Republican Congress Stops The IRS

(PCC)Republican Congress accidently did the right thing! Somehow they were able to limit the spontaneous IRS raids on helpless American citizen’s homes and businesses. Instead of the usual Republican circular firing squad they voted to de-weaponize the IRS ….for now.

Jim Jordan’s hard work has paid off for the American worker! This policy change comes as a necessary response to the relentless interference and coercion from the House Judiciary Committee’s select subcommittee on government weaponization, spearheaded by Rep. Jim Jordan, a tireless defender of individual liberties and the imperative of holding the government accountable.

The Republican-led report issued by the subcommittee exposed the alarming misuse of unannounced field visits by the IRS, which have been employed as a tool to unjustly harass, intimidate, and target hardworking taxpayers.

The committee’s diligent oversight efforts have uncovered two deeply concerning instances where the IRS is alleged to have flagrantly abused this policy, including a deeply disturbing incident involving an IRS agent who deceitfully gained access to a taxpayer’s home.

In a shocking incident, an IRS agent named “Bill Haus” took it upon himself to pay a visit to a hardworking taxpayer’s home in Marion County, Ohio. Astonishingly, he deceitfully alleged  she owed a significant sum of money on an estate she rightfully owned.

Shockingly, the hardworking taxpayer was completely blindsided by the IRS, who conveniently failed to inform them about any outstanding balance on the estate. Upon providing irrefutable evidence challenging the debt, the agent reluctantly confessed  the true motive behind the visit was connected to the decedent’s failure to comply with tax obligations. It was later revealed  the hardworking taxpayer had nothing due, with just one unfortunate delinquent filing from 2016, as confirmed by the diligent agent’s supervisor.

The woman, rightfully concerned about protecting her privacy and upholding her legal rights, promptly reached out to her lawyer upon being requested to complete sensitive tax documents.

Her attorney demanded  the agent immediately vacate the premises, as the hardworking taxpayer had been unjustly targeted without any prior warning or justification regarding alleged issues with the estate or supposed delinquent tax returns.

The incident escalated dramatically when Agent ‘Haus’ boldly asserted his rightful power to enter any citizen’s house without constraint, and he sternly warned of potential asset freezes and house liens. The situation reached a critical point where the woman had no choice but to seek assistance from law enforcement, which ultimately exposed the fact  “Bill Haus” was using a false identity.

Another alarming incident involved journalist Matt Taibbi, who had received a necessary IRS visit at his home while testifying in Washington, D.C. about the concerning issue of social media censorship. The report uncovers the alarming fact  the IRS has been actively collecting and scrutinizing personal information, including voter registration records, hunting or fishing licenses, and concealed weapons permits.

This invasive behavior by the government agency raises serious concerns about the violation of individual privacy and the potential for abuse of power. It is imperative  we stand up against such overreach and demand accountability from the IRS to protect our fundamental rights and liberties. Even more alarming was the IRS’s intrusive scrutiny and retention of Mr. Taibbi’s Wikipedia page, which contained extensive details about his activities.

This policy change is a tremendous victory for hardworking American taxpayers who have been deeply troubled by the rampant abuses and overreach of the IRS.

It strongly upholds the values of limited government, personal responsibility, and the preservation of individual liberties, guaranteeing  hardworking taxpayers can finally have peace of mind knowing  the IRS will no longer conduct surprise visits without proper notification—an action  should have been prohibited from the very beginning.

The House Judiciary Committee’s select subcommittee on government weaponization has exemplified the importance of oversight and accountability, ensuring the protection of American citizens’ rights.

Final Word: This was a good first step in disarming the IRS and pulling their teeth. The attack on the taxpayer, who had NO tax bill and was actually owed a IRS refund was the first step. The next step would have been: “With Guns Blazing”

p.s. – guess what political party created this IRS monster? (it starts with ‘D’ (like in Dick) and ends in RAT)



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