Prophet Of Doom Rob Reiner Puts Tinfoil Hat On And Demands Trump Be Removed Or Else This Will Happen

(Tea Party PAC) – It seems like the closer we get to the 2020 presidential election, the crazier the radical left in America seems to lose their ever-loving minds, slipping into a madness so deep and wacky that it’s hard to believe these folks aren’t just acting, attempting to pull off the best prank in the history of really good pranks.

Unfortunately, they’re as serious as a heart attack.

Take left-wing filmmaker Rob Reiner for example. He recently put on his sandwich board, a tinfoil hat, and started doomsday preaching about how Putin would destroy America if Trump isn’t removed from office.

You just have to see this for yourself.

Via Breitbart:

Left-wing filmmaker Rob Reiner, who hardly lets a day go by without railing against President Donald Trump, took another social media swipe at the commander in chief on Thursday by exhuming the Russiagate conspiracy theory and tying it to the current impeachment hearings unfolding on Capitol Hill.

The Hollywood director lashed out on Twitter in typically hyperbolic fashion, claiming that failure to impeach President Trump will mean that Russian President Vladimir Putin will have effectively destroyed democracy in the U.S.

“The case against Donald Trump is beyond a slam dunk,” Reiner wrote. “If he is not thrown out of office, Putin will have been successful in destroying our 243 year Democratic Experiment.”

His tweet echoes comments he made earlier this month on SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” predicting that if President Trump was not removed from office through impeachment or by losing the 2020 election, it “will be the end of 243 years of self-rule.”

Rob Reiner has been tweeting regularly about the impeachment hearings, calling for the end of the Trump presidency. Earlier this week, he claimed that President Trump and the Republican party are a “wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin.”

Trump & the GOP have become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin. There’s no other explanation for the defense of Trump Bribing Ukraine for personal political gain. Impeach & Remove.

The Misery director also tweed that President Trump is the “most corrupt President in American history.”

Rob Reiner posted a vulgar tweet last week, calling President Trump and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) “fucking liars.”

Gee, next thing you know, Reiner will be building an underground bunker in his backyard and hosting a daily conspiracy theory podcast surrounded by copious amounts of canned goods.

On second thought, we wouldn’t want to insult the preppers out there who have more common sense in their little fingers than Reiner has in his entire body.

This guy has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In fact, it’s so bad, so advanced at this point, one has to wonder if it can be cured.

Probably not.



  1. Wow. Talk about sociopaths! (The Left has cornered the market in sociopathy… what better exemplars exist than Antifa??? — they’re “compassionate” and “inclusive” and “tolerant”… unless you disagree with them. Then it’s a knife in the heart while they’re smiling at you!)

    As for Mr Reiner– Archie Bunker called his character on ALL IN THE FAMILY “meathead”– and now the term aptly describes Reiner himself. He should get together with AOC– according to whom the World should be ending soon anyhow (due to climate change!)– so he won’t have long till he’s out of his misery.

  2. There were times I thought Ron Reiner was occasionally funny…that was many years ago…now I think he has lost his f’ing mind between his paranoia about Trump and religion…he is an atheist hate monger with both of his feet planted firmly in mid-air

  3. There he goes again! I don’t think anybody I know gives a particular “damn” what Reiner or any of those other ideological freaks and other misfits out there in Hollywood, Californication think about ANYONE or ANYTHING! Whatever he says is standard Progressive projection and other gibberish, and should be treated accordingly!

    • Ah misfits and freaks. You were probably a bully all your life. I have a feeling no one respects what you say either..

  4. Who is Reiner. I guess he didn’t see the movie BAMBI. Thumper told Bambi”if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Actors give the people nothing.

  5. Archie Bunker was right, Rob is a meathead. He is proving to the world that he has mental issues. The real liars are the liberal lying media and the Democrats. As well as he. Military retiree

  6. If Trump is not Elected again we go back to the Democrat Party lying to us and stealing from us. But the main thing they will take from us is our Freedom to choose.

  7. One, why do people think he matters, he is a (to quote A.BUNKER, HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MEAT HEAD) Two, he has to be related to nervous Nancy and schifty Schiff whose ridiculous circus act has been imploded and Three, we all know that hollywood is FULL OF rob reiners and these are the most treasonistic people in the world. Stay in CA. by the way, I heard all of you wanted to leave the USA, WHAT THE HELL IS STOPPING YOU, YOU ALL HAVE SO MUCH $$$ WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? GO WITH OUR BLESSING, PLEASE!!!

  8. Killery and the demorat’s sold 20% of our uranium to Putin and Russia and fools want to blame our president for everything that the demorat’s did ! Thank the good lord for intelligent voters and PRESIDENT TRUMP !

  9. Rob is nothing more than a bad joke. This clown is in serious need of therapy…oh wait, most therapists today probably agree as most are also left leaning…

  10. Rob Reiner is Sick and Deranged–Didn’t Ovommitt say , when our economy was in the sewer , that this is the new normal ? Wasn’t it Ovommitt that When Romney said Russia was our enemy , that Romney was a joke and that Russia wanted it’s Cold War back ? When Candidate Trump said he would bring Jobs back to America ,Wasn’t it Ovommitt that said , what’s he going to do , wave a Magic wand, the jobs are not coming back! Wasn’t it Hildabeast that sold out 20% of our uranium to Russia for $145 Million to the Clinton Foundation— Get your head out of your As* that is NOT Patah you are eating

  11. Reiner has not changed since his Archie Bunker days. Pack your bags and go to Amsterdam!
    All that pot has messed up all your brain cells. RIP!!!

  12. You know like so many libs Reiner has problems expressing himself intellectually and must resort to extremely foul language. That is the sign of a LOSER!

  13. He needs to go Arkamem,the psycho prison from Batman,along with “Mumbles” Nancy, “Scarecrow “Maxine,”Two Face” Biden,”Catwoman” Elizabeth, and “The Joker” Beto

    • Rob you are a fool all the liberals in Hollywood are fools and sheep.You are mad because your bought a paid your bitch that fixed the election LOST. And you motherfuckers are madd and what to do anything to take our America President down.We the people of the REAL power will not let this happen,If you come after him….We will come after you and you will never know when,whet and how.You and the rest of the Liberal scum have been warned.From the big to the small!!!!


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