Report: Stunning Data On Armed Citizens In Mass Shootings Destroys Leftist Narrative On Firearms

(Tea Party PAC) – If you’re a passionate and informed supporter of the Second Amendment, this data will hardly surprise you.

If you’re an anti-gun liberal screaming for mass confiscation, this data will likely make your head explode.

An analysis of data collected by the FBI indicates that armed citizens present at an attempted mass shooting are effective at stopping or reducing the loss of life 94% of the time.

Jacob Paulsen, the President of, complied the report after he examined the data from 283 active shooter incidents, including 248 active shooter incidents identitified by the FBI.

In 33 of those shootings, an armed citizen was present. And of those 33 shootings, armed citizens were able to stop the shooter 75.8% of the time, and reduce loss of life in an additional 18.2% of the time.

This leads to a combined 94% effectiveness at reducing or stopping the loss of life in an active shooter situation.

This renders any reference to mass shootings on the part of anti-gun activists ineffective, especially when you consider that in shootings where eight or more people have been killed, 77.8 percent took place in gun-free zones.

It’s almost as if psychotic mass murderers target gun-free zones because they know there will be no armed citiznes there.

Imagine that.

Despite this clear and undeinable data, the left will still be arguing for law-abiding citizens to be disarmed while consistently failing to mention how to restrict gun ownership for criminals and rallying for an open border and asylum for unvetted migrants.

You just can’t fix that kind of stupid.