Radical Leftist Episcopal Bishop Phones CNN To Thrash Trump For Holding Bible; The Reason She Gives Is Absolutely Bonkers

(Tea Party PAC) – It doesn’t take much for President Trump to start a big stir with the mainstream media or any of the completely loony left-wing Kool-Aid drinkers who imbibe the fake news material these outlets pump out by the proverbial gallons, but it seems the commander-in-chief’s visit to a torched out church in Washington, where he posed for photos holding a Bible, has really set the fringe element within the liberal crowd off.

An Episcopal Bishop, Mariann Budde decided to phone in to CNN where she slammed and trashed the president for holding a Bible in front of the church without daring to ask for her permission. Can you believe these people?

This gal has apparently stopped taking her meds.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

It’s not clear why this woman believes she gets to decide who can, and who cannot, carry a Bible.

How awful.

DC Episcopal Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde: “Let me be clear: The President just used a Bible, the most sacred text of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and one of the churches of my diocese, without permission, as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.”

But Bishop Budde could not let this go.

Later tonight she called into CNN to continue to lambaste on the President of the United States.

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde called into CNN to talk about Trump’s photo op. Listen to this.

Bishop Budde is OUTRAGED at President Trump for holding a Judeo-Christian Bible without her permission!

She repeatedly referred to the violent rioters as peaceful protesters.

And she said NOTHING after criminals just destroyed the historic St. John’s Church.

So, if we’re all to understand this correctly, Budde has no problem whatsoever with violent criminal vandals burning down a church, but it sends her off the deep end of the peer that Trump held a Bible without asking for her permission?

Um, aren’t Christians supposed to want people to hold Bibles? Isn’t the whole point of the gospel to preach to folks the truth about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, praying for them to repent and put their faith and trust in Him so they can be saved from the wrath of God?

If that’s the message of the Bible, and it is, wouldn’t you want Trump to be saved if you are a professing believer? Budde, it seems, hasn’t actually read the Book that is supposedly a guide for her faith. Just think, teaching the Bible is supposed to be her job, folks. This is insulting on a number of levels, some of which we won’t go into here because of the lengthy theological nature of the topic.

Regardless, Budde is nuts. There’s no nice way of putting it. She’s out of her gourd. Then again, isn’t that kind of the definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/crazy-episcopal-bishop-calls-cnn-trash-president-trump-holding-bible-without-permission-says-nothing-criminals-torched-church/


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  3. Does everyone think that the president has to ask their opinions for everything he does? Hen this woman can’t hold a Bible because the democrats banned it she will wish she had Trump. Everyone has to have their 5 seconds of fame trashing the president. The cardinals of the cat church also put it down yet they allowed Pelosi in church to preach. Interesting since the left is taking religion away. We’re on our own folks. God is coming to judge those soon.

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  4. Sadly the “Bishop” does not know Christ. Pray that she comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus and what the Bible truly says. Christians are to pray for those in leadership…we are blessed to have a God-fearing leader. Our previous president would have held up the Koran and most likely would praise those who are looting and murdering. Regardless when he was in office I prayed for him. George Floyd’s memory is being soiled.

  5. I am 77 years old. Have been an episcopal all my life. I am so disgusted with this Bishop in Washington DC. What does she mean that my wonderful President needed permission to hold up a bible in front of her church? My God Allows me to embrace the Bible any time and in any place. The episcopal church is in an decline. I am ready to say goodbye to this racist institution. I have other means to give my money. The episcopal church is no longer one of them.

  6. Everyone one here needs to realize Bob is a plant to stir up trouble. The best thing to do is ignore Bob and hope he will go away. I am starting to wonder if he has anything to do with this website.

    • I am not a plant. I am a red-blooded American trying to protect my country from the tyrannical fascist dictator in the White House who just openly declared war on his own country.

  7. It’s interesting that Bob who doesn’t believe God exists still prays to him. A perfect example of the lunacy of this arguments and the hypocrisy of the far left

    • I was making a point for the religious far-right, using a chapter from their law book as a reference point.

  8. I guess holding a bible is shameful to some liberals, you know the folks that claim to be the compassionate ones. And this Bishop is a real compassionate religious leader, the kind a congregation really looks up to. I noticed she really jumped all over Trump for carrying a bible, but did not mention the folks carrying out the flat screen TVs or Nike’s after breaking store windows. Oh yeh, then they set fire to police cars. But not a word, go figure.

  9. 川普总统始终依靠上帝,经常号召全国祷告。他高举圣经,就是要表示:他的权柄和能力是来自于天上;他是为义而征战,绝对不是作秀。

    这个教会的牧者肯定是个极左派,我甚至怀疑她有没有真实的属灵生命?现在很明显: 凡是恶意攻击川普的,大都是来自于邪恶势力。这个人如果不能忍受总统手握圣经,说明她内在的灵是抵触圣灵的,那么她就是来自于魔鬼撒旦的。


  10. 我兩天前讀到這個消息時, 简直不敢相信——一个基督教的牧师,竟然会指责总统手握圣经!她究竟代表了上帝还是魔鬼?!

