Rachel Maddow Literally Asks Network To Keep Citizens In The Dark About Coronavirus

(Tea Party PAC) – Rachel Maddow, who is a member of the media complex that has long been feigning oppression for being labeled the “enemy of the people” by the president for their lies and slander, doesn’t want her colleagues in the media to keep people informed during one of our greatest crises.

No, seriously.

The MSNBC opinion host has urged TV networks not to air the daily press briefings behind held by the president on the coronavirus pandemic.

Why, exactly? Well, Maddow is infuriated that the President is optimistic that the United States is likely to win the war against the virus, as we have overcome the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS, the Hong Kong flu, the Russian flu, and the Spanish flu.

As BizPac Review notes, “Keep in mind that the President started doing daily coronavirus press briefings because the media insisted that daily updates were needed.”

They’re never happy.

Rachel declared on Friday: “President Trump today was just flat-out wrong in public about this malaria drug that has gotten stuck in his mind! Quite some distance from the facts.”

Maddow is in hysterics because Trump expressed hope at news of a French doctor’s study showing a 100% cure rate using a malaria drug to treat the coronavirus.

Trump said that he is feeling optimistic about this drug. However, he noted that scientists need to continue to run tests to affirm the effectiveness of the drug for combating COVID-19.

I’m sorry, why is this a bad thing?

The president loves saying things like, you know, ‘There’s a drug we’ve got and it’s very effective. It’s approved already! Everybody’s gonna get it.’

He loves saying things like that because that would be a lovely thing to be able to tell people. Unless of course that’s not true, in which case telling people a fairytale like that is cruel and harmful and needlessly diverting and wildly irresponsible from anyone in any leadership role.”

Maddow continued: “It’s actually wildly irresponsible if somebody said that to you from a bar stool. But to get that from somebody at the presidential podium? Nevertheless, he keeps doing it!”

She rambled on:

I feel like we should innoculate ourselves against the harmful impact of these ongoing false promises and false statements by the president by recognizing that when he is talking about the coronavirus epidemic, more often than not, he is lying.

Even when he’s talking about what he has done or what he will do, he is consistently lying and giving you happy talk that is stuff that the federal government isn’t actually doing. And it’s making people around the country count on the fact that the federal government is doing that stuff when they’re not.”

The sooner we come to terms with that, I think the better for all of us. If it were up to me, and it’s not, I would stop putting those briefings on live TV. Not out of spite but because it’s misinformation.

If the president does end up saying anything true, you can run it as tape but if he keeps lying like this every day on stuff this important, all of us should stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it’s gonna cost lives.”

The president is doing is job by reassuring panicked Americans that we can get through this crisis. We are Americans. We took on the most powerful nation in the history of the world and won and we’ve since saved the world twice and recovered from a bloody and violent civil war.

243 years of beating out the enemy. We can do anything.

BizPac Review concludes:

Reminder: Maddow is best known for rabidly pushing the failed Russia-collusion hoax.

Maddow also totally humiliated herself when she gleefully bragged that she had gotten her hands on two pages of President Trump’s 2005 tax returns.

She breathlessly teased her big “scoop,” promising to prove that Trump was a tax evader who wasn’t as rich as he claimed. Unfortunately for Maddow, Trump’s 2005 tax returns showed the opposite: The billionaire paid $38 million in taxes on income of $153 million.

Trump’s tax returns contradicted left-wing accusations that he paid no income taxes at all, as Hillary Clinton and left-wing media repeatedly claimed.

It is because of these and other lies that The View’s left-wing hosts suggested that Rachel Maddow is part of the reason why the public does not trust the media.


  1. Rachel Maddow is a sick twisted soul. She needs to be fired from the network.
    She is one of the reasons I WILL vote for Trump this time around.

  2. If you simply take out the anti-Maddow phrasing in this piece, you will have the entire truth as I learned by watching this particular program and now remember it’s contents. The truth is the president attacked her and her network, ‘labeled the “enemy of the people” by the president for their lies and slander….’ It’s the president who is the enemy of the people for persistent lying over more than 3 years of office holding and campaigning. I fully understand her meaning: the viewing public deserves more than the outright lies, half-truths, and story telling they get from Trump. His now-missing infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci was always quick to counter with facts. The reader should watch MSNBC and presume what’s said is the truth which is why Maddow (and I) would prefer tape delayed presidential daily press briefings so the truth can always be juxtaposed with his nonsense. That’s what’s meant and I agree Trump should no be on air treating news updates like a campaign rally with all those lies. Until live reporters uniformly contend with the presidential lies in real time as I suggested in January, 2017, at his Inauguration month in the New York Times, tape delay is the best we should accord the storyteller masquerading as president.

