Red Flags Keep Popping In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal That Has Many Wondering If Real Justice Will Be Done

(Tea Party PAC) – With the arrest of billionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein who is being charged with human trafficking and other assorted sexual crimes related to abuse of underage girls, the world will be waiting and watching to see whether or not true justice will be done in this case, or if the cynical belief that money can buy your way out of anything will prevail.

The entire U.S. justice system is going to be on trial using Epstein as its proxy. Is the system as bankrupt as many of us believe or is there a chance that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Well, to be perfectly honest, there’s a lot of different red flags beginning to pop up already that are not making this whole ordeal look very promising.

The folks over at Infowars spell it all out:

Let me try to explain why. As I have already discussed in this series, one of Epstein’s closest friends during the heyday of “the Lolita Express” was Bill Clinton. And it turns out that the federal judge that will be presiding over Epstein’s case was appointed to his position by Clinton in 1998…

Richard Berman was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1998. He presided over Dinesh D’Souza’s case where D’Souza was convicted of re-imbursing friends to evade campaign contribution limits in a New York election.

Meanwhile, disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s daughter Maurene is one of the prosecutors in the case.

So will Berman recuse himself?

He should, but I doubt that it will actually happen.

Also, the fact that James Comey’s daughter is one of the prosecutors is a major red flag. I have a gnawing suspicion that something is up, and hopefully I am wrong.

But on a positive note, it was encouraging to see prosecutors call for anyone that has “information about Epstein’s conduct to come forward”…

U.S. prosecutors on Monday encouraged anyone with information about Epstein’s conduct to come forward, not just potential victims. To the socialites, celebrities and politicians who attended lavish parties at Epstein’s homes in Manhattan or Palm Beach in the early 2000s or hitched rides on his private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express” by the tabloids the request carried a clear message: Come talk to us before we seek you out.

And I was also greatly encouraged by the fact that the feds have already announced that more of Epstein’s accusers have already come forward since his arrest…

In the hours since Mr. Epstein’s arrest, prosecutors said, several other women contacted them with complaints about Mr. Epstein. Some of those accusers had never previously spoken to the government, prosecutors said.

Several of Mr. Epstein’s accusers said they were relieved that authorities seemed to be taking their complaints seriously after many years.

Nailing Epstein should be pretty easy, and things got even easier for prosecutors after a “treasure trove” of photographic evidence was found during a raid on Epstein’s New York home.

The tricky part will be nailing Epstein’s famous friends. In the old days he regularly partied with some of the biggest names in America, and going after them will not be easy.

But it must be done, because the reputation of our entire nation is at stake. If the rich and famous can sexually abuse underage girls for years and get away with it, how are any of us supposed to have faith in the system?

According to Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown, Epstein and his dirty friends liked to prey on young girls that were as vulnerable as possible…

In a November investigation led by Miami Herald reporter Julie Brown,
about 80 victims were identified as having been abused by Epstein from 2001 to 2006. The Herald spoke with eight of the accusers. It found:

Most of the girls came from disadvantaged families, single-parent homes or foster care. Some had experienced troubles that belied their ages: They had parents and friends who committed suicide; mothers abused by husbands and boyfriends; fathers who molested and beat them. One girl had watched her stepfather strangle her 8-year-old stepbrother, according to court records obtained by the Herald. Many of the girls were one step away from homelessness.

Whoever was involved in sexually abusing these vulnerable young girls needs to go to prison. And if it was up to me, their punishment would be a lot worse than that.

Many people out there seem to be convinced that there is no way that these sexual predators will get away this time. Personally, I am not so sure. They have the money to hire the best lawyers in the entire country, and we can already see evidence that an effort is being made to protect certain individuals. For example, a Wikipedia entry for Jeffrey Epstein was suspiciously altered on Sunday…

The sentence, “Epstein flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private jet. Flight records show Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times,” was removed Sunday.

The edit was made one day before Bill Clinton denied flying on the jet so often, and instead, said he only flew on it four times.

Meanwhile, a sentence mentioning the fact Epstein “attended parties” with Donald Trump was left unaltered.

It’s going to be truly soul wrenching if Epstein and all of his dirty pals don’t face some serious consequences for their actions. It will set a very wicked precedent that we definitely do not want to set in this country. It will prove that money, fame, and success can help you get away with the most heinous of crimes, inspiring future criminals to participate in this kind of activity, putting others at risk of becoming victims.

One of the things that makes America such a wonderful country is the idea that no one is above the law. We are all to be equal due to our standing under the law that rules the land. However, if folks like Epstein, and by extension the Clintons, are able to buy their way out from beneath the penalty of law, then, really, there is no equality amongst us. There are classes of people and the law treats each class differently.

If that is true, our republic is even deeper trouble than we previously thought it was. Our country simply cannot survive like this. Everyone needs to be beholden to the law and the law itself needs to be just.

Here’s to hoping there’s an actual resolution to this case that sees these individuals rotting behind bars.