Republican Georgia Governor’s Pick To Fill Senate Vacancy Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

(Tea Party PAC) – Well, it seems the people of Georgia have a pretty simple choice to make in the next gubernatorial election in the state. They need to fire Brian Kemp or be accused of abandoning their conservative principles, particularly now that Kemp has chosen his replacement for the U.S. Senate seat vacancy.

The seat is about to be vacated by Sen. Johnny Isakson who has decided to step down due to health issues.

Kemp’s pick is Planned Parenthood advocate Kelly Loeffler, a woman who sticks up for an organization that murders the most vulnerable citizens we have in this country. If that’s not enough to make you throw up in your mouth, the pick also flies in the face of President Trump’s request that he not pick Loeffler to fill the spot.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

As reported on Friday by Jacob Engels –Brian Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, is going against President Trump’s recommendation for a U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by Senator Johnny Isakson, who is stepping down due to health problems.

President Trump and North Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz have been vocal about the fact that they want Kemp to appoint pro-Trump Georgia Congressman Doug Collins to finish out Isakson’s term.

Rep. Doug Collins is a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee and has been relentless in defending President Trump against the impeachment coup. He has done so in hearings, in media appearances, and on Twitter.

Despite this, according to multiple news reports, Governor Kemp had a meeting with Trump about who he intended to select, business executive Kelly Loeffler.

The meeting was described by Breitbart News as “not going well”. While it is ultimately Governor Kemp’s decision, the fact that he is openly considering Kellie Loeffler, is quite concerning.

Through her business endeavors, including a women’s basketball franchise, Loeffler has promoted Planned Parenthood. Personally, Loeffler has donated nearly a $1,000,000 to Mitt Romney’s disastrous 2012 presidential campaign and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fellow NeverTrump leader Paul Ryan’s campaigns and PACs.

Big League Politics is also reporting that she has donated large amounts to top Democrat members of congress as well.

Pro-life groups are also concerned about Loeffler’s record.

Despite this Republican Governor Brian Kemp picked Kelly Loeffler to fill the vacancy on Monday.

Planned Parenthood is a horribly disgusting organization that was founded by a racist who wanted to use abortion as a means of eliminating the black race off the face of the earth. They have become the largest abortion provider in the country murdering thousands of babies every single day.

The fact that Kemp would even suggest placing someone like Loeffler in the Senate, knowing she supports an organization like this, is proof that he’s no friend to the pre-born. These little babies are the most vulnerable citizens in the country. Without pro-life folks sticking up for their God-given right to life, they have no voice.

It’s more critical now than ever to oppose spineless folks like Kemp who claim to be conservative, but prove otherwise in their actions. Future generations are depending on us.



  1. Gov Kemp stated that he didn’t care about what the establishment thought regarding his decisions. He obviously doesn’t care about what his constituents think either. Governor, this will come back to bite you. You’ve lost my vote as well.

  2. Time you Georgian’s vote this A…..Hole Kemp out-of-office at his next election!! He is not a true Republican!…..He is another RINO!!

  3. I am so terribly disappointed in KEMP !!! I hope he does not get comfortable in the Governor’s Office !!! DISGUSTED WITH THIS TURNCOAT !!!

  4. Time for Georgia’s Governor to go. He is showing favoritism but for what in return.
    His actions are questionable, to say the least. Loeffler is backing Planned Parenthood and that equates to supporting the killing of babies not the right of abortion. She needs to be voted out of the office and so does the Governor. We need so good Conservatives to replace them both.

  5. Kemp another republican trying to do a man’s job. Kemp you should be thankful for trump helping you get elected by donating to you. You are a weak little man. When are you and that idiot you hired going to start with yourselves since you are the first mistakes. Did Alyssa milano do you good to change your mind to be a baby killer? Hope you are a one time show.

  6. I cannot believe that Governor Kemp would even consider Kelly Loeffler. Anyone who is involved in Planned Parenthood is not considered favorable by any Republican in the state of Georgia; much less the rest of the country. I have no idea why he is insistant on this; much less throwing this is the face of our President. I for one who has a residence in Georgia would be the first to try and make sure this is his last governorship of Ga.

  7. Kemp you are a stupid turn coat wannabe republican and you should have your walking papers and a swift kick in the A$$! What a real shame you did this and I hope it bites you real hard in the A$$!

    • She probably give him a free lap dance, like Alyssa milano gave him to change his mind. He acted all big and bad now he turned into a whimp

  8. Hey Bozo Trump was the REASON you beat that Racist Abrams. You ungrateful RINO you. Backstabbers like you have short memories. You are an IDIOT. Democrats still will not vote for you. Hope you lose the next election. You lost my vote

  9. I can’t believe Gov. Kemp who I voted for has appointed a Planned Parenthood advocate. Disgusting! Will not vote for him again.

  10. Is Kemp a idiot?
    Is he a moral coward?
    Even worse, is he a racist who agrees with the mission of planned parenthood to eliminate black people off the face of the earth?
    Or did he just want to defy the President (and the millions who voted for him and stand by him as he stands by them) in order to prove how big he is? (while actually proving the opposite)
    Well, he better start looking for a civilian job because he just played himself right out of the Governor’s mansion.
    Bye Bye BOZO.

  11. I do not know either person, but it seems like that there are still a lot of Republican’s like me out there who are not hard core, but believe in the middle of the road attitude gets things done which has not happened in Congress in about 6 years both sides getting harder and harder on their position, and that winds up with nothing happening that is good for the USA in general. Now the Republican Trump supporters had the House Senate and presidency for 2 years and still got nothing done in Congress. It is time to go back to the middle opinion so something gets done and both sides get something they want, or at least part of it.


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