Rep. Al Green Makes Astonishing Admission About When Work To Impeach Trump Really Began

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s become quite clear over the last several months that the groundwork to impeach and boot President Trump from office started a long time before the whole Ukraine phone call took place. In fact, if you look at how hard the left tried to dig up dirt on the president in the Russia investigation, with his tax situation, and so on, it almost seems like they started plotting a coup the moment the man was first put into office.

Well, according to a new admission by Rep. Al Green, that’s exactly right. Green stated that the impeachment movement against Trump started the day he was elected.

Here’s more on this from Fox News:

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, one of the first lawmakers to push for Trump’s impeachment, appeared on MSNBC on Monday and was confronted about the president, and how his allies have weaponized Green’s outspokenness against Democrats.

“Political expediency and insincerity — those are two charges that have been leveled against Democrats during this entire affair, particularly since September when the formal impeachment inquiry started, and you play a starring role in those charges,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes said to Green.

“The argument goes like this of House Republicans and Trump and his allies: the Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump from day one, they cast about looking for a set of facts that they could plausibly use to do it, and all of it was pretextual and reverse-engineered to get to this point, and Exhibit One: Congressman Al Green, who [has] been calling for the man’s impeachment for two years now,” Hayes said. “What’s your response to that charge?”

Green didn’t deny the charge being made against him.

He continued: “With those things in mind and with the president’s behavior before us, firing Mr. [James] Comey who was investigating the intrusion of Russia into his campaign, our election — that was something that was not to be tolerated. And the president has continued to try to thwart the efforts of Congress to investigate with Mr. [Robert] Mueller.”

“More specifically, I said that the president would claim that he was exonerated if there were impeachable actions that he performed and we did not move to perform our duty to impeach him.,” Green added. “He has distorted the truth. He has twisted it and tried to crush it to earth.”

Earlier this year, Green raised eyebrows when he expressed his fearthat Trump “will get reelected” if Democrats did not pursue impeachment.

“I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get reelected,” Green said in May. “If we don’t impeach him, he will say that he has been vindicated, he will say the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House and they didn’t take up impeachment. He will say that we had a constitutional duty to do it if it was there and we didn’t. He will say that he has been vindicated.”

Conservatives have been saying for a long time that the plan for the Democratic Party has always been to overturn the 2016 election by impeaching the president, a strategy which opens up a lot of opportunities for liberals.

With Trump out of the way, they have a better chance at taking the White House. There’s less of an opportunity for Trump to get another SCOTUS pick confirmed and placed on the bench. It’s also good revenge against the GOP and the flyover state voters who rejected progressivism and the vision for transformation the liberal movement wants to see become reality.

Is it any wonder the left has been focusing all of their energy on removing the president from office instead of fixing their broken platform and moving back to the center to appease voters?

This is why folks are fighting against this impeachment nonsense so hard. Our very liberty hangs in the balance.



  1. Hey DemonRat green…..Go find a tree to swing in – you orangutan idiot!! You Libtard buffoons are ALL the same – but you LOSE again!!

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  3. Racist dumbass. These videos of them saying they’ve been working since day one to impeach should be used as evidence. Then these democrats who are wasting our tax money and ignoring the states they were elected to represent but haven’t should be dismissed (fired by the people) they tried theirselves and put in jail.

  4. Here is a black man who not interested in helping black people but only stopping blacks from working with whites like Trump who can get things working that Obama did not have the abilities to accomplish!

    The reward these so-called black politicians receive is by having unending victims who cannot understand how to get out of these unholy situations. Green is more than satisfied with the crime and 78% out of wedlock birth great that put black women at a disadvantage.

    What good did it did to have an Obama that made millions for himself as entertainers and athletes before him that personally lives of the rich and famous like Jack Johnson through Floyd Mayweather who is richer than Obama but are two peas in a pot!

    What was more dangerous to Green than any thing is a Trump that solves some blacks issues. Blacks who under Obama lost their homes which was the number one source of wealth of blacks but unsupervised modification that were supposed to help merely worked as an diversion of the theft of our wealth.

    Obama now got a $12 million summer home as far away from the ghettos as he could get, and like Jack Johnson enjoying his wealth regardless of what blacks were going through it was all about Johnson as now its Obama!

  5. Get this Neanderthal looking ass out of office. He just confirms that the dumbocrats are scared to death that he will win and make a mockery of the sham they have been pushing since day one. Trump 2020 !!!!! Yes!!!