    今天我们的总统在公众面前大胆地手握圣经,代表着他对上帝的信靠、以及将自己的国家引向天国之路的决心。我们为此感谢赞美神🙏,在这个关键的时刻赐给了这样一位总统👍。 在他之前,除了雷根总统经常提到上帝以外,还有什么其他的总统能这么直截了当地高举神呢?

    • CCP PROPAGANDA! If you have something nice to say we in America speak English. If I lived in China I would speak Chinese out of respect.

  11. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

  12. I thought the church was suppose to bias! That s one of the reasons that they are tax exempt and should have no voice in politics. Are the going to tell half of your parishioners
    that you can t come to church because you don t have the same political beliefs as them.
    Take away their tax exemption and you ll see how fast they will keep their stupid comments to themselves!

  13. The Pope today made an accurate observation and comment when he said that Donald Trump is NOT a Christian.

    • How does the Pope know? Does he know President Trump personally. From what I see, I am not certain Communist Francis is a Christian. If so Christianity has fallen even further then when rejected it.

    • Actually, the pope is not Christian. I am Catholic and I believe he is with the devil. Many Catholics in this country just wish he would go away.

    • He couldn’t even answer any of the religious questions he’s been asked throughout his faux presidency. He’s as fake as they come.

  14. She is just another lying Trump derangement Syndrome trash talker. Shame on her and Rev. Gina Gerbasi. The devil has taken over the liberal churches! I pray, God help us.

  15. I worked for the worst company in the world for 25 years (Citi) and never did they give a penny without needing a photo opportunity or news footage. It seems that is the way people and companies feel that their self imposed importance can be seen.

    I understand why our President walked there and showed the Bible after his speech. I wish that he had done it w no press at all but his point was God is in control and His word says it.

    As for this person and her remarks, she should be more worried about the damage and praying instead of fanning the flames of hate and discontent. With a little research on her and the church she works at, notice i didn’t say Pastor as my Bible clearly states that a Pastor can only be a man of one wife and above reproach and w integrity, their is little to no Godly and biblical teaching coming forth.

    Thank you President Trump for standing on the Word of God and for our Saviour Jesus Christ. We didn’t elect you because you were a righteously moral Christian but because you stand for our country and our God and against the evil killing of unborn babies.

    • Unfortunately those who are leaders of different faith seem to forgot what is actually in a bible and particularly the Book of Revelations. Not praising those who are believers but arguing for those who don’t will not get her into the kingdom of God. Glad we still have Freedom for religion which these leaders don’t seem to get that’s it’s in danger. In China they kill you if you practice religion. Heading this way with the democrats. Only the Muslims will rule. They didn’t seem to get the message during the Covid closures and apparently didn’t care. She needs a new profession.

  16. The Bishop really appears to have a very large Christen heart, you know the kind that says if ya don’t have anything nice to say shut your mouth.

  17. Shame on you, Bob. You are obviously an Atheist. It doesn’t matter to you that they burned a church of God. You have no right to say who can hold a Bible. God bless President Donald Trump. He will prevail.

  18. If I lived in that area, I would NOT be attending THAT Church ! That Reverend has a serious problem. WHAT right does she have to tell ANYONE, whether they can hold a Bible or not ? She is clearly not the “Brightest Bulb On The Tree” when she says that the “Protestors Are Peaceful People”, after they just caused major damage to a Church ! NO Reverend, they are NOT peaceful people, they are CRIMINALS !

    • Imbecile. I, on the other hand, love America too much to let Fuhrer Drumpf destroy it for another four years.

  19. Can’t believe the comments I just from people that saying they are christian. I grew up going to church and I have read the bible and to say God should strike Trump with lightening is ludicrous. Christians welcome all walks of life and this bishop is out of her mind and very Godly if you as me.

    • Read Psalm 69 and Psalm 109 for perfect examples of imprecatory prayers, which are prayers for God’s curses, including death, to rain down upon his enemies. Completely in line with the word of god, and quite warranted against Fuhrer Trump.

  20. I’m sorry. I have been reading my bible without her permission. I will cease until she personally grants me permission. Waiting on your say so bishop.

  21. What kind of “so called” bishop puts their religious beliefs aside for political beliefs. How absurd is it to expect anyone to need permission to stand in front of the church. It seems the Bishop was only interested in headlines. A very bad example for the congregation and Christians in general. I am insulted as a Christian by the “bishops” remarks.

    • The Bible warns of fake believers, and all she did was call out Traitor Trump as one of them. He’s been asked many religious questions during his illegitimate presidency, and he hasn’t answered a single one.

