President Trump Walks Out On The Field At College Football Championship, The Response Of The Crowd Is Awesome

(Tea Party PAC) – Being Donald Trump is a hard job, especially when the vast majority of people who have been spoon fed their worldview through the mainstream media hate you for absolutely no good reason at all. In fact, when the president shows up at a lot of events that aren’t orchestrated by him, such as a political rally, the response is usually anything but warm.

Not so for the NCAA college football championship game. President Trump walked out onto the sidelines and was greeted with thunderous applause and chants of “U-S-A!” all around.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

The Clemson University Tigers are playing the Louisiana State University Tigers for the college football championship.

The president traveled with first lady Melania Trump to the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the game.

Fans of both teams also chanted “U-S-A!” as the president and first lady arrived on the field for the National Anthem. Others shouted, “Four more years!”

When asked by ABC’s Karen Travers whom the president liked, he grinned and replied, “both.”

The president kicked off 2019 by welcoming the Clemson Tigers to the White House to celebrate their 2018 championship, feeding them a fast-food feast during the government shutdown.

In November, the president attended a game between LSU and the Alabama Crimson Tide in which the Tigers won the close game by five points.

Trump spoke about the team while campaigning in the state for Republican candidates.

“Your quarterback is fantastic, and some other players are fantastic,” Trump said about LSU quarterback Joe Burrow in a local interview. “He seems to be a real standout. He’ll be, I think he’s gonna be tremendous in the NFL.”

The president also called the LSU coach in December to congratulate him after the team won a smashing victory against the Oklahoma Sooners 63-28.

While the media wants you to believe that everyone in America simply hates the president and wants to see him impeached and removed from office, the truth is far different from the narrative they have attempted to create.

Time and time again, the left has opted to spin a story that folks across the country are on board with the progressive program, but the election of Donald Trump changed all that. The reason so many high ranking folks in the Democratic Party were upset by his victory is because it destroys the narrative that America is a liberal nation.

It isn’t. It’s a center-right country, leaning more to the right every day thanks to eight years of Barack Obama and his failed left-wing policies. This disturbs those who have infiltrated every area of society, hoping to convince a culture of something that isn’t true.

Thankfully, things are shifting, and we owe Trump a debt of gratitude for that, because without him being willing to push the envelope, to say what everyone else is too scared to say, we wouldn’t have that shift happening right now.



  1. To help the homeless I suggest that all those who think that President Trump has not been a good President should take the increase in their 401 k’s or the increase in their investment balances and give it back to the government so it can be used to help those who need it. It apparently isn’t helping them

  2. You continue to amaze Mr. Trump. Many, many people I talk to from every part of the country and world are behind you–all the way. Four more years will make the USA and the world a better place. Hold steady sir!!!

  3. Off the point of the above theme.
    Would John Kerry please explain what he did to deserve three Purple Hearts. And who was dumb enough to believe his story and hang three Purple Hearts around his neck. Purple Hearts are for true heroes Not the likes of John Kerry so go ahead John. Tell us how you did it.

  4. No Comrades, was more like everyone was asked to stand and remove hats for National Anthem, after which Dear Leader and Melania walked out. No standing ovation for sure, no deafening applause like Stalin, somebody else sang, most had their hands over hearts, but not Dear Leader. He never said a word, and his suit looked like it fit, this time.

  5. Honest, NORMAL people KNOW what President Trump is doing for our country – restoring us back to the Constitution, and our country’s greatness. To bad the liberals have such hate in their hearts that they can’t recognize it….or perhaps worse, they want America to go back onto the failure track.


  7. You’re a good man Donald J.Trump . We the real Americans believe in you and WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK JUST SO YOU KNOW !!!!!! Listening to the massive chants of 4 MORE YEARS and U S A gave me chills all over !!! A BIG THANKS TO YOU MR PRESIDENT

    • If anyone should be impeached it would be Nancy Pelosi, ShiftySchif and the Democratic Party!!! No one said anything when Obama paid Iran off. That was ok??? He should have been impeached!!! Our country is a much better place because of President Trump!!!!!

  8. What an honor to live north of the 49th parallel in Canda and see what Trump has done against all odds…long live MAGA . Trump in 2020 !

  9. Our President is a True Patriot and Loyal to America !!! He is The Real Deal !!!!!
    We Need to Rise Up and Shout About Another Trump Victory this November and
    Realize Our Freedoms are at STAKE in this Election !!! We are Clemson fans but What A Heritage to President Trump to Hear from Real People in America who Love him , respect him and will Vote Again for This Leader to Continue !!!!

  10. How close is the USA and the American people to becoming a socialist state, where only the state has the say of what rights it will grant or rescind for the people, one only has to look at the Democrat Party, and everything that they stand for, especially the expunging of many rights from our “Bill of Rights”, to see how fragile our rights have become to keep, and the control over the American people that the Democrats seek when they can expunge the belief that our Rights are unalienably endowed by our Creator GOD. This can only be done one right at a time, until the notion that the American people should be allowed any rights without the express authority, or denial, of those ruling the nation.

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