Protesters Tell Elissa Slotkin Exactly What They Think Of Her After She Announces Support For Impeaching Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the things people don’t seem to understand about the support for President Donald Trump is that the more they poke the papa bear with the stick, the more likely they are to get mauled to death by the younglings.

A very flawed and kind of weird way to put it, but it’s true. The radical left has been attacking conservatives so harshly over the last several decades and we’ve had no one to really, truly stick up for us and fight back, that folks have had enough.

Along comes Trump, a man not afraid to get his hands dirty and fight hard against the liberal media and the progressives in Congress, thus giving a voice to the voiceless.

When you attack the mouthpiece, you attack those who feel marginalized, a lesson Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin just learned the hard way after announcing she’s going to vote in favor of impeaching Trump.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Trump supporters in Michigan are angry as hell and they let vulnerable Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin know on Monday as she announced she will vote to impeach President Trump.

The full House of Representatives is expected to vote on two articles of impeachment on Wednesday.

Protesters erupted and shouted down Rep. Slotkin on Monday as she backed impeachment.

WATCH: Protesters erupt during Elissa Slotkin’s town hall after she announces her support for impeaching President Trump.

“Four more years!” Michigan voters show their support for Trump and interrupt Slotkin.

More footage of Slotkin getting shouted down — she could barely talk!

It’s good to see constituents becoming active when partisan Democrats are just voting with a party line and not based in truth or facts.

Constituents hammer democrat @RepSlotkin as she tries to explain her support for Pelosi’s impeachment scam.

Michiganders showed up today to let @ElissaSlotkin know they’re tired of her political games.

As she said it herself “it’s party before country, always.”

In signing on to Nancy’s impeachment charade she can kiss her political career goodbye in 2020! #StopTheMadness

Democrats changed the rules, stacked the hearings with second-hand and third-hand witnesses, blocked Republicans from their day of witnesses, cut off Republicans from any decisions or requested witnesses, blocked Republicans and the White House from interviewing their original “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella who is linked to Schiff, John Brennan, Susan Rice and Joe Biden.

Democrats blocked the White House from confronting their accuser, interrogating their accuser and providing witnesses – a basic right of every American citizen.

The abuse from the Judiciary Committee continued as the panel released a 169-page report in the dead of the night Monday alleging President Trump committed criminal bribery and wire fraud.

The report taunted President Trump with a prison threat and stated that the federal wire fraud statute imposes a 20 year prison sentence.

Send Slotkin to the unemployment line, Michigan!

Going after President Trump is a lot like a rapper going after Eminem in a diss track. Those of you who are pop culture savvy will know exactly what I’m talking about. A rapper who goes after Eminem usually ends up getting dissed back so badly it kills their music career. Trump does the same thing to liberal politicians who attack him.

Slotkins may have just sealed her own fate by deciding to come out against President Trump and vote in favor of impeachment. Guess these folks will never learn.



  1. Another Democrat POS who probably has been indoctrinated by far left college professors. Wasn’t she elected to do the will of her constituents? With no Democrat being able to name a specific crime that Trump committed, one would think that with all of the positive things that have happened in the last 3 years that maybe impeachment is the wrong thing for this country. Based on the partisan BS that is going on I wish we could go back in time and impeach Obama for the things he was responsible for such as Bengazi, Fast and Furious, 150 Billion to Iran and leading and orchestrating the Russian collusion investigation into Trump in a silent coup attempt

    • Democrats always vote for and elect mindless air headed twits. So stupid we should feel sorry for them but then again, I can’t feel sorry for those fools who are out to destroy the country I love and they seem to hate. I encourage them to get the hell out of our country and move to a country which doesn’t believe in freedom, liberty, and equal justice for all.

  2. The little I can comprehend of her defense of her decision indicates she has been either a direct or indirect member of the national security apparatus under both Dubyah and “Barry” Hussein Obama. If that is approximately true, there’s about a 95 to 99+ percent chance she’s already “drunk the Koolade” a la Jim Jones & sold her soul to the devil or at least incapable of thinking or acting in a situation where she would receive significant negative consequences from her party/Pelosi.

  3. It is Country Before Party and that is exactly what Ms. Slotkin said and that is how it should be when you take the oath of office. We have a chronic liar for a President and our very democracy is at stake because of his lack of knowledge of our Constitution among many areas of his lack of education in these matters. It is your right to believe his lies but it my right to unveil them and to try and help hold our country together by not be foolish enough to believe a very experienced con man. This is not his TV show and it’s time he was fired before we loose even more allies. Country before Party.

  4. Slotkin needs to be blown out of the water on election day. Maybe then she will know that the voters are in charge not Pelosi or the congress. THE PEOPLE ARE IN CHARGE. Get it Elissa?

  5. Democrats are digging their own graves and it will show up next elections no matter what office it is for. Not a brain in the HOLE party. Yes, i did say HOLE. Should be easy to figure that out. Maybe not, Democrats aren’t known for having a functional brain.

  6. Lying sack of s**t. I knew when she made up her mind to vote for impeachment, the day she took office. What a snake! Drain the swamp. Get rid of this trash.

  7. So, she was a part of the cabal of CORRUPTION at the CIA, now spewing her hate in Congress. Thankfully, she will have a short one term life as a member of the House of Representatives “ONE TERM AND OUT!”

  8. Wow ! if she is the one that worked for the C.I.A or F.B.I how many people are during time on some B.S she thought was evidents sad

  9. Suburban, college educated white women…..
    And they’re going to do it again in 2020, just like they did to us in the mid-terms.

    • I am a suburban college educated white woman who voted for Trump & will do so again so don’t speak for all of us. He won & the Dems need to accept it. They should be doing their work they were voted in to do. Most of them will be voted out in 2020 anyway.

    • This suburban, college-educated, white woman won’t be throwing Trump under the bus. Trump 2020🇺🇸
      What I can’t prevent, however, is the ballot-harvesting, ballot-tampering, dead people voting, non-citizens voting, and the all-encompassing deceitful rigging of the election by the immoral anti-American fascists who fall into one of two categories:
      1. Fully knowledgeable of the destruction they want to sow in America by attempting to turn our country into a socialist state with the ultimate goal being a One World Government
      2. Ignorant sheep who are incapable of thinking critically and believe the BS that is spewed by the corrupt, dishonest media.

      I know that there are other reasons for Leftists who vote against America, but I think that the two options I proposed sum up the majority.
      We must pray for a fair election with honest results.
      If Trump loses in 2020, I can only believe that it would be the result of a rigged election. In my estimation, Trump has gained more supporters since 2016.
      Scary times we’re living in.

  10. I agree any democrat that votes for this crap needs to go they have no business running our country when they are committing treason against all of America


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