Republican Dan Bishop Just Made The GOP Very Happy After What Happened In North Carolina’s Ninth District

(Tea Party PAC) – Republican Dan Bishop managed to defeat Democrat Dan McCready in a very close special election in the North Carolina’s ninth district, making many, many of his fellow GOP members very happy.

Any time a Republican manages to pull off a victory anywhere in the country, effectively shutting down a Democrat, it’s cause for celebration. At a time in our history when the left has become so radicalized that every idea they promote threatens to destroy the liberty we all hold so dear and take for granted, well, you have to try and win every fight as if the whole war is hinging on that one victory.

Via Breitbart:

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Bishop defeated McCready by slightly more than two points, with 50.8 percent of the vote (94,984 votes) to McCready’s 48.6 percent (90,824 votes). Bishop’s total margin of victory was 4,160 votes.

Decision Desk HQ called the race for Bishop at 9:54 p.m. eastern, but no other media outlet had yet called the race.

Dave Wasserman, political editor of the Cook Report, called the race for Bishop at 9:55 p.m. eastern in this tweet:

Both parties and their related groups spent heavily in this hotly contested bellwether election in this key 2020 battleground state.

According to an election night analysis provided by Decision Desk HQ, Republican and Republican aligned groups spent more than $6 million on behalf of Bishop’s candidacy, while Democrat and Democrat groups spent more than $3 million on behalf of McCready’s candidacy, and each candidate spent around $2 million. Total spending was about $14 million.

Bishop, a conservative Republican currently serving in the North Carolina State Senate, based his campaign on strong support for the Trump agenda. The president, for his part, strongly supported Bishop. On Monday, the night before the election, Trump appeared with Bishop at a boisterous rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina in the conservative eastern part of the district. At the rally, Trump heavily criticized McCready for supporting the socialist agenda of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Squad.

The uncertainty of the outcome of the special election in the Ninth Congressional District was in sharp contrast to the easy victory Republican candidate Greg Murphy won in the special election held on Tuesday in the state’s Third Congressional District.

Half of the 50 precincts in Mecklenburg County are in Bishop’s current State Senate district.

If the final margin of victory is less than one percent, the losing candidate can request a machine recount within 48 hours of the closing of the polls. If that machine recount changes the outcome, the candidate who is the loser after that recount.

The vote totals, by county, with 86 percent of precincts reporting as of 9:50 p.m. eastern time were:

Union – Bishop 36,165 McCready 23,751
Mecklenburg – Bishop 24,081 McCready 31,615
Robeson – Bishop 9,454 McCready 10,054
Cumberland – Bishop 4,311 McCready 4,862
Richmond – Bishop 4,713 McCready 4,276
Scotland – Bishop 2,804 McCready 3,644
Anson – Bishop 2,375 McCready 3,159
Bladen – Bishop 2,041 McCready 1,716

This is a big win for conservatives across the country, a victory that should give us all a little momentum as we gear up for all of the battles to come in the 2020 election, both big and small.

The left is doing their best to try and remove Trump from office, a strategy that reveals how little faith they have in their current crop of presidential candidates to take him on next year. If this doesn’t motivate and mobilize other GOP candidates running for their own respected offices, what will?



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