Remember How The Media Attacked Trump For Using The Term ‘Kung Flu’ For Coronavirus? Look Who Started It Back In 2015…

(Tea Party PAC) – Left-wing media and Democrats are a huge embarrassment to anyone who actually has an active brain cell that isn’t on life support. The proof of such a statement can be found in the ridiculous and hypocritical outrage they are always spewing over anything and everything that comes out of the mouth of President Trump.

It doesn’t matter what the president and his supporters say, these progressive dolts will take it, screech about it being racist or some other kind of nonsense, and then bray about it for days on end, slamming people for using this word or that word.

Like when President Trump referred to the coronavirus as “kung flu” because it came from China. The media burst into flames over that statement and began spewing claims of racism and bigotry almost immediately.

Well, as it turns out, Trump isn’t the first president to use the phrase. In fact, it started back in 2015 with President Obama.


Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Well, this is embarrassing for the media and the Democrats. After being attacked as “racist” for using the jocular term “Kung flu” for the COVID-19 coronavirus, it turns out President Trump is not the first in government to use that term. The Obama administration used the term “Kung flu” in September 2015 for a Veterans Affairs campaign promoting flu shots. The flu shot campaign featured an image of a mask(!) wearing martial arts fighter in action.

The web page at the VA was recently taken down, however it appears in Google Cache.

The VA page contained a link to download the Kung Flu Fighter poster, but it too has been taken down.

Notice how fast all of these instances of the “kung flu” phrase are disappearing? The left is desperately attempting to erase this as fast as possible so they don’t look like hypocrites. Guess they forgot that once something goes up on the Internet, it’s forever.

Here’s more on the media’s outrage over Trump using the term via Washington Post:

President Trump again referred to the novel coronavirus as “kung flu,” eliciting laughter and wild cheers from a young crowd in Arizona on Tuesday.

Trump was listing the different names he has heard for the virus, which has killed at least 119,000 Americans, during a speech for the student Republican group Turning Point Action.

“Wuhan. Wuhan was catching on, coronavirus, kung flu,” he said, repeating it as the crowd roared. “I could give you many, many names. Some people call it the Chinese flu, the China flu, they call it the China.”

Trump drew criticism after he used the racially insensitive moniker to describe the coronavirus at a campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday night — his first since the outbreak largely shut down the country.

At his rally Tuesday, Trump downplayed the virus that has afflicted millions across the globe, saying, “I can name kung flu, I can name 19 different versions of names. Many call it a virus, which it is. Many call it a flu, what difference?”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tried to defend the president’s use of the name when asked by a reporter on Monday why he uses such “racist language.”

“The president doesn’t,” McEnany said. “What the president does do is point to the fact that the origin of the virus was China. It’s a fair thing to point out.”

So apparently it’s not okay for a Republican to use the term “kung flu,” but if you are a Democrat it’s totally justified. Duly noted.

Notice how the WaPo post desperately attempted to craft the narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist for using this phrase? Look, it’s not at all racist to use humor as a means of communicating some “uncomfortable” truth.

Why the notion that China is responsible for the coronavirus is so uncomfortable to Democrats is beyond me, but it is. The virus started there. It leaked around the world because of their failure to properly contain it and communicate with the rest of the globe. They refuse to take respponsiblity for their foolish actions. A little scathing humor is necessary to get them to stop screwing around.

All I can say to those on the left is “get over it.”



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  3. It is okay for any Democrat to use any word they want, but let a Reps say those same words and they are toast. Radicals, racists, insulting are just some of the words I can think of.The Dems live by different rules than the rest of the Americans do. They will take any word uttered and turn it into a attack. Or as NADLER says it is imaginary? The Dems are becoming way to vocal and it means that they are getting nervous for their candidate. He is not with the program. He will only get worse. He will continue this downward spiral. IF he wins who will run the country? Not Kamela Harris, she is as corrupt as some of the other names on Biden’s list. And GOD save us from that Stacey Abrams. She is a total nut job. After 2 years she still has conceded she lost the election>. She has no experience at anything, has no job, owes money to everyone and her inexperience will get her into BIG TIME TROUBLE!

  4. It would seem to me that the damnocraps freak at those suggestions because they know THEY caused it, and it pisses them off that some OTHER CROOK is stealing THEIR thunder!!!!! There IS honor among thieves, I tell you!!! Of a sense, anyway.

  5. MY, my, MY! . . . OOOuuuch! I’ll bet that H U R T S ! I guess these (so called) fake “social warriors” have EGG on THEIR faces. Pretty satisfying, ISN’T It! . . . HMMM? Gotta LOVE it. One Hilariously LAUGHING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Most Democrats probably shy away from noting that the virus originated in China because they want to give the impression that Pres. Trump is a racist just for mentioning the virus’ place of origin. Surely Biden doesn’t want to mention the Chinese origin because his family has received millions of dollars from the Chinese. It staggers credulity to think the Democrats are nominating for president the man who advised Obama against the raid that killed Bin-Laden, wants to put Beto in charge of Second Amendment policies, suggested prosecuting Gen. Flynn under the 1799 Logan Act, is notorious internationally for his corruption, and is so senile he can barely string together a comprehensible statement!

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