Radical Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant Issues This Dangerous Threat To America

(Tea Party PAC) – For decades the left has been introducing welfare plans to make people more dependent on the government and less self-sustaining. If the people are reliant on the benevolent government for their every need, they’ll always be a reliable vote for the left. Now, the threat of socialism to America is more real than it has ever been in the past as mainstream Democrats continue to move the party further and further to the extreme left.

It is not, however, the politicians in Washington DC that we need to be the most concerned about, believe it or not. It’s the rouge, radical leftists that have infiltrated local and state governments that are posing the greatest risk to our democracy. They are attempting to change their cities and states into liberal dystopias one at a time and the most troubling part is, they’re finding success.

In Seattle, this has proven to be especially true. Seattle has long been a far-left stronghold but now one City Council member is taking the fight to destroy capitalism and our democracy to the next level in a speech vowing to turn America into a perfect and totally equal “socialist world.”

The Gateway Pundit has the story:

Communist Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant (Socialist Alternative) gave a victory speech Tuesday night after passage by the city council of the so-called Amazon Tax in which she vowed to overthrow the United States, replacing the government and society with a “socialist world”.

Sawant, 46, immigrated from India as an adult with a B.S. in computer science from the University of Mumbai received in 1994. Once in the U.S., Sawant earned a Ph.D in economics from North Carolina State University and became a U.S. citizen in 2010. Sawant has served on the Seattle City Council since 2014.

Lest anyone think this is hyperbole, here is the close of Sawant’s speech:

“We are coming to dismantle this deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism, this police state.

We cannot and will not stop until we overthrow it and replace it with a world based instead on solidarity, genuine democracy, and equality – a socialist world.”

Before Sawant vowed to over the the United States, she threatened Amazon owner Jeff Bezos “and his class”, saying “we are coming for you and your rotten system.”

“I have a message for Jeff Bezos and his class.

If you attempt again to overturn the Amazon Tax, working people will go all out in the thousands to defeat you.

And we will not stop there.

Because you see, we are fighting for far more than this tax, we are preparing the ground for a different kind of society.

And if you, Jeff Bezos, want to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modest demands, then so be it.

Because we are coming for you and your rotten system.”

If you have the stomach for it, you can check out a clip of the speech here:

If you are not deeply troubled by the words of Sawant, you might want to consider what life in the United Socialist States of America would really be like and find a way to get involved in the fight against this evil. The only way we will win this fight is by getting involved. If we cannot match their passion for socialism and communism with the same passion for democracy and capitalism, the fight is already lost.


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  5. Why is she still in office ? She should be recalled and sent back to where she came from. We don’t need these radicals taking advantage of the United States . How did she become a citizen? I am thankful I don’t live to her state. Such a pity to be highly educated and yet be so stupid!!!!

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  11. I’m an Indian immigrant too and absolutely disgusted of what she said. She shouldn’t represent Indian immigrants. We should throw her out of U.S

    • I know who they represent I have many great Indian friends great people the one that still
      available to chat with them and others that has been passed so many years that we can’t see any longer and will be and insult for decent people like you to be compare with any of them that I despise because they are not worth a penny.

  12. We must not allow Joe Biden to win in November. This election is not Trump vs Biden. It is Capitalism vs fascist, marxist socialism!! The dems are doing EXACTLY what the nazis did in Germany in the 1930’s. They must be stopped before we lose the country. GOD HELP US!!!

  13. I thought these people in our government took a oath of office to uphold our nation’s cositution. Why is she going against it. Should be fired.

  14. This is what happens when you give these immigrants an open Free door to opportunities. After they get their education they want to turn against America and wants to run it like their countries. And then you have starving people NO jobs Run down cities etc….. our country needs to start taking charge and and get these idiots out!!!!!

  15. She came from a socialist heartless society, India is one of the most improvised Countries in the World. Why doesn’t she take her degrees and change her own corrupted and evil country before she tries to change the country that she freely immigrated to and freely took the oath to protect and abide by the US Constitution? Act like an American you ingrate! The President reserves the right to withdraw her citizenship immediately!
    I am an immigrant from Egypt now citizen! I raised my hand and swore to protect this country and I intend to fulfil that oath against any ingrate like Sawant! Drain the SWAMP

  16. I really think she meant just what she said!
    We the people need to fight this sorry woman with all we have. Those people said they would takeover the world’s population in time.they have most of the country’s,,, now the most sought after country on earth! Again!!!! Start taking up for our people and country. WAR! Bring it on !

  17. She is not a thankful immigrant in search of a dream. Although we welcomed her I to our country with open arms and he, like many others we discover she is an infiltrator bent on our destruction. She must be dealt with as she really is and has openly confessed to be….a SPY. But some how this has become acceptable in America and almost pop culture where they are celebrated. We gave lost touch with origin and have been sold out by those who teach it and ensure the proper justice. How else can they continually walk free and prosecute us. The proverbial rug has been pulled out from under us by our own hand. It is time to hold them accountable with swift and strict punishment.

