“We Had No Weapons. We Were Peaceful. They Started Shooting At Us.” Police Attacked Trump Supporters With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas And Clubs

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump has been holding rallies for over four years now and not a single one of them has even come close to resembling the violence and chaos that took place at the Capitol building in Washington DC, Wednesday.

We are saying that the people who took part in this event weren’t Trump supporters but we just find it highly suspicious that during what could have been the turning point in the election, Congress’ joint session, Trump supporters would choose that time to begin acting violently and aggressively.

Trump supporters, more than anyone, understood the gravity of what was taking place inside the Capitol when the violence began. Did it really benefit them to interrupt that? Did it really benefit conservatives and the MAGA movement to essentially threaten the legislators inside?

Who did it actually benefit?

Also worth noting, the schedule for the event could be easily found on social media. The plan was to meet at Capitol Hill at 1 PM. This was no secret. There are even reports that “people” were already gathered at Capitol Hill prior to the 1 PM meeting time.

Who were these people and what were their motives?

The Capitol Hill attack caused liberals to go head-first into moral posturing as if they don’t emphatically support radical groups of extremists who have terrorized cities across the United States for the better part of 2020.

It also caused them to blame President Trump and claim he was “inciting violence” during his earlier speech at The Ellipse.

For anyone who actually watched Trump’s speech, which we can bet very few if any liberals actually did, you know that he did no such thing. Not only did he not incite or encourage violence, he very clearly stated that the joint session of Congress could be the turning point.

He clearly stated that Mike Pence, if he had the courage and the wherewithal, could turn the entire thing around. At no point in time did he ever suggest that a violent disruption of this process would benefit anyone.

Now, reports from those who were actually at the rally in DC are creating even more suspicion surrounding what actually went down at the Capitol.

According to those at the event, it was the police who were the aggressors.

One woman said that it was police who started being violent towards protesters for, apparently, no reason at all.

Those in attendance said that the police started shooting at them for no reason and using tear gas and beating people with their sticks.

Was this all just one big show? We all know the left desperately wanted Wednesday to be violent. They hyped it up and even DC Mayor Muriel Bowser sent out the message that Trump supporters were coming to DC looking for “confrontation.”

Funny how Trump supporters have never sought “confrontation” at any other event, ever.

We’re not saying that those who stormed the Capitol Wednesday weren’t Trump supporters but we are saying there are a whole lot of reasons to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. I have a friend who went to the rally. She posted regularly on Facebook with pictures. She kept saying how peaceful it was, that MLK had taught them well on peaceful protests. Toward the end she said some antifa people were stirring up trouble.

  2. There should be a massive march on the day of criminal Biden’s Inauguration on Washington and our voices must be heard peacefully. We know that the demonic left will try to turn it into a riot and incite violence but if we just sit back and allow this crime we will embolden Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC to continue their criminal activities. There should be a shout that the whole world will hear that we will not accept a criminal President and his Administration. Peaceful is the word but we must make our feelings and intentions known.

  3. Everyone has deserted President Trump except we the silent majority. I have serious fear for the future of this country. Biden will try to disarm us just like the Nazis did, he will destroy the economy, Pelosi is so despicable I believe she is the most evil person in Congress, Schumer is a close second for evil, BLM is a Marxist organization, Antifa was in the crowd at the Capitol given their marching orders to cause chaos, never have I wanted to see a political party ( excuse me a criminal syndicate) destroyed. So what can we the real Americans do when no one will hear us. The news media makes me sick. Everyone is saying how awful we all are but when our voices no longer have a voice and we cannot make a living the courts won’t hear us our legislators have no courage except for a handful extreme measures happen. Biden will be a President who stole an election and I personally will not support him or any of his Socialist Communist policies.

  4. The fact being is that if you are breaking into someone’s property you are not being peaceful in any way. Once the protesters/rioters removed the security fence and advanced beyond it, they had broken into a Federal NO GO ZONE exactly why the barriers were up at the place they were. It is amazing that the same people who Barr said infiltrated the BLM protests are the same ones breaking into the Capitol building, not a strange coincidence in any way, those were White Supremists and Militia groups who said they would be back with guns. I feel sorry for those who think that they can in any way do away with the laws of this USA through violence, they should look at other Countries where this was tried and look at the out come, and it would be no different here in any way, violence begets violence and there are a lot more on the side of keeping this Government as it is than there are for those wanting to change it violently. This Trump total BS, is why after so many years many are deciding to become independents not wanting to be associated with the lies and violence.

    • Hello Robert, there is a program that you need to check out: Victory Channel “FlashPoint.” There is proof/video that Antifa busses were escorted to DC by State Police; Antifa characters that have been players in many riots/disturbances across The US; Capitol personnel escorting members into the building (complete with their on news photographers; even a picture of Michael Vos (Pelosi’s son-in-law) with a violent Antifa person. There is more; check it out. God is still in control.

    • Robert Robert Robert, does the simple understanding of what is really going on still elude you? Reread the article again. No violence at ANY other Trump rally. Antifa was seen at the rally. Antifa is ALWAYS violent. How many guns were used by “white supremists and Milita groups”? None. How much are you being paid to sell your country down the river by violent socialist elitists who consider you a “Useful Idiot”?


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