Rep. Ilhan Omar Again Criticizes Trump In The Lowest Way Possible

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s sort of hard to believe that someone who claims not to be anti semitic has no problem dehumanizing people she doesn’t like.

We’re talking about Ilhan Omar, who told Fox reporters in the Capitol this week that the difference between Obama and Trump is that “one is human, the other is not.”

Aren’t liberals the ones always whining about minorities being “dehumanized”? But where are the conservatives calling liberals “not human”?

It simply doesn’t happen. Even when we witness leftists enthusiastically cheering a bill that would allow unborn babies to be slaughtered in the womb up until their due date (speaking of dehumanizing), we don’t call them subhuman.

Omar is a hateful bigot and she’s not even afraid to show it, so covered is she by the glow of the adoring mainstream media and the terrified Democrats who refuse to ever call her out.

In a response to proposed budget cuts to the Department of Education, Omar called Trump “not humane.”

Now, this isn’t just a casual passing comment. Twice in one week has Omar denied Trump’s humanity, this is not a coincidence.

Radical Muslims very commonly deny the humanity of those they consider their enemies, whether its Jews or Westerners or the black slaves they often keep (yup, Muslims are very racist!)