  22. So, these christens are the people of God who decided they would do God’s judging. I may have missed that Christian teaching.

  23. left wing socialists concerned about The President using a Bible but no concern about the violence ushered in by these extremists who pretend to care about the death of a Black man at the hands of the Police.

    You are all about undermining this country.

    • The only extremists ushering in violence are the cops, the national guard, and the US military sent by Traitor Trump to silence the first amendment so he can get a photo op.

    • Moral – maybe I don’t know her personally. But based on her comments -Ethical and honest, definitely not!

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  25. To any religious people in the comments, Read Psalm 109 for a perfect example of what’s called an imprecatory prayer – prayers for God’s curses to rain down upon his enemies, even for God to kill them. I pray a very special imprecatory prayer for Traitor Trump. I’m surprised that Bible didn’t burn Traitor Trump’s Hans or that he didn’t get struck by lightning when he held it up. Guess that’s further proof that God doesn’t actually exist.

    • Or else that your views on president Trump are completely wrong.
      Besides, G-d doesn’t rain hellfire onto people, good or not, due to the imprecations of fools like you and that bishop.

    • This is where you are wrong; if God didn’t want Donald Trump in the White House, he wouldn’t be there. Christians voted him in by 80% while the other 20% voted for Hillary Clinton. The rioters were in the wrong by burning the church a historical land mark. God was watching and it is only a wonder what he has in store for them. Donald Trump brought back religion to the country after Barack Obama took it away.

  26. The reason we’re outraged is because Traitor Trump is one of those fake religious people the Bible warns us about, and if he actually cracked it open and read a few verses in front of that church, he would know that! Using his own party’s god as a publicity stunt and gassing protesters to do it further proves that Drumpf is Adolf Hitler reincarnated, and he’ll die the same cowardly way – going back to his bunker and killing himself when the protesters come back to the White House.

    • Bob, the Bishop this story is written about is the false prophet here, not President Trump. She’s the one preaching a false gospel that conflicts with, ignores and disgraces Yeshua, the True One.

      I don’t know much about you, given the short time I’ve been seeing your consistantly errant comments on this site. Your earlier comment today accusing the President’s behavior of proving that God doesn’t exist suggests that you may even be an atheist. If that’s true, then your own behavior becomes all the more “rich.” But I’m leaving that discussion aside, and will instead try to introduce you to my friends, Yehovah, and His Son Yeshua. The two work in tandem with their “cousin.” They seek to redeem all of the lost people in the world. They do so because they love us, and want what they know is best for us. They are aware of all the evil that exists in the world, as well as our sometimes unique manners of infection from and imprisonment to it. They have this truely amazing power to SEE PAST the evil that we all have done, and CONTINUE to sometimes do. After SEEING PAST it, when we surrender our hearts to them, we’re then enabled to not only change our own evil tendencies, but to see OURSELVES in OTHERS’ behavior. And because we’ve HUMBLED OURSELVES, we forgive those people in our hearts. One of the not so much mentioned aspects of all this forgiveness I’m talking about – when we refuse to forgive our neighbor, say you for me and me for you, then God (that Yehovah guy) sees through us and knows we haven’t humbled our hearts, and it invalidates the forgiveness he had extended to us. That’ll put us in a similar category as a false prophet.

      Dude, I believe that OUR President is like us. He did evil things in his life. But he humbled his heart and asked God to forgive him by the blood of Yeshua. It’s now up to us to forgive him, too. JUST LIKE WE’VE BEEN FORGIVEN (I’m ASSUMING you have been, but I don’t know if that’s true or not). Yeshua himself taught us to pray that way, so I think it’s a pretty important principle. With very serious consequences when we don’t obey. Very serious.

      So, in that vein, I will offer you my apologies for several times here in the past week or so really laying into you with biting sarcasm. That was inappropriate and un-loving. I should not have done so, I am sorry I did, and I beg your forgiveness, even as I offer mine to you and President Trump.

    • At least he is a Christian. Where as Obama said he was Christian but was sworn in on the koran. Look it up. President Trump goes to church. He doesn’t drink or smoke. Unlike the last president. There are many examples of President Trump praying. You need to get your head out of main stream liars (media) and start waking up. You can’t be a true Christian and demand someone to not read the Bible, like this woman did. I will pray that you will be enlightened for the truth. May God show you his love for all and put a stop to this hateful thinking. Please educate yourself. You can be kind again and learn the truth of our President. He loves this country and the people in it. Thank you.

    • Can you back up one thing you say with facts. I don’t think so. I haven’t seen anything truthful in anything you say. Please move to China, you would fit right in there.

    • please tell me how many people trump killed like hitler? you are sick in the head and are the very kind of animal that this country does not need.

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