  6. So Al Green said the only way to defeat our president in 2020 was to impeach him. Let’s look into what Green was worth before being elected and what he’s worth now. Talk about inflation! This man is as crooked as the rest of his ilk: Nancy, Hillary, Barack, Elijah, etc., etc. Need to drain the swamp immediately.

    • Foolish to bring up the concept of worth or corruption “before election” versus “now”. Just about EVERY politician from both parties is worth far more now than before their elections. It’s a rigged system. And Gee… if only we had Trumps tax records that he promised to provide so many times, we might see how much he is now worth compared to before his election. I REALLY want to see McConnels taxes though. I believe he is the true snake in the swamp.

  7. Has anyone else ever bothered to notice that most of the Democrats in Congress who are making all the noise about impeachment are either ethnic or racial MINORITIES? The whole impeachment farce was conjured up in revenge for Trump’s victory over Hillary in 2016, which has threatened the continuation of the Deep State and their Socialist “business as usual” MOs. Nothing will ever change in this regard! There is one ray of hope, however. Every time impeachment is brought up, more “fence straddlers” and so-called moderates defect to the Trump camp! The Democrats are probably the better campaigners for Trump’s re-election in 2020 than most Republicans out there on the campaign trail!

    • 1) The impeachment is not a farce when over 50% of the country believes he should be impeached.
      2) And what is wrong with ethnic or racial minorities making all the noise? Does that make things any less valid. Caution when you pull out a race card, you make yourself out to be a racist.
      3) Deep State? Talk about propaganda. The only true deep state we have here in the US is the Military Industrial complex and the Energy Consortiums.

  8. That Al Green can’t open his mouth without saying something stupid. And by the way, what’s wrong with his face? It looks like he is always in pain.

  9. To Rep. Greene, why do you not impeach your self so Trump can see you in Peebles Pet shop called see in the window, Maggilla Gorilla.

  10. Al Green is the one that needs to be removed from office. This man is a traitor and needs to be treated like one. He is as bad as the rest of the demonrats.

  11. Why does al green always have a grimaced, pained look on his mug, like he just stepped in a huge, steaming pile of dog poop?

  12. The democrats are guilty of exactly what they are accusing Trump of! They are doing this, in part, to take the heat off of the Bidens and Clintons! YThe rest is window dressing as they say! They are corrupt and I hope they are never in power again!

    • They hate President Trump the same way that Al Capone hated Eliot Ness, and for the same reason: Trump is bad for their business.

  13. Wow, rep. green is really smart. He knows everything that our president would say. Now, if only the president would cooperate and say those things. He may well get the chance after the impeachment scam flops and John Durham starts indicting some of the scumbags in DC. I can only hope that green is one of them.
    Remember boys, “no one is above the law”, as you have reminded us repeatedly in recent months. If that’s true than the HalfBreed had better get measured up for his orange jumpsuit real soon….

  14. Al green is a idiot. What has the democRAT ever doom for the black race?? Gave them welfare so they would vote for them for 200 years. And that is what they have done. Do a little research and you might be surprised with what you find out. Your really crazy to belong to a party that is hateful as the dems are.

  15. It’s becoming very clear to EVERY American that the Left are nothing, but CRIMINALS! Every one of them should be investigated, removed from office, and thrown in prison! Of course, this has been planned from DAY 1! How many times did we listen to MAD MAX yell “Impeach 45!” to her constituents?!?! They’re all on film saying this for the last 4 years! This BOGUS IMPEACHMENT is a PLANNED COUP against a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT! It has NOTHING to do with a phone call or aid to Ukraine! TRUMP WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE COME NOVEMBER! THE REST OF YOU WILL BE MEASURED FOR ORANGE JUMPSUITS! GET READY TO ROT IN PRISON! #GITMOGANG #LOCKTHEMUP!

  16. Our Black leaders never helped any black to succeed and get a job . They kept on talking ,that they represented blacks . They did nothing for blacks .They filled up their own pockets . They kept illegals coming here to take black people`s jobs . Trump helped us more blacks than all our black leaders combined to get a job

  17. Tell us something we didn’t know. Guess Al wanted to get this of his breast so he could sleep at night. It won’t make a difference though. Nothing will change the corrupt Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of the power hungry Democrat mongrels in congress.

  18. The Nan-Chuck idenitity side show preformed and produced by the anti American Hollywood industrial complex is a flop, with the working citizens that want a great sovernign Republic not a 3rd world toilet run by felons and illegals.

  19. al green, you really should try to get your high school GED. it is almost as good as a real high school diploma. macdonalds, berger king, wendys all accept those certificates. you could be working immediately. al green, you are as dumb as a sneaker!


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