Rachel Maddow’s 17 Most Insane Lies And Conspiracy Theories About Trump-Russia (Videos)

(Tea Party PAC) – The Nation’s Aaron Maté has compiled a list of what Breitbart describes as “Rachel Maddow’s most audacious, reckless, and dangerous lies surrounding the Russia Collusion Hoax,” and that “his work, his effort, and well worth your time if you want to understand just how recklessly Maddow deliberately misled her audience for two years and why her ratings have now collapsed by double digits.”

MSNBC tends to not receive quite so much criticism from those on the right as outlets like CNN, the New York Times, or the Washington Post, because they are pretty open in their left-wing bias and don’t pretend to be objective.

That being said, they’re still leftists so that doesn’t stop a lot of blatant lies from being pumped out of their network, particularly from figures like one Rachel Maddow, who has been among the most rabid media supporters of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

“This Maddow thing, though, is something altogether different. Bias is fine — lying, deceiving, misleading, fear-mongering with fake news, and abusing your perch on a major cable news network is not okay,” Breitbart notes.

This is exactly it. It’s good to have diverse opinions on cable news (somewhere other than Fox to find anything other than far-left political correctness and lies would be nice too, but whatever), but Maddow isn’t just presenting opinions.

She has been lying and pushing conspiracy theories and banging the drum of “Russia Russia Russia!!” for years now.

So, here is the excellent list of her 17 biggest lies.

Let’s expose this left-wing hack for what she really is.

1. Maddow Tells Her Audience One Thing While the Facts and Her Chyron Say Another

As her own chyron debunked her claims, Maddow blatantly lied to her audience, telling them that Attorney General Bill Barr was redacting the Mueller report on his own.

Meanwhile, her chyron read: “Barr: Special Counsel Is Assisting with Redactions”.


2. Maddow’s False Claim About Ignoring Putin Tapes

Just after the Mueller Report effectively debunked years of Trump-Russia collusion claims, Maddow claimed that she “refused to let myself think about” the Putin tapes (that don’t exist).

Of course, we must then look at how…

3. Maddow Spreads Evidence-Free Paranoia About Putin Tapes

Maddow told her audience that Putin may use a compromising video of Trump to blackmail him into withdrawing troops, but there is literally no evidence Putin has such video.

4. Maddow Sounds the Alarm About Russia Freezing Americans to Death

This is a particularly wonky conspiracy theory of Maddow’s, in which she claims that Putin was deliberately freezing the Dakotas. Wut?

5. Maddow Suggests Trump Takes Orders Directly From Putin

Amount of evidence Maddow used to back up this absolutely absurd claim=0%. Less than 0%. -0%.

6. Maddow Suggests Trump Used Cohen to Pay Off Russian Hackers

You can see a pattern here that Maddow clearly has no respect for her audience.

7. Maddow Says Putin Ordered Trump to ‘Bleed Out’ FBI

There comes a point when those who enable psychotic liars become guilty themselves. And this is the case with CNN’s Brian Stelter, who claims to be a paragon of journalistic integrity, but has never once called Maddow out for blatantly lying to her audience time and time again.

8. Maddow Says Putin Installed Rex Tillerson as Trump’s Secretary of State


9. Maddow Lies About White House Hiding Trump-Putin Transcript

Does she even understand how journalism works? You don’t get to make things up and they magically become true.

10. Maddow Says Putin Ordered Trump to End Korean War Games

Seriously, Brian Stelter?

11. Maddow Makes Hay Out of Russian Pharmaceutical Tycoon and Wife Attending Trump’s Inauguration

I mean…so? Lots of people attended the Inauguration.

12. The Secret Plot to Funnel Money from the Russian Government to the NRA

This is really getting out of hand. Has anyone ever checked out her mental health? Honest question. I think she needs help.

13. Trump Presidency Is a ‘Russian Op’

This is one of her personal favorites.

14. #Kids4Trump Hashtag Was Russia Plot to “Destroy American Democracy.”

Oh. My. Gosh.

15. Russians Installed Paul Manafort as Trump’s Campaign Manager

No, seriously, Brian Stelter is total garbage.

16. Russia Installed Trump “To Weaken Parts Of America that Most Annoy … Vladimir Putin

So…the whole plot was to quell Putin’s irritability? OK, crazy lady.

17. I Can’t Even

“After telling her gullible audience Russia installed Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State…

After telling the suckers Tillerson was doing exactly what Russia wanted him to do as Secretary of State…

Here is Maddow doing a shameless 180 with a delusion about Russia getting Tillerson fired,” Breitbart explains.

And no, as she has been proven wrong time and time again, she has never offered an apology, tretraction, correction, nothing.


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