BREAKING: Soros-Fund Radical DAs ‘Are Killing Our Cities’

(Tea Party PAC) – Leftists in this country have been obsessed with the country of Russia meddling in the affairs of our nation ever since the beginning of Trump’s bid for the presidency back in 2016, despite the fact no evidence has been found to prove that any significant influence from the Kremlin was used to sway the results of the election.

However, billionaire radical progressive George Soros has his hands in seemingly everything going, influencing elections, law, activism, and all sorts of things with his vast fortune.

According to WND, Dale Wilcox, executive director and general counsel over at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, recently published a column on Breitbart in which he shared that his organization has found that Soros is pouring money into hand picked candidates who are helping to protect illegal aliens charged with violent crimes from being deported.

In the city of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner was elected to the position of district attorney back in 2017 after landing $1.7 million from Soros through an independent political action committee known as Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety.

Right after landing the gig, Krasner created the new position of immigration counsel, the end goal of this being the achievement of “immigration neutral” outcomes in the prosecution of non-citizens.

“Of approximately 300 cases, 120 were recommended to be changed to plea agreements. The investigation found the attorney consulted with non-citizen defendants charged with rape, murder, rape of a child, forcible rape, sexual assault, unlawful contact of a minor and attempted murder, among other crimes,” WND reported.

Wilcox’s group was blocked from getting the information, but the state appeals board overruled the decision made by the city.

In Cook County, Illinois, which includes the city of Chicago, DA Kimerly Foxx also received some cash from the Soros funded Illinois Safety & Justice PAC in 2016. How much did she get? Try $400,000. Hardly chump change.

According to a statement released by a Cook County Attorney, also hired a legal advisor who works “to ensure that non-citizen defendants do not face unnecessary immigration consequences, particularly for misdemeanor and low-level offenses.”

Wilcox then noted that the Soros initiative has been given a lot of praise from the mainstream media because of it’s supposed mission to seek out racial equality and social justice. However, when you look at what they are doing and the impact they are having on things, it seems there’s nothing but contempt for our immigration system and its laws.

“The result of this grand plan is more dangerous communities and more violent criminals on the streets,” Wilcox wrote in his piece. “Those shielded from ICE by these district attorneys should be given a one-way plane ticket back to their country of origin. Instead, they will stay here to clog up our legal system, and too many will return to society thanks to a concurrent agenda to reduce the prison population.”

He then went on to point out the emergence of Angel Families, which consists of people who have loved ones that were murdered by foreign nationals.

“It is a group that no one wants to be a part of, yet whose membership will continue to grow thanks in part to these reckless, agenda-driven district attorneys,” Wilcox stated.

“For the integrity of our elections and the safety of our communities, this toxic initiative must be called out and stopped,” he said.

Soros and his many organizations are the biggest threat to liberty that we face, yet so many people are ignorant about the man and his work. It’s critical to be educated on Soros and what he believes in and to follow the money trails back to where they belong.

More often than not, they go back to Soros.

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  1. soros is a nazi through and through. he has taken the nazi experience and expounded on it to manipulate the American people through propaganda, this man is out to destroy Americans and the Republic for which it stands, his money should be confiscated and used to bail out Americans during this covid crisis, and he should be perp walked in the streets in front of all those Angel Families, and then sent to live in the basement of leavenworth federal prison

  2. Since so much seems to be known of George Soros’ activity I wonder why he isn’t being charged with the damage he’s doing to our country. If Soros and his many organizations are a big threat to our liberty what are we doing about it? I’d rather read how he is being charged with the damaging activities and how he’s going to be stopped instead of just reading what he’s doing.


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