans with freedom of speach. This is not constitutional. We are not a communist country nor will we ever be. Iam so tired of the lefts. We Americans need to revolt and over turn our our democracy. People are tired of being told what we can do. There sick of it.

    • Not a communist country yet? They won! The violence and chaos of the last several months has absolutely had the effect they wanted. The “insurrection”, the “coup”, the “violent overthrow” of the US government has already taken place. Violence, rioting and sedition has been occurring since 2017 when the left lost it’s “hive mind” over Queen Hillary’s political demise. Then this year, culminating in the biggest crime against America since 9/11, when Democrats made it appear that Joe Biden won the election. Now, the government has been passed to the fascist, socialist thugs who have been attempting to overthrow the government for 4 years. And their media dog soldiers will never tell you that we are now living in the Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and Roberts, four horseman of the apocalypse, oligarchy regime. RIP America

  12. Twitter and other social media are just as guilty of treason as the Democrats, RINO’s, and other deep state operatives. It’s time to show these idiots true power and stop them once and for all.

    • Don’t they say, God helps those who help themselves Francois? We need to organize a coherent powerful response to this insurrection by the leftist mob, Democrats, the MSM, social oligarchs and now a bunch of Republican (soon to be orphaned by their constituents) legislators. God will help us because we are on the right side.


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