Reporter For MSNBC Watches St. John’s Church Burn Near White House; What He Says About The Rioters Is Mind-Blowingly Stupid

(Tea Party PAC) – If you don’t think that the mainstream media is all about pushing a radical left-wing agenda, then you’ve either been living with your head jammed up somewhere warm, wet, and dark, or willfully ignored the obvious bias they scream at you from your television every single day of the week.

A great example of this insanity is MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake, who was there, watching as St. John’s Episcopal Church — located not far from the White House — was set on fire by rabid “protesters” and still claimed these were “peaceful protests.”

See how dedicated these folks are to pushing the leftist agenda they’ve been told to spoon feed to American viewers? It’s beyond insulting. It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true, folks. Mainstream media is just a propaganda machine for progressives.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Haake offered viewers an on-the-ground assessment of Lafayette Square near the north side of the White House, where opposite of the White House was St. John’s Episcopal Church, apparently set on fire by protesters.

According to Haake, the protesters were still “peaceful.”

“If the president’s watching, I’m looking at his house right now, and there’s nothing fake about this,” he said. “This storage facility we’ve been looking at all night that’s completely engulfed now, I think, is the reason that the Park Police cleared us out here. They wanted to get fire engines down this block to try to address that. But those DCFD engines have moved on. Don’t know whether it was a lack of access to water, or they didn’t feel safe enough even in that situation here. And in the meantime, the Park Police have pushed us back yet again, including giving my photographer and I a little bit of a boost getting out of the area here as they try to create a little bit more space.”

“But I want to direct you to this because this is what this is really all about,” Haake continued. “This is still peaceful protesters trying to come out here and express their anger, their frustration, their exhaustion, with what has gone on in this country when it comes to police brutality and police violence. These people are trying to do this peacefully. They’ve been trying to self-police — the folks who have been here throwing rocks and bottles and fireworks so that they can deliver this message to this exact audience, to this audience — these police officers, to the man who lives in the house temporarily down the street, they’re trying to make a very clear point right now. And in the face of all this, now with most of the crowd gone, with most of the bottle-throwing, the rock-throwing, the pepper-spraying done, they’re doing exactly that.”

Shortly after making those remarks, Haake was apparently hit by a rubber bullet, caught between protesters and police.

These people are totally delusional. Most of the rioting and looting is being stirred up by radical left-wing terrorist organization Antifa who have seized on the tragic death of George Floyd and the racial tension it has stirred as a means of causing chaos and misery. It’s likely they want to see the country collapse as that will make Americans more willing to accept socialistic changes to the infrastructure of our government.

Media companies like MSNBC exist to push a narrative that lines up with the agenda of the left, whatever that might be, and they are determined to please their overlords. Folks like Haake don’t care if these people burn down the whole world. They don’t care if people die from the chaos and violence, which is ironic given how much they screamed bloody murder over not losing one single life to coronavirus and shamed anyone who dare suggest reopening.

And yet, here they are, not caring that these protesters are not following social distancing guidelines as they “protest” and riot all over the place. Remember when patriots protested against tyrannical measures taken by power hungry governors for the right to work and provide for their families? These same individuals threw a fit at such an idea. Where are they now? Silent as the grave.



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  3. Leave it to NBC to support these people who Riot and steal, burn property
    all NBC reporters are Ignorant and stupid / just remember “what goes around comes around -” wait it it hits you

    4 more years GO Trump MAGA

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  5. There is nothing phony about The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Isreal.
    If you think Him {God} is phony, keep doing what you are doing. you will open up your eyes in hell sooner than you expect. Read Rev. 11:15, The kingdoms of this world have already become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever. As it is written, as it is spoken it is done. It shall not be any otherwise.

  6. BOB . . .you are a TYPICAL Left Wing Liberal RETARD with single digit IQ (sorry about the insults to the retards). And, you WILL answer for THAT on Judgment day. And it’s coming – like it or NOT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. I wonder if he would feel the same if it was happening in his neighborhood? Violence and destruction are wrong no matter how you want to view it.

  8. The abolishment of Blue Laws laid the foundation for atheism. Over the last 65 years, people have more choices of Sunday activities: shopping, golf, spectator sports, television, work and of course, the always existent sleeping. Worshipping our maker is permanently off the list.

    Parents no longer teach their children bible stories or discuss God. Saying Grace before a meal takes time away from eating. Heck, families seldom eat together at a sit-down meal anymore. Kids have no idea what a prayer is much less thanking God for the day and asking blessings for family and friends at bedtime. Church congregations dwindle as us older citizens pass on. People constantly take the Lord’s name in vain and they renounce Him. It breaks my heart.

    Granted many young ministers no longer preach from the bible, but direct their sermons at members and the finance chairman gets his time to explain the need for bigger donations. This type of service could be reverted IF true believing members insisted.

    Churches are just buildings to the atheist Bob’s and alleged journalists of the world. Destruction and hate are their everyday agenda. It is important to know that these people are not God’s creation but Satan’s clones of God’s creation.

    I got a kick out of the foolish journalist who asked President Trump, as he stood in front of the church, if he was holding his personal bible. She knew it wasn’t but wanted to declare him a religious fraud. What a jerk she was. He is a true Christian.

  9. Haake, like all MSNBC (all CNN and rest of the msm) is not a true reporter. He is a loud mouthed anti-American dishonest, unethical, probably immoral idiot.

  10. These rioters, destroying a Church is absolutely despicable ! The fact that a reporter from MSNBC would EXCUSE these radical left wingers is also despicable ! These people are hell bent on DESTROYING America, and we CANNOT let that happen !

  11. Now when all State and Federal investigators have said the prostestors have been hijacked by, Far Left, Far Right, Anarchist Goups, and Militias who wish to stir up civil unrest in this USA, trying to get a Civil War started which acording to history no one wins in any way but a lot die during the confluict. Now the amazing thing does seem to happen, is the people who start the Civil Wars are never there when the wars are going full force.
    BUt seem to rweturn as soon as the conflict is over to take control of the situation.

  12. MSM knows the sheople hang on their every word. It is why they are still on the air. These same sheople are still obeying their governor over lords by staying home and wearing masks.

  13. And then Traitor Trump gasses and shoots the protesters dead just so he can get a photo op in front of his house of his phony god. Absolutely DESPICABLE. I hope those protesters finally muster up the balls to do what needs to be done and kill that fascist warmonger.

    • I don’t recall that Trump has shot or gassed anyone – you are thinking of the rioters (who you flaming idiot are not protesters!). Whether Trumps God is phony or not, is not for you to judge – many people in the world believe in the Abrahamic God (Christian, Jews and Muslims – they just call him by different names). Terrorism is terrorism and if you believe in it; they are the fascists. Wake up Bob, stop wriging like an idiot.

    • Bob, you are not insane nor do you suffer from any mental illness, what you suffer from is an inability to see anything that disagrees with what you have been instructed to believe, you show a disturbing lack of a rational education or any ability to reason in a logical manner.


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