Rep. Lauren Boebert Totally Destroys Pelosi After Asking Her Why National Guard Troops Are Still In Parking Garage

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier in the week, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert posted a tweet about members of the National Guard still being forced to take their breaks in a parking garage, asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi why she is still allowing this to happen.

According to Breitbart News, Boebert posted up her tweet calling out Pelosi on Tuesday morning.

“Why is it that nearly 3 weeks after the initial outrage, Nancy Pelosi is still having our National Guard troops take their breaks & sleeping in freezing cold garages? These photos were taken last night! This needs to stop NOW!” Boeberty said in her post.

The Republican congresswoman then posted up two pictures of National Guard soldiers having to relax in the parking garage. Folks, these are men and women who have volunteered to help defend the freedom, liberty, and lifestyle we all take for granted on a daily basis. There’s no excuse for them being treated like this. It’s as if the government views them as sub-human.

Breitbart received an email from Boebert’s office, saying the photos were taken in the House underground garage Monday evening.

Boebert released a statement which revealed that the troops in the area were running out of food and being forced to take rest breaks in the freezing cold garages. Again, this is totally shameful.

“The disrespect that Speaker Pelosi has shown to our National Guard is sickening. With the background checks, running out of food, and making them rest in cold garages, Speaker Pelosi has continued to show total disrespect for our men and women in uniform,” she said.

Here’s what’s infuriating. The Capitol building is full of cafeterias and cafes, but these are shut down when Congress concludes business for the day. All they have to do in order to help meet the needs of our troops is to keep these places open for a bit so they can have food and a warm place to take a break. That’s not all that much to ask.

Scaredy-cat Democrats want the protection these troops provide them, but they don’t want to take care of the people who are there. This reveals to both troops and Americans how little the left respects the men and women of the armed forces.

A spokesperson for the National Guard clarified that none of the troops are sleeping in the parking garage, only taking breaks during “quick reaction force” exercises and drills to maintain readiness.

One source with the National Guard said that a Capitol building official asked the troops to take their breaks in the garage and not inside the building. It’s not clear as of now why such a request was made. After several complaints, members of the National Guard were then allowed back inside the building for their breaks.

It’s not known as of this writing why they are still having to take breaks outside in the parking garage.

And these poor guys are supposed to be present for this “mission” until mid-March? That’s terrible. The least they could do for them is provide for basic needs and give them a place to get out of the cold for a little while. Liberals really do hate Americans, don’t they?

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  1. The Democratic Socialists (frauds calling themselves Democrats) are stooping to new Un-Constitutional Lows by circumventing, ignoring, and rephrasing the Constitution. With the Unconstitutional inquisition being perpetrated there should be some blowback from their illegal activities.

  2. Worse than shameful ! It’s positively criminal to treat our best in this manner. Illegal immigrants at the border receive better care. Sadly, this is exactly how liberals think of all of us. We are of no value until they have a need for us in some way.
    Keep it up Democrats. These are voters many of whom will no longer call themselves Democrats in the future when they finally understand how much they are truly despised.

  3. Ms Boebert and MTG (Ms Greene) are AWESOME and the Demoncrats are 100% worried of both of them. Keep up the AWESOME work ladies. We love you both.

  4. SEND them HOME! . . . they deserve BETTER than this, the nation’s FINEST in UNIFORM being ABUSED by the nation’s WORSE in the capital posing as CONGRESSMEN and WOMEN. Thank you, Lauren Boebert for a job well done in EXPOSING FRAUDS like that OLD HAG Nancy Pelosi. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  5. Several states brought home their ng. ALL states should do that. These men and women have a family, regular jobs, and a live. They should not be made to give those up so Pelosi can denegrade them. Disgusting.


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