Rep. Gaetz Drops The Hammer On Dominion Software Systems Over Changed Votes

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the scariest observations that we should all take away from the 2020 presidential election is just how fragile our republic really is. We’re very much only one corrupt election away from losing our liberty forever.

If that doesn’t scare you, then you don’t value the freedom that you have, which was bought and paid for with the blood of patriots going all the way back to 1776 and before.

There have been many reports of voter fraud that have come to the surface, some of which have caused President Trump to file lawsuits in key battleground states to recheck the vote count and ensure it is accurate and that our election system remains untainted.

But there are also other problems that can sabotage our elections. Like faulty hardware and software. Dominion Software Systems are used in almost every state to help count votes. This time around, a glitch caused this program to switch thousands of votes from Trump to Biden.

This happened in one Michigan county, but once the mistake was discovered it was corrected and the county went to Trump. It had originally been called for Biden. As you can see, such a mistake or error can have a massive impact on the outcome of a presidential election.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Matt Gaetz conducted an interview with Fox News on Thursday where he criticized how votes were counted during last week’s election. He specifically targeted Dominion Software Systems and shredded them to pieces during his chat.

“Here’s what we know: The chairman of the Federal Election Commission said there was fraud in this election, and when you take the mail-in ballots and balance them against the registry of people who changed their addresses, you see there are tens of thousands of people, 17,000 alone in Georgia who actually moved and then voted in the state that that they moved from,” the congressman said.

“You know, Reince mentioned these nursing home mystery votes coming in, and the state of Pennsylvania, more people over the age of 90, registered to vote in 2020 than in like the prior four years combined. I call it the Dorothy effect, this notion that there was an immediate interest and surge of voters over the age of 90 during a pandemic. We have yet to find one nursing home where these Democratic registrations were occurring in mass that seems to suggest that those ballots may have been turned in by someone other than the person they were addressed to,” he added.

“But here’s one thing I know, Sean, those Dominion software systems, they changed more votes than Vladimir Putin ever did, and we spent four years and tens of millions of dollars over this fiction of Russian collusion with a Trump campaign. I’d say a few more weeks ensuring we had a fair election in 2020 is worth this great nation’s time,” Gaetz concluded.

That Gaetz fellow is pretty funny when he wants to be, isn’t he?

What’s scary is that there are so many Democrats out there who are willing to sink to any low in order to ensure that Trump loses this election in order to ensure they can get their socialist agenda, which started with Obama, back on track.

Folks, without fair elections, where every legal vote is counted, means that we do not have a republic any more, but a democracy. What makes our country so special is we are not slaves to the mob. Each person has a say in who governs them.

This gets put in a six foot hole if we allow voter fraud to happen unchallenged. President Trump is doing his part to ensure fair and sound elections remain the norm for our nation, and that’s something we ought to be thankful for.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore –

Copyright 2020.


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  5. trump has to win in court or we the people are doomed w/ Dominion software tat was used to count votes & change v0otes from trump to biden.this can’t be allowed

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  7. Trump is the only one who had the corrupt campaign just like in 2016, why else did this egomaniac criminal have millions of more votes than last time. He asked Russia, China and Ukraine to fix the election and had many GOP operatives hacking the machines, doing all kinds of voter suppression. So when Trump said the election was fixed, it was by him and his pals, just not enough to allow the incompetent dictator and mafia wannabe to win again and continue to screw up the country and Covid like he is still doing his last pathetic two months+.

  8. This is an insult to all that believe in this country and those that have fought and given there lives so the rest of us can live in a free society with freedom of religion and speech . For those on the left that want to win simply because they don’t like president Trump wake up and stop the madness there is credible evidence of voter fraud and the only thing that hasn’t opened your eyes to it is your distain for Trump and the fake media coverage your watching . This is a coup and a swindle of the greatest proportions . It’s as obvious as a tall dogs Balls

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  10. Republican lawmakers allowed this to happened. They need to fight for what is critical for Americans to have confidence in our system. Demoncrates stick together through evil, cheating, and whatever it takes for them to win. Frankly I am sick of all politicians.

  11. Did we just become Russia and China with the media blocking everything that they deem hurtful to the democrats. The video on this article is blocked by fox! Didn’t think I’d see fox become the next cnn in such a short time! I think if you turn on a Russian Chanel or Chinese Chanel you’ll get more honest news than from any major network in America, how sad is that! The media in this country has hit rock bottom. All media are now looked at the low life’s of jobs, they just took the award from a tie with politicians and ambulance chasing lawyers.

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  13. You can find all the fraud you want and cancel all the illegal votes you can find. But the continued talk and going on media outlets to voice your so called concern does nothing. Until you start arresting people you are not changing a damn thing. Once again all talk no action typical politicians looking for votes however they can find them. Go Trump MAGA 2020




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