Ratings For Shep Smith’s Replacement On Fox News Will Make The Former Host Bawl His Eyes Out; This Is Hilarious

(Tea Party PAC) – For folks who have been longtime fans of the Fox News Network, it has become common practice to switch to different programming around three in the afternoon. That was the time when the most obnoxious host of all time, Shepherd Smith, would take to the air and blab about his super duper liberal politics and annoy the snot out of the conservative audience that makes up the vast majority of the network’s viewership.

That has all changed now that Smith is gone and his new replacement, Bill Hemmer has taken over his timeslot. In fact, the 3 PM spot has experienced a rather significant boost in ratings since the switch happened.

If you listen closely, you can hear Smith bawling his eyes out while in the fetal position on his bedroom floor.

Here are the details from Gateway Pundit:

Bill Hemmer took over the slot this week and immediately delivered a huge boost in ratings.

Townhall reports:

Bill Hemmer’s New Program Had a Double Digit Increase Over Shepard Smith’s Show

ox News anchor Bill Hemmer’s new show on the channel, “Bill Hemmer Reports,” is off to a strong start after he was tapped to replace former anchor Shepard Smith for the 3:00 p.m. hour. The show’s first episode premiered on Monday.

In addition to beating out CNN and MSNBC for the same hour, Hemmer’s new show had double digit increases from the 2019 average when Smith hosted. “Bill Hemmer Reports” had 1.8 million total viewers, netting 269,000 viewers in the 25-54 age demographic.

“CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin” received 867,000 total viewers and “MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi” received around 1 million total viewers.

That’s an outstanding difference. Management at FOX has got to be pleased with their decision.

The fact that Hemmer also beat the competition is an added bonus.

From FOX News:

‘Bill Hemmer Reports’ launches with 1.8 million viewers, topping MSNBC, CNN

Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports” averaged 1.8 million viewers for its premiere episode Monday, trouncing the cable-news competition.

MSNBC averaged one million viewers while CNN averaged only 867,000 during the same 3 p.m. ET time period.

“I am very happy to start this next chapter with you at home. We won’t solve the world’s issues in an hour, but over time we will understand them better. I call it the whole picture,” Hemmer told viewers. “We’ll be fast and we’ll try to be first, but we will focus on being fair. In the end, the whole picture takes time, but over time we hope to see you around here more often and that’s our word.”

Fox News has become one of the leading news networks in the world, thanks in large part to giving a voice to all sides of the issues facing our nation. They often cover stories from an objective point of view and then get opinions and analysis from individuals on both sides of the political spectrum, allowing the audience to make up their own mind.

Sure, there’s definitely a right-leaning bias, but it’s not as pervasive as the left-wing bias of networks like CNN and MSNBC, both of which are not nearly doing as well as Fox right now.

Perhaps they ought to consider following Fox News’s footsteps and making room for differing points of view on their programming.



  1. I’m 100% in agreement with Ray and David- I’ve been checking out other conservative outlets. I’ve learned over the years that you don’t fix something that’s not broken – this seems to be what FOX is trying to do. I don’t think in this case having your cake and eat it too is a wise thing to do!!! – trying to please EVERYONE isn’t going to work- I’ve been getting nauseated watching those dipshits Geraldo, Jaun, and Wallace. I’m finding myself actually changing the channel, pausing and then fast- forwarding more and more . NOT GOOD. I used to think this network ACTUALLY cares about us Conservatives- NOW it appears that it’s ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS that my friends means we’re getting SOLD OUT .

  2. Fox needs to stay fair and balanced but Juan Williams is really a jackass who cannot offer a coherent rebuttal other than, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…”. Wallace is plainly a “Trump hater” which makes him look like a jackass!

  3. There is another obnoxious caricature named Chris Wallace. The man is so ‘anti’ that contaminates the Fox environment with his bs opinionated aggravating liberal ‘crap’ that makes viewers switch to even a…hostile channel, just to avoid even his pathetic physionomie.

    • Wishing you the best of success.! Already youre a HIT! Thank Fox for removing the last one and giving you the spot.
      God Bless you!

  4. I’ll bet that not one person who was watching Little Freak Shep is watching Hemmer. Most will have followed Hemmer from his former slot on fox. If Little Freak Shep viewers are watching, both of those Little Freak Shep viewers won’t be watching long.

  5. Juan Williams is a stepson of Ayatollah Khomeini….,isn’t he?
    As far as FOX NEWS GOES, Who would take the #1 News station and try to appeal to the idiots in the Middle East? I commanded units in 5 nations on 3 continents multiple times. Only a rodent would believe we could EVER become buddies with the Ayatollahs. Where do the Juan Williams come from???????

  6. There are three [3] more liberals who need to go; Donna Brazille, Chris Wallace and Juan Williams, liberals have numerous other propaganda shows to watch; I personally do NOT want to hear their bull shitt.

  7. Sorry Shep, coming out of the closet didn’t help you did it ?
    Learn what the Germans newscasters do, they keep their lives
    very private.

  8. Agree , Juan lame brain Williams and Chris Wallace are two dark stains on a brilliant news organization! Shepherd made me puke, I couldn’t stomach him for more than 2 minutes! Good riddance to that fairy queen ! Now toss out the garbage Fox with the two numbskull charity cases! Those two really suck!

    • Juan Williams is so stupid he still doesn’t realize that FNC uses him as a DUPE. He’s there to expose the stupidity of the Lefts argument and he exposes STUPIDITY well.

  9. He is the best in all of TV. He come across as very honest, sincere and authentic . He doesn’t interject his personal views. Great personality comes across the screen.

  10. Bill Hammer is one of the best anchors on Fox News along with Hannity Laura Henery Piro Tucker and the Five except W Williams he should be fired

  11. This is the best move Fox has made so far. Now they need to get rid of Chris Wallace and Juan Williams. Then it will be THE BEST OF THE BEST.


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