Rep. Waltz Eviscerates Liberals Over Treatment Of President Trump, Says Shoplifters Given More Due Process Than Him

(Tea Party PAC) – Florida Rep. Michael Waltz recently appeared on Newsmax, every liberal’s absolute favorite conservative news outlet, where he handed out some pretty heavy criticism for the largely partisan vote to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time, stating it was “completely politically driven.”

He’s not wrong. Not at all. The radical left, especially in the propaganda machine known as the mainstream media, has been doing their best to remove the president from office since he launched his first campaign. They’ve lied about alleged connections to Russia that were supposedly to help Trump defeat Hillary. A two year investigation turned up nothing on this.

Along comes the first impeachment over a phone call. This fails miserably.

And now, this second impeachment for allegedly inciting insurrection. Seriously, folks. Liberals will do anything to get rid of him. Anything at all.

“I’ve seen shoplifters get more due process than the president of the United States,” Waltz stated during a segment on “Stinchfield.” “Not a single hearing. Not even an investigation yet. We still have a lot to learn about what happened on Jan. 6. Who was behind it? Whether it was pre-planned and pre-organized regardless of what the president said. No investigation. No hearing. No trial. Not even an opportunity to defend yourself.”

“Zero due process. And now we’re going to go over to the Senate to try to…convict someone who is going to be out of office, who said he supports a peaceful transfer, and said he is going to leave, and it’s completely politically driven. And it’s pouring fuel on the fire of division. And if Joe Biden was an iota of serious about trying to unify the country and move it forward, he would put a stop to this and he can put a stop to this,” Waltz continued.

Waltz himself is a former member of the U.S. Special Forces, which means he’s a Green Beret, and an officer. As of right now, he’s actually serving as a colonel in the National Guard, saying that the first responsibility of the GOP is to defend Trump’s time in office.

“I think the first thing that we’re going to have to do as Republicans is come together and agree that we have to defend Donald Trump’s legacy,” the congressman said. “He absolutely transformed this party, into the working man’s party and to the forgotten man’s and woman’s party, whether that was free trade deals, helping farmers, standing up to China, bringing back manufacturing jobs with a new NAFTA deal that everyone said couldn’t be done.”

“He did it, not to mention tax reform, justice reform, rebuilding the military, bringing us closer to our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, Middle East peace four fold, across a number of countries, standing up to Iran, the list is truly extensive and impressive, given everything that was thrown at him,” Waltz added.

Waltz is absolutely right. President Trump and his administration managed to accomplish more than we dreamed, all the while being under vicious assault for the entirety of his presidency. It is absolutely insane how much the media hates this man, despite the fact they benefited from his policies. Here’s to hoping the GOP stands up and touts this man’s accomplishments, having managed to do what everyone else always thought impossible.

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  1. I so admire Rep. Waltz. That took courage, because he knows they will be on him like flies. I would just say, hang in there, and show you support Pres. Trump, because when he returns in a few months and takes this government back, you will be on his team – the winning team, and this rogue government and most of the traitors in the various departments of government will be in prison or worse. The Lord does not want this communist government to rule His people and His land. Have faith, something good is coming! Go to

  2. I am surprised that there has been no follow-up and no refutation of the data allegedly identifying election fraud, which was presented by forensic computer analysts to the State of Georgia’s Senate subcommittee on Elections. The fact that the data was even presented never received any major media attention of which, I am aware? Rather than investigate further, the major media outlets simply parrot the mantra, “There is no evidence of election fraud.” I believe that refuting the data of the computer analysts, if their data is inaccurate, is a prerequisite to unifying the nation. If the goal of the Biden administration is transparency then let’s see an investigation.

    • He’s not interested in “unity”. He and his cohorts want to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. He and they
      are laboring under the delusion, one of many delusional concepts in the Marxist playbook, that free speech and disagreement are punishable offenses. It now seems as if that is becoming the norm in this country. God help us all.

  3. Rep. Waltz is in the minority. Most of the Republicans are spineless, self serving, corrupt pieces of crap who deserve to be voted out of office. They LIKE the swamp Trump did his best to drain because it benefits them and the actual American people, their constituents, be damned.


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