Rasmussen Reveals How Trump Finished Impeachment Week…Bad News For Dems

(Tea Party PAC) – The impeachment of Donald J. Trump is unique in more than one way.

First of all, it is only the third time in US history that a president has been impeached (of course, many are debating this weekend whether or not he even is being impeached, thanks Nancy Pelosi).

Second, it is notably distinct from the impeachments of Presidents Johnson and Clinton in that the vote to impeach was strictly along party lines. Dems have the majority, so the partisan impeachment sham went through.

Third, however, perhaps most important is the fact that it hasn’t impacted Donald Trump one iota.

The American people are sick and tired of the partisan attacks on Trump. At the end of the day, they all see red, white, blue, and, well, green.

The economy is booming and Trump is dedicated to truth, justice, and the American way. Ideological differences aside, American voters are happy with more money in their pockets and unhappy with the attempted overthrow of our republic in Washington DC.

Trump has finished impeachment week out as strong as ever, and the Dems have got to be kicking themselves.

Biz Pac Review:

Despite every effort by Democrats to undermine and delegitimize President Donald Trump, Americans are seeing through the sham and pushing up his approval ratings.

After a week filled with impeachment drama, as Democrats in Congress put on solemn performances touting their patriotic duty to impeach a duly elected president based on proofless accusations, their efforts seemed to backfire as Trump still came out on top as new polls showed.

The Rasmussen daily poll indicated an increase in Trump’s approval rating from 47% at the beginning of the week to 50% by Friday, with 39% who “Strongly Approve” of the job the president is doing.

The increase in Friday’s survey included the “first full night of polling following Trump’s impeachment” on Wednesday by House Democrats.

“Overall, 76% rate economic conditions in the US today as very or somewhat good, significantly more than those who said so at this time last year (67%). This is the highest share to say the economy is good since February 2001, when 80% said so,” a Thursday CNN poll indicated.

“Looking ahead, nearly 7 in 10 expect the economy to be in good shape a year from now (68%), the best outlook in CNN polling since December 2003. The new finding includes 63% who say things are good now and will continue to be good next year, while just 9% say the economy is currently good but will turn south in 2020,” CNN reported.


  1. Now, let’s send those dinosaur, tax and spend dems back under the rocks they slithered out from under, and work on this deficit!
    Trump 2020!

  2. You would wonder what kind of creep that lofty person is.
    Hope very much this is the kiss of death for liberal democracy.And they can thank themselves.This impeachment sham will deliver them the biggest loss ever.DemocRats are so corrupt it is not even funny.Clintons,Shifty,Schumer and lets not forget the biggest fraud on earth maxine waters. Yes she does not deserve capital letters to her name.

  3. Very possibly Donald Trump will get reelected. This doesn’t diminish the facts that he is a habitual liar, he is flawed in character, ignorant fool in foreign policy and greatly diminished our world standing as a moral leader of the free world. We are, by no means perfect, but he made us the enemies of decency & the epitome of arrogance & incompetence at the world stage. We are much more powerful than any of the world tyrant regimes but they learned how to manipulate us. No doubt this is a dark era in the history of America. We may be witnessing the death of Liberal Democracy.

    • I worked overseas for the U.S. State Department for 13 years. 1997-2011. Obama and Clinton were viewed as corrupt idiots by most foreign governments. Idiots who tried to buy corrupt leaders and wasted billions of American taxpayers dollars. Clinton was well know for her shopping trips and Obama was just a token. Unless you have actually been in a foreign country and lived with the people, you really do not understand them. Trump has and is married to a lady from a soviet era country. He understands who they are and how far we can depend on them to keep to any agreements. Clinton and Obama are so impressed with their own self-importance that they were easily mislead.

  4. The Democrats are SO inept, doing EVERYTHING so INSANELY STUPID and wrong, THEY can’t even do IMPEACHMENT correctly (which was a JOKE and a SHAM anyway). Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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