Rep. Pat Fallon To Newsmax TV: Biden Handing Southern Border Over To Drug Cartels

(Tea Party PAC) – The crisis at the Southern border is completely out of control. While the Biden administration insists they are restoring “humanity” to the border and fixing the “morality” problem of the last administration, the reality is they’re only empowering dangerous criminal cartels.

The Biden admin’s abysmal open border policies are resulting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants making their way to our border. They’re coming because Joe Biden promised them if they made it they could stay.

As if this isn’t a big enough problem, the majority of these migrants come here with the help of criminal cartels and the help isn’t free. Far from it.

Thanks to the surge in demand for transport to the border, Mexican drug cartels are making a fortune. The Biden administration is not in control at all but the cartels sure are.

US Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) said on Newsmax TV that Biden has handed over our Southern border directly to the cartels.

“Ask yourself this question: Do you want the federal government to oversee and secure the border, or do you want the Mexican drug cartels to run it?” Fallon said on Friday’s “Spicer & Co.

“Because right now the Mexican drug cartels de facto are controlling our southern border.”

Fallon said that opening our borders to mass migration is nothing like the way it used to be in America’s past during the 1800s when immigrants came here under much more difficult conditions, looking to assimilate and build a better life.

Now migrants are flooding our borders and looking for the promised land, aka the Democratic-designed welfare state.

“It’s very clear that you can’t have both an open border and a welfare state; you just can’t,” Fallon told host Sean Spicer and guest host Mercedes Schlapp.

He also pointed out how the open borders policy is totally unfair and un-American for those trying to get to the US legally, “When you have five million people in the world trying to get [into] this country legally and we’re allowing people to cut the line and mass unlawful migration, it’s un-American.”

Under President Trump, illegal immigration was all but a distant memory. Thanks to Trump’s “America First” approach illegal immigration was way down and that meant a safer America as well as keeping would-be migrants safe from the cartels.

Fallon said he wanted to be “really clear” that this is “the Biden border crisis” adding that he’s a “proud deplorable Neanderthal.”

Fallon also pointed out how Biden and the Democrats claim to be the party of “science” and also pretend to be focused on taking care of the virus but are simultaneously allowing droves of illegal immigrants to come into the country without even so much as being tested for COVID.

“Apparently they’re not following the science; it definitely makes no sense whatsoever,” he said. “They’re just trying to appease their radical progressive left his base at the expense of the American people.

“This is not leadership. This is weakness. This is not putting America first.”

Joe Biden never did claim he was going to put America First and we all knew America would quickly devolve if he usurped the White House.

Devolve it has.

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  1. We have found mounds of weapons and ammunition on the border during the Obama/Biden term. We can’t let them take our weapons and defund our police now. We must make Americans aware, what is really passing through the tunnels and be transported. During Trump’s term, officials confiscated a truck full of weapons from China in KY. They do have an agenda, they continue to push in what Obama had called, a Revolution.


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