    • You sir, supposedly a educated person -( Dr.) are just as filled with hatred and vile against the president as that idiot Maddow. If you really believe the constant suppression, lies and misinformation that Maddow spews, you obviously have deep mental issues yourself.
      Please consider removing the (Dr.) from your name. You are NOT a doctor.
      You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the backside.

  3. “… you can run it as tape.” Is she moving toward or from Joe’s record player? Maybe soon both of them will even get to teleconferencing – a fab new technology, but they have to stare at the little red light on the camera in front of them (not to the left – their natural side).

    Incidentally, she forgot that Trump learned to “lie to the people” about possible hopeful cures the same way as another president used Fireside Chats to tell the nation that “the only thing we had to fear … is fear itself.”

    Did anyone note that Madcow’s quoting of the President about a great new “fairy tale” drug: “There’s a drug we’ve got and it’s very effective. It’s approved already! Everybody’s gonna get it.” Well, we have had Hydroxychloroquine for only about 70 years – a NEW “fairy tale?” It has been proven to be effective for certain illnesses like malaria and others. If it has been used for 70 years, one might assume that has been approved, even if this case is “usage-off label.” The President never said that EVERYBODY’S gonna get it (we already recognize a Schiff-type quote) – those who are not sick are NOT gonna get it (she doesn’t get it either – she might need clozapine for her schizophrenia).

    Actually, the two reasons that she wants the President’s White House briefings not broadcasted are: 1) each broadcast raises the President’s approval ratings by 1%+ due to his command of the crisis; 2) to avoid exposing the WH press corps members who ask the most inane, stupid questions. The one little girl in the back today showed that she should have been back in her high school classes.

  4. Why does anyone listen to this sack of human excrement. She is the one that you can tell she is lying, she is breathing. She is a disgraced idiot that deserves some serious beating about her head and shoulders to start with. POS should leave this country she hates so much. No one will miss her stinking ass.

  5. Rachel Maddow – When are these losers going to get yours!. I like listening to the President rather than have you tell me what you think. You’re ignorant! Pure and simple. Why do you think the President, The Governor of NY and others are going to the public direct. Because of as….holes like you!

    I can figure it out myself. Don’t need a wantabe telling me what to think.

  6. I would ask God to have her admitted to a dark padded room in that asylum for the criminally insane where she only has to listen to herself except she doesn’t belong to Him, she’s Satan’s creation and he’s laughing at this suggestion.

  7. What some comic book writers will do to keep their jobs – these so called news media outlets —-> CN(nonsense)N, Ms(inform)NBC, C(orrupt)BS(bullshit) A(lways)B(ull)C(rap) wouldn’t know REAL JOURNALISM if it bit them in the ass !!! Hey AMERICA WE’RE GETTING SCREWED BY THESE COMMUNIST RUN FAKE NEWS MEDIA NETWORKS !!! There’s no other way to put it people…. even the most ignorant people are FINALLY realizing that these networks are REALLY FAKE and they’re CHRONIC LIARS . Only thing is , even though these people know it – THEY ARE IN DENIAL (still ) and their silly pride won’t let them admit it !! They know.

  8. Hey Mad-cow,,,,,those briefings are coming from the greatest scientific and medical team in the world,,,,,you are nowhere near that category,,,,you are simply a mouth for the liberal lying socialistic communist news network,,,,The best thing you can do is STFU and get out of the way,,,,,,you have very little, if any, regard for the American citizens or the health and well being of this country,,,,,you and your lying conniving cohorts are the biggest problem we have in this country,,,,the elimination of over half of the media would greatly benefit this nation and rapidly assist in our well being and rapid return to normalcy,,,which is a word you certainly are unfamiliar with,,,,,

  9. What’s her name . . . R. Madcow – no Madddddow simply – – – – – – >
    C = Can’t
    U = Understand
    N = Normal
    T = Thinking
    T = The
    R = Reason
    U = Uniting
    M= Millions of
    P = People

  10. Clearly obvious and obviously clear: what’s her name is a proponent of the mushroom approach to treating We The People like her mushrooms 😡 kept in the dark and well fed the propaganda of the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party fecal fertilizer!
    Hey toots: lQQks like 👀, sounds like 🦻🏻you are way past due for your weekly CRANIAL COLON OSCOPY! Next time, try to remember, stool softeners are to be taken orally! This will help the team of professionals remove-your cranium from your colon with much less force!

  11. Do you really believe anything that comes out of Rachel Maddows mouth? Really! She claims President Trumps lies all the time, however she believed in the biggest liar that ever occupied the Oval Office! OBOZO!


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