  18. She should have her citizenship revoked and be thrown out of the country!!! Didn’t she swear an oath when she became a citizen? One that says she’ll protect and abide by rules and NOT be a radical trouble maker? Something like that anyway. What nerve to come from another country get her PhD in this country then want to destroy our way of life!!!! Just INCREDIBLE THE NERVE OF PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!


  20. She needs to go back where she came from!!!!!! How dare her come to OUR country and try to change anything. She is evil!!!!!

  21. This is my 4th try to post a comment, even though I know it is pointless and will just be taken down like the last 3. This woman is right. We will indeed be overthrown, if the righteous right does not get some backbone and stand up for freedom and capitalism and strongly oppose those who are trying to overthrow our whole system of government and make us mere puppets.

  22. This is my 4th attempt to reply. The last 3 have all been erased, due to their disagreement with this woman and their stand for freedom and capitalism. She is right – they are going to “get” you, because they have all the media and all the educational systems now preaching their propaganda, day in and day out. I assume this post will also be taken down immediately. They are such cowards – afraid of anyone who disagrees with them.

  23. I have tried 3 times now to leave a reply. Each time, my post as been immediately removed – because it disagrees with this woman. This site and most all other sites are so biased, they will not even post a reply they disagree with. We are now, currently, at this very time, living in Russia #2.

    • Yep….having the same problems everywhere…apparently Soros has bought all the media outlets no matter how they pretend to be fair and honest. WJ just did the same to me on their site….and this one is no better. This is not russia it is North Korea, or lock step 1940’s Germany. The young turds running these things have no idea what they are in for if they keep this up.

  24. If life in the USA is that terrible then she can always move beck to India. I have a very dear Indian friend. He and his wife are hard working people who emigrated to the United Staes in the 60’s. They believe in education and demand their children get a good education. India was a mess until they turned to capitalism and now is a country on the rise.

  25. Where are the billionaires spending millions of dollars to defeat these wanna-be leftist-fascist tyrants like this beast? All I hear is how that fascist monster that will never die, George Soros, keeps buying election after election to put beasts like this one into power.

  26. I have left two replies, and neither one of them have been posted. Because they disagree with this woman’s message. You are being indoctrinated by every branch of the media. And you are allowing it to happen. And so “they” will indeed win. Enjoy your socialistic future, their scrutiny of every aspect of your life – the “thought” police.

  27. She is right. If we who believe in freedom and capitalism just sit on our hands and do nothing, they will win. They are passionate and are working hard for their beliefs and their goal. I have been utterly astonished at the total lack of response by the righteous right to the looting, burning, tearing down of statues, etc. Why are you letting our country be ruled by the unrighteous leftists, who want to take away your very freedom to speak your mind? How about showing some backbone: Why are you cowering in your homes with fear about a silly virus? Do you actually believe the drivel coming out of the mouths of CNN and their allies? Those who value their safety over their freedom, soon lose both.

  28. She is right, in that if we, the majority, who believe in freedom and capitalism, sit on our hands and so nothing, and allow ourselves to be ruled by these minority movements, they will win. They have passion and are actively working towards their goal. I have been utterly astonished at the way the righteous majority have stayed silent and did nothing while riots and looting and tearing down of statues was occurring – how they have been willing to cower in fear in their homes because of a mere virus. It is very disheartiining. I am 79 yrs old and can’t do much about it. Someone better, or we are headed to being another Russia. I fear for the world my grandchildren shall be living in.

  29. Your utopian ideology will destroy our best county in the world 🏠
    You should go to Venezuela and spread your dangerous stuff
    Stop destroying souls of our children that we have here to enjoy this country of opportunity and prosperity for all 🙏
    You used this country to get education and your job
    Be thankful 💁🏻‍♀️

  30. Why in the world is this person not under arrest for treason? She should have her citizenship revoked and either imprisoned or deported. She should NOT be in a governmental position or any position of responsibility.

  31. Liberty, freedom of speech, the right to worship, open borders, lawlessness in the streets, higher taxes, green new deal that will bankrupt the US, attacks on our history, Christians attacked, churches burned, Constitution in the gutter, flag disgraced, everything that we hold dear will be destroyed and these godless scum will run everything including our lives and tell us what to think and how to behave in their devil run country. I for one will fight with my last breath beginning with my vote in November.

  32. She moved to the US, she could now just as easily move to China or Russia and live under that kind of system if that’s so attractive. Makes me wonder why she doesn’t do that, why did she move here in the first place. Maybe it’s because she wouldn’t be in a position of authority there, enjoying the power and wealth of such a position? So now she wants to create it here and hope she gets to tell everyone how they should live their lives, under her authority. And people vote for these idiots!?! She’s just another Pied Piper with idiots listening to the sweet music while she takes them to the gas chamber/wolfs den.

  33. Sawant is another Domestic Terrorist that needs to be dealt with! What all these traitors aren’t taking into consideration is, the American People will not go down without one hell of a fight. Many of us have guns and plenty of ammo which, I for one, would have no problem using on them!

  34. If the sane people left in the US do not take these radicals seriously, then we are all (including our kids & grandkids) doomed. Little by little – starting with our giveaway programs – this citizenry has become less curious, ambitious, and self-sufficient through work & their own creativity. They have traded our greatness for peer/media pressure, acceptance of status quo govt & nonprofit handouts that only benefit the givers’ love of money to enrich themselves, & (finally) the inability to think for themselves for solutions to problems. We must PRAY for help from God, VOTE chronically for non-career candidates regardless of political party, and make personal decisions by thinking them through carefully without depending on polls or media control. We can then stop the the enslavement & control of all (including business / religion / individuals) by socialism’s ultimate evolution into TOTAL control!

  35. The more people that come out and make these kinds of threats to our Republic and our way of life, the more it is clear we have but one choice in November – Donald J Trump! People in Seattle already got a taste of what looms ahead. Don’t be fooled by the media bias. Your liberty is at stake!

  36. If all company leave then there’s, Were will she be? No tax money, Will change her mind! Stop spending my money on this S—it, Don’t like it here go back to your country were you will be one of the ones that are the haves nots. Did you pay your student loan bill? Oh you went on my dine! Huh yours is coming check your karma,It’s a equal opportunity employer, You do me I’ll do you Get it!

  37. Tom,
    When you express your revulsion to her ideas in the way you did here, you make all of us look bad. Please express your revulsion in words that are just as effective, but without the vulgarity.

  38. Didn’t these F’ers take an oath to defend this country and now they want to tear it down! If they don’t like it, get the F out and go back from where they came from!!

  39. We need to fight everything she stands for Is he wants the kind of socialism she is talking about, go back to where she came from, she is not wanted her, she can threaten all she wants!!

  40. Why do we put up with all this bullshit from the liberal Marxist scum who come to our country and try to turn it into a foreign shit hole that their used too? Wake up America and take your Country back, it’s time to kick some ass and get rid of the Democratic Communist scum bags, if you don’t won’t go kick their asses then at least vote them out of office!

  41. Hopefully the diced in turning Seattle into a giant shite hole. Was in Portland in 1975. It was a shite hole then. Can’t imagine they places now. That’s why a huge majority of the Western Oregon counties want to leave and become party of Idaho. Like most states, tiny areas of hood rats, libs and millennials control 90% but only 5% of the geography. I love in Michigan. You can win 76 out of 83 counties and the Dems will defeat you

  42. Those who seek a socialist America, seek only their own personal satisfaction, not the good of others.

    Socialism has, does and always will be a two tier system that creates the Haves and the Have-nots.

    The Haves are the so-called elite who think the know best and therefore think they deserve to rule over the Have-nots who the Haves claim rule at Have-nots consent because the Have-nots have acknowledged they need the Haves to take care of them.

    In essence, socialism produces a master/slave society. The Haves are the masters and the Have-nots are the slaves.

    Don’t believe me?

    Just examine China!

  43. Sad!!! Why we ever invited her to become a citizen of our capitalist, democratic system of self responsibility I’ll never know. Even more weird, why did she want to join us?

  44. Somebody please just take her out with the rest of the trash immigrants who leave their oppresive crap hole countries and try to turn the USA into what they left. It’s time for us Americans to stand up to their oppression.

  45. I thought people who apply for citizenship have to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. Hey if you don’t like it here there is a simple answer – go back to India. What you put forth is treason which I believe your citizenship can be stripped and you can (should) be deported. The last time I looked the United States of America is not a communist state. If you want to live in a socialist environment you are free to go to a country that supports socialism. This is a country of majority rules. I’m willing to bet if you put it to a vote your idealism would be in the minority. If want to government to give you everything your in the wrong country. America is land of the free and home of the brave. Socialism is just another way of saying take from the rich and give to the poor. There must be a reason that people want to come to America. And they keep coming. I can not understand why you want to change it.

  46. Why do people from other countries think they should be allowed to come to America and change everything we fought for. When peoples from other countries try to change what America stands for, they should be removed from our country and never allowed to return.

  47. If she loves Socialism so much and wants to enjoy that sort of life, why not just vacate the U.S. and try a life in a seriously Socialist country? See how that works for her!

  48. Seems like USA was good to her. If she likes socialism so much, why she didn’t get her education in a socialistic country! It is probably because she couldn’t , interesting! Sounds like to me she is so screwed up she couldn’t find her rectum with a funnel!

  49. Who the hell voted for this slut, take away her citizenship and deport her ass bach to India. they probably don’t want her either,

  50. Tom: I’m a whole lot more interested in what she proposes to do to our wonderful country. Young people today will never know the great things that were accomplished and the freedom we have/had if she and her groups succeed in their transformation.


  52. Build the wall. We need a wall to separate the left coast and cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and their voters from the United States of America. Then they can have their own socialist paradise and leave the rest of us alone!

    • Betty, I’m glad someone else feels that way too. The whole left coast could set up their own country and we won’t have to put money into their socialist society. Make it a high wall.

    • That’s the best idea I have heard, move out of Washington to make Texas our capital and get rid of all demoncraps ,make a two party system with Republicans and independents.

  53. That woman probably couldn’t get her panties off for someone to fk her in the as and she wants to overthrow the